Gold Rush is among the longest-running discovery show about gold mining. From young actors like Rickness come older ones choose Todd Hoffman, they complete with each other for the reason of detect the gold. Check out this to recognize Gold Rush cast Net Worth and Salaries in 2021.

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Parker Schnabel network Worth: $2 Million.

Parker hails native a family members of yellow miners. Ever because he opened his eyes, he to be destined to enter into his beloved grandfather’s gold mining business.

Parker is happy to have a an excellent mentor in the type of his grandfather. He offered his university tuition fees to start his own organization while demonstrating abilities come lead guys twice his age.


Salary every episode

According come the reports, he has actually recently started earning the best amount v the Schnabel crew. His income are meant to rise with each succeeding season.

Jack Hoffman net Worth: $5 Million.

Gold Rush cast Jack Hoffman, a fanatic yellow miner, has been in the gold mining organization for more than twenty-five years.

In despite the of coming close come losing whatever he still shares love and passion because that the industry. V his child Todd Hoffman top the way, Jack’s wishes had actually a breeze of new air come his dreams.

Since then the father-son duo has actually not stopped and also has mined over 6000 ounces the gold and also is trying to find more.

Net worth – In one estimate, Jack Hoffman is thought to have a net worth of much more than $5 million.

Gold Rush actors Logan Pierce network worth is at this time not available

Net Worth: The net worth that Logan Pierce has yet involved light in most of the digital sources. Yet his association through the TV display indicates the he has a substantial net worth.

Salary every Episode: Sadly, Logan Pierce has never revealed anywhere regarding how lot is getting from exploration for each episode. The salary of Logan is right now under review.

Gold Rush actors Sterling Anderson.

By the look at of it, half of Todd Hoffman’s family members is a part of the cast and also crew in gold Rush. Todd is a 24-year-old sportsman, scholar, and an avid athlete. Prior to trying his happy in the mining business, Sterling Anderson took a lot of tasks once he graduated from high school.

Sterling Anderson make his debut in Gold rush on the 25th that October, 2013, in the fourth season. Anderson to be a component of Hoffman’s crew. He typically drove trucks for them.

Net Worth: provided that the lump-sum net worth that Sterling Anderson is quiet under review. Resources came forward and revealed the the network channel exploration Channel payment $200,000 for the show.

Salary every Episode: After evaluating the amount of money the the discovery Channel pays to Mr. Anderson, by the watch of it, Anderson’s monthly salary is $16, 0000.

Gold Rush actors Walt “Dozer” Dillard.

He is a renowned man who travel to distinct places across the country. Dozer has been crossing over the state for practically 15 years. Dillard came into prominence on yellow Rush with the illustration On roadway to Glory. That was testing the newly presented Turbo Trommel.

Net Worth: Walt ended up being a part of Gold rush in the 3rd season the the show. That has showed up in roadway to Gold, The Merger, Redemption Road, and The Night Shift. His figure on the show argues that he has actually a steep net worth of $50,000.

Walt’s value is right now unknown.

Andy Spinks network Worth.

The star is wonderful gold miner that is incredibly famous for to run every solitary one of the broad varieties of equipment on the show.

The minute Andy Spinks stepped right into the people of the yellow Rush, the knew in his heart the it is a life-changing experience. Andy Spinks is also famous for maintaining his private life incredibly discreet.

Net Worth: Andy Spinks doesn’t like to challenge the camera when he is not featuring in among the episodes of the show. Andy Spinks’ net worth is estimated to be $50,000.

Salary every Episode: As far as the sources are concerned, Andy Spinks’ earning in each episode that he has appeared so far signifies that Discovery networks gives that a fat pay cheque for each episode.

Gold Rush actors Melody Tallis network Worth $70 Million.

She is the mam of Arthur Tallis. Melody started her career together a minor alongside she husband, and later she walk on to function on yellow Rush. Melody states that getting actors on the show was a dream come true as she wanted to seek a career together a gold miner.

Net Worth: Melody Tallis’ net worth is $70,000.

Salary every Episode: neither did Melody Tallis nor did discovery Channel has ever before revealed her salary. Through the look at of it, Melody Tallis doesn’t desire her fans to know how much money is she making from the series.

