REE clinical is a network of licensed clinical providers who all re-publishing one typical goal: help veterans achieve the services they deserve.

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No. The Veterans Affairs eventually makes the final decision ~ above all claims submitted. However, if her disabilities warrant boost and you make use of our service, you have actually a high probability the success. REE medical cannot make any promises or guarantees.

Yes. REE clinical is a licensed clinical group. We do charge a fee, comparable to the fees charged by private medical care providers. However, we do offer veterans a cost-free no-obligation consultation.

Yes. Component of our mission is to help as countless veterans as feasible receive the benefits they deserve. Please call us for much more details.

Yes. A part of our company fee is refundable if you perform not obtain a effective decision on her claim. Part fees room non-refundable because of State clinical Board guidelines. Please contact us for an ext details about our refund policy.

REE clinical is not affiliated v the Veterans Administration. Ours medical team is made up of elevation licensed clinical providers who know the cases process. VA-appointed clinical providers space contracted by the Veterans Administration. In most cases, they room overloaded through patients and do not give the proper attention to each veteran and also their claim. A big majority of veterans who watch VA-appointed doctors when filing their case are unsatisfied v the results, thus resulting in year of refiling and/or a prolonged appeal process.

You have actually the appropriate to pick whatever licensed clinical provider you would certainly like. Our licensed medical providers know the VA handicap claim process and understand just how to finish Disability services Questionnaires. Many primary treatment physicians carry out not have the understanding to finish a DBQ correctly.

Yes. REE Medical deserve to only aid with the Disability advantage Questionnaire and medical evaluations. Veterans are forced to submit their very own claims. This deserve to be excellent via a Veteran business Organization, submit electronically top top the eBenefits/ web page or, mail your claim to the VA.



Yes. We work-related with countless accredited agents and attorneys. Every Disability benefit Questionnaires have to be completed and signed through a licensed clinical provider. Accredited agents and attorneys cannot give medical advice or sign DBQ’s.

We aid veterans throughout the nation in all 50 states. Additionally, we help many veterans that room working or living overseas. Please call us directly for an ext details.

What if my intent to file date is expiring quickly or I have an upcoming attributed to submit documentation?

We offer an expedited procedure for those who have an impending deadline they should meet; call us ASAP to watch if we can help. *Please note, the is not guaranteed that us will have the ability to meet your deadline, this will rely on specific factors of her claim.

We space happy come answer any and also all inquiries you may have in regard to the status of your file. You re welcome click right here to request a quick reply top top the status of your situation or contact us directly at 888-495-8044.

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No, we will certainly take care of ensuring the doctors have actually all the paperwork compelled prior to her appointment.

No, as soon as your DBQ’s are completed, the physician will return them to REE medical via a secure, HIPAA compliant portal to experience a last review. As soon as the final review is completed, ours staff will certainly send the signed documents straight to you.

I to be a provider and also am interested in partnering v REE clinical to carry out quality medical examinations to our veterans. Who have to I call to get more information?