Have you ever before wondered just how Coronation Chicken gets its name? and also did you understand a future First Lady to be a newspaper correspondent at The Coronation service? Here"s 50 tiny known facts about the Coronation work of Queen Elizabeth II.

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6. The Coronation organization used for Queen Elizabeth II descends directly from the of King Edgar at bath in 973. The initial 14th century bespeak of service was composed in Latin and also was used until the Coronation that Elizabeth I.

7. The incumbent Earl Marshal is responsible because that organising the Coronation. Due to the fact that 1386 the position has been undertaken through The duke of Norfolk. The 16th duke of Norfolk was responsible for The Queen"s Coronation in 1953 and he was also responsible because that the State funeral of teacher Winston Churchill (1965) and also the investiture that The Prince of Wales (1969).

8. The Queen and also The battle each other of Edinburgh were driven indigenous Buckingham palace to Westminster Abbey in the gold State Coach – pulled through eight grey gelding horses: Cunningham, Tovey, Noah, Tedder, Eisenhower, snow White, Tipperary and McCreery. 

9. The Coronation bouquet was consisted of of white flowers – comprising the orchids and lilies-of-the-valley from England, stephanotis from Scotland, orchids indigenous Wales, and carnations from north Ireland and also the Isle the Man.

10. The battle each other of Edinburgh wore full-dress navy uniform because that the journey to and also from the Abbey. If in the Abbey, he wore a coronet and also his Duke"s robe end his uniform. 


11. The Queen"s Coronation dress, design by british Fashion designer Norman Hartnell, to be made of white satin and embroidered through the emblems that the joined Kingdom and also the republic in gold and also silver thread. 

12. Because the Coronation, The Queen has worn the Coronation dress 6 times consisting of the opened of conference in brand-new Zealand and Australia in 1954.

13. Buckingham glossesweb.com residence housemaids, chefs and also gardeners gathered within the grand Hall at Buckingham palace to check out The Queen leave for Westminster Abbey.

14. The Queen"s Coronation service began at 11.15am and also lasted practically three hours.

15. Top top her way to the Coronation, her Majesty wore the George IV State Diadem - the crown depicted on stamps. Do in 1820, the Diadem features roses, shamrocks and thistles with 1,333 diamonds and 169 pearls. 


16. The Sovereign"s procession was comprised of 250 human being including Church leaders, republic Prime Ministers, members of the imperial Household, civil and also military leaders and also the Yeoman the the Guard.

17. The Archbishop the Canterbury conducted the service, a duty which has been undertaken since the occupation in 1066. For the very first time in 1953, a representative of an additional Church, the Moderator of the Church that Scotland, likewise took part.

18. The Coronation business fell right into six parts: the recognition, the oath, the anointing, the investiture (which has the crowning), the enthronement and the homage.

19. The recipe for the Anointing Oil contains oils the orange, roses, cinnamon, musk and ambergris. Typically a batch is make to critical a few Coronations, however in May 1941 a bomb hit the Deanery ruining the phial, for this reason a brand-new batch to be made.

20. Among the more notable installations because that the Coronation was the annexe at the west end of Westminster Abbey. This listed the necessary an are in which the processions could type and disperse unseen by the crowds.


21. Throughout the investiture, The Queen an initial put on the newly-made Colobium Sindonis - a loosened linen-lawn garment, and also then a robe of fabric of gold referred to as the Dalmatic or Supertunica. The Lord great Chamberlain presented the gold spurs, the price of chivalry, after i m sorry the Archbishop that Canterbury gift a jewelled sword, and also then the armills, the gold bracelets of sincerity and also wisdom. Finally, The Queen put on stole and also cloth of yellow Robe glossesweb.com and also received the orb, the coronation ring, the glove, and then the sceptre.

22. Prince Charles was the first child to witness his mother"s coronation as Sovereign. Princess ann did not attend the ceremony as she was thought about too young.

23. Prince Charles got a special hand-painted children"s invite to his mother"s Coronation. 

24. A complete of 8,251 guest attended The Queen"s Coronation ceremony in ~ Westminster Abbey.

25. 129 nations and territories to be officially stood for at the Coronation service.


26. Some people in the Abbey witnessed their fourth Coronation. Princess Marie Louise (Queen Victoria"s granddaughter) had additionally seen the Coronations the King Edward VII (1902), King George V (1911) and also King George through (1937).

27. The Queen to be crowned in St Edward"s Chair, made in 1300 for Edward I and used at every Coronation due to the fact that that time. It is permanently preserved in Westminster Abbey.

28. The St. Edward"s Crown, make in 1661, was put on the head of The Queen throughout the Coronation service. That weighs 4 pounds and also 12 ounces and is make of heavy gold. 

29. After the crown, the orb, also made in 1661, to be the most necessary piece that regalia. The is a globe of gold surrounded by a cross girdled through a tape of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire and also pearls through a large amethyst in ~ the summit.