Tony Beets network Worth: $15 Million.

The man is a renowned reality TV star that came right into prominence after appearing on gold Rush. Transparent his career, civilization regard Tony Beets as the legendary miner in the whole of Klondike.

Other 보다 mining, Tony Beets is additionally an owner of an exceedingly productive mining site, Tamarack Mine. Beets featured in the display in the 2nd season which makes him among the earliest casts of the show.

Net Worth: yellow Rush actors Tony Beets’ network worth skyrocketed after that featured in yellow Rush. According to the sources, Beets in addition to his family members starred in the show. They have actually been a part of the show due to the fact that 2010, and also this suggests that the Beets family members has a whopping network worth the $15 million.

Salary every Episode: follow to part source, the lot of salary that Tony Beets do in an illustration is $150,000, however according to the source, Tony Beets makes $2 million every year.

Kevin Hiatt net Worth: $100,000.

Before showing up in yellow Rush, Kevin Hiatt had to undergo plenty of struggles in his life. That was never ever born with a silver- spoon in his mouth. From very early age, Kevin learned to struggle to have a great work-life and a task that will assistance his family.

According to part reports, He often credits his popular to Todd Hoffman, together Mr. Hoffman readily available Kevin his dream role, whereby he earns money by doing what the loves. Kevin Hiatt tried to step into the music industry, yet he couldn’t become a fully-fledged musician.

Kevin Hiatt’s net worth is $100,000. And also this is the primary reason why nobody of the media outlets are mindful of the network worth that Kevin has actually made so far.

Mitch Blaschke net Worth: $200,000.

The fact star supplied to be a really popular mechanic in his hometown. Mitch has end up being a part of the crew the Todd Hoffman even due to the fact that he join Gold sirloin in the 3rd season.

Mr. Blaschke did not have any experience in mining. In the show, Mitch complied with the leader that the Hoffman crew v the aim of mining the most significant gold of every time. The team travel to Guyana. Mitch jumped at the opportunity to occupational with the stars of the yellow Rush.

Net Worth: as of now, Mitch has actually a net worth that $200,000 which that has accumulated from the show.

Salary every Episode: Mitch receive an yearly salary of $100,000 from exploration Channel’s yellow Rush.

“Nugget Brain” Wayne Peterson net Worth.

Most civilization know Wayne by his nickname, Nugget Brain. Wayne uncovered his calling when he was just six year old. Every he ever wanted to do was find treasures surprise deep under the surface of the earth.

He supplied to equip himself v the metal detector which he discovered in roughly his house and became a sweetheart hunter. Yet his love to conference treasure do it possible for the to come to be an integral part of yellow Rush.

Wayne Peterson’s network worth is currently unknown. No one of the resources has detailed the details the Nugget Brain’s wealth.

Austin Nickerson network Worth.

The minor ended up being a camp member of the gold Rush as soon as he saw the site of the TV present for the an initial time. Austin and Schnabel have actually been good friends because they met each various other for the first time when they to be in the first grade.

Austin never had any kind of prior suffer in mining. And also the present intrigued him, and later he ended up being a component of the show. He doesn’t possess a good background once it concerns handling the varieties of equipment. Nevertheless, he ended up being proficient in the mining industry.

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Austin Nickerson’s salary network worth is a mystery.

Gold Rush cast Net worth Table:

Celebrity NameNet Worth
John Schnabel$5 Million
Chris Doumitt$400,000
Dave Turin$2 Million
Fred Hurt$6 Million
Greg RemsburgNA
Jack Hoffman$5 Million
Jimmy DorseyNA
Jim Thurber$350,000
Mike HalsteadNA
Parker Schnabel$2 Million
Todd Hoffman$5 Million
Dustin Hurt$1 Million
Rick Ness$1 Million
Logan Pierce-NA-
Sterling Anderson$16,000 & $200,000
Walt “Dozer” Dillard-NA-
Andy Spinks-NA-
Melody Tallis-NA-
Tony Beets$150,000 & $2 Million
Kevin Hiatt-NA-
Mitch Blaschke$100,000 & $200,000
“Nugget Brain” Wayne Peterson-NA-
Austin Nickerson-NA-

Originally posted on June 26, 2019