If you have serious game and you want to pat on the PGA tourism or Nationwide Tour, you have to play in the PGA tourism Qualifying School, which is generally known as Q School.

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A rigorous check of golf an abilities in competition conditions, Q school identifies players who have actually the physical and mental ability to contend at the highest possible levels of skilled golf. You"ll be competing versus other aspiring professionals and, if girlfriend advance, the field will be progressively populated through veteran Tour experts who"ve lost play privileges and also must attend and succeed in ~ Q institution to reclaim those rights.

Step 1

Make sure your video game is refined enough to complete at a high level. If you"re only occasionally breaking par, your chances of make it as a critical in Q school are remote at best.

Practice incessantly leading up to Q school qualifying and make certain you"re in peak physical condition.

Each that the qualifying stages space multiple work tournaments, which are supreme tests of physical and also mental endurance under intense pressure.

Each stage uses play against much better players. Because that instance, PGA tour players that rank from 126 to 150 top top the money list room exempted to the last round, as are Nationwide players who finish from 26th to 40th top top the Nationwide tour money list.

Step 2

Determine if you have actually the monetary resources and also whether you desire to make the jae won commitment to complete in Q School. The pre-qualifying stage costs $2,700, the first qualifying stage prices $4,500, the 2nd qualifying phase is $4,000 and also final qualifying stage is $3,500. Pre-qualifying is a 54-hole event at various sites approximately the nation. Very first and second round qualifying stages room 72 holes, and also the final qualifying phase is 108 holes. Compensation money is distributed at the last qualifying stage: very first place is worth $50,000; 2nd place, $40,000; third place, $35,000; 4th place, $30,000; fifth place, $27,500; and sixth place through 25th and ties pay $25,000 apiece.

Step 3

Sign up v the PGA Tour. Information about Q school is accessible at PGATour.com. Typically, announcements are made in late spring or summer about sign-up dates.

Pre-qualifying is organized in so late August and early September. The first qualifying phase is organized in mid to late October, the 2nd stage is organized in mid November and the finals are in at an early stage December.

Step 4

Research the assorted sites and also select one that"s appeal to you.

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Criteria includes proximity of the courses to your residence, previous playing experience on the courses, if any, and potential for a optimal performance in ~ the course. Rigorous, multi-hour exercise sessions and practice rounds are an absolute should to accomplish optimum power at a Q college tournament.