30. The Coronation ring, known as "The Wedding Ring the England" was inserted on The Queen"s fourth finger that her best hand in accordance with tradition. Created the Coronation of King william IV in 1831, the ring has been worn in ~ every coronation since then, except of Queen Victoria, who fingers were so small that the ring might not be reduced far enough in size and an different was created.

31. BBC coverage that the Coronation to be a breakthrough for the background of broadcasting. It was the very first service to be televised and also for many people, it to be the an initial time they had actually watched an event on television. 

32. 27 million human being in the UK (out that the 36 million population) watched the awareness on television and 11 million listened ~ above the radio. 

33. Over there were an ext than 2,000 journalists and 500 photographers native 92 nations on the Coronation route. 

34. Amongst the plenty of foreign journalists was Jacqueline Bouvier (later the first Lady the the United claims of America, Jackie Kennedy), who was working for the Washington Times-Herald at the time.

35. The return route was designed so the the procession can be seen by as many civilization in London together possible. The 7.2 km route took the 16,000 attendees two hrs to complete. 

36. Many civilization camped in The shopping mall to capture a glimpse of the procession, consisting of a family who had sailed every the method from Australia in a ketch because that the occasion. Thousands much more celebrated transparent the country and the republic with street parties.

37. The ministry of Food granted 82 applications for world to roast oxen if lock could prove the by tradition, one ox had actually been roasted in ~ previous Coronations – a welcome concession in ~ a time the meat ration was 2 shillings a week.

38. The glossesweb.com State Crown, which to be worn by The Queen during her go back to Buckingham Palace, consisted of four ships traditionally believed to have been Queen Elizabeth I"s earrings.

39. Top top the way back to Buckingham Palace, The Queen wore the newly-made violet Robe of Estate. The embroidered cipher of The Queen and border that wheat ears and olive branches, took a complete of 3,500 hours to complete by a team of 12 seamstresses native the imperial School the Needlework. The silk because that the embroidery came from a silk farm in Lullingstone, Kent.

40. Just under 30,000 men took component in the procession – 3,600 native the glossesweb.com Navy, 16,100 from the Army and also 7,000 native the RAF, 2,000 indigenous the Commonwealth and also 500 native the "Colonies". There to be 6,700 reserve and administrative troops, when 1,000 officers and men that the glossesweb.com armed forces police to be bought in to assist the urban police. A further 7,000 police were attracted from 75 provincial forces.

41. The Queen Salote of Tonga winner the hearts of the wait crowds by refusing to progressive the roof of her carriage because that protection regardless of the rain.

42. The principal decorations because that the processional course were in The Mall where there were 4 twin-spanned arcs of tubular steel that were illuminated at night. The arcs were lifted right into place by large mobile cranes. Linking the arches down the route were the long lines that standards an installed with gold crowns and each hung with 4 scarlet banner bearing the glossesweb.com Monogram.

43. The Queen appeared with her household on the balcony the Buckingham Palace still attract the glossesweb.com State Crown and also the imperial Robes to greet the cheering crowds. Her Majesty appeared again on the balcony at 9.45 pm to turn on the "lights of London". Lights cascaded under the Mall, light the vast cipher on Admiralty Arch and transforming the fountains in Trafalgar Square into liquid silver, till all the floodlights indigenous the nationwide Gallery to the Tower that London had actually been illuminated.

44. Coronation Chicken was designed for the international guests that were to it is in entertained ~ the Coronation. The food had to be prepared in advance, and also Florist Constance Spry proposed a recipe of cold chicken in a curry cream sauce through a well-seasoned dressed salad of rice, eco-friendly peas and also mixed herbs. Constance Spry"s recipe winner the approval of the Minister the Works and also has since been known as Coronation Chicken.

45. Numerous official photographs were taken in Buckingham palace after the Coronation, but the most memorable room those taken by Cecil Beaton. For his defining image that posed The Queen in front of a backdrop portraying Henry VII"s Chapel in Westminster Abbey.

46. The main artist for the Coronation was polishing artist Feliks Topolski, who produced a permanent record the the occasion in the reduced Corridor in Buckingham Palace. The paint was do in 14 sections, each fine over a metre high.

47. The Queen"s mr Lieutenants i was delegated artist Terence Cuneo to repaint the Coronation ceremony and also in 1954 Herbert James Gunn painted a State Portrait the The Queen in her Coronation outfit.

48. On 2 June 1953, news got to that Edmund Hilary and also Tenzing Norgay had actually made it to the summit of mount Everest. The Queen presented the 14 members of the expedition with distinct edition Coronation medals with the extra wording "Mount Everest Expedition".

49. The first overseas tourism The Queen took on after the Coronation was to Bermuda, Jamaica, Panama, Fiji, Tonga and brand-new Zealand beginning in November 1953. HM returned in 1954 visiting Australia, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Aden and also Uganda – going house in Britannia from Aden via Malta and also Gibraltar.

50. ~ above 24 June 1953, the Honours that Scotland (the crown, the sceptre and also the sword) were carried before The Queen in a procession from the palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles Cathedral.

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This post was exit by The push Secretary to The Queen in 2003 to note the 50th anniversary of her Majesty The Queen"s Coronation in June 1953.