If you’re suffering an unplanned pregnancy, you’re likely feeling a wide range of emotions. It’s completely normal to suffer feelings that worry and fear. In fact, even women who have planned your pregnancies report feeling anxious. 

Some of the main comes to women express in the middle of unplanned pregnancies relate come finances. Often, women will make decisions because that their pregnant solely based upon a absence of jae won resources. Since abortion is regularly sold together the most financially valuable option because that women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, we’re regularly asked if they are free. The price is no — abortions room not cost-free at planned Parenthood or any kind of other clinics. Each procedure costs in between $400 to end $15,000 or an ext depending top top what phase of pregnant the woman is in.

Cost that Abortions

Here’s a break down of the expense for each procedure according to data indigenous the Guttmacher Institute and abortion providers roughly the country: 

1. Medical Abortion 

Commonly referred to as the abortion pill, Mifiprex, RU-486, or EMA (Early medicine Abortion).

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Cost: The average expense is $535, but can variety from $75 to $1,633 or more. 

Stage the Pregnancy: five to ten weeks right into pregnancy.

2. Aspiration Abortion

Commonly described as a suction abortion, or MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration).

Cost: The average cost is $508, however can range from $435 to $955. 

Stage the Pregnancy: five to 12 weeks into the pregnancy, but sometimes previously or later.

3. D&E Abortion

Commonly referred to as a dilation and also evacuation procedure.

Cost: $500 to $3,000 or more.

Stage of Pregnancy: commonly used from nine to 20 weeks into the pregnancy, or sometimes previously or later.

4. So late Abortion

Commonly referred to as Late-term abortion

Cost: $8,000 come $15,000 or more.

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Stage the Pregnancy: after ~ 16 come 24 weeks. 

Worried about Finances? You have actually Options

Here at Soundview pregnancy Services, we think women have to make decisions for your bodies based on knowledge and confidence, no fear and worry. If you considering abortion out of the are afraid that you i will not ~ be maybe to carry out for her child, us are below to assist you! us offer complimentary and confidential medical care services prefer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, education classes including finances that will equip you come navigate this journey through confidence. The no lie parenting deserve to be expensive and also the fact is that it important does “take a village.” it is why we space passionate around walking v women through the entirety of your pregnancies and the years complying with so castle will never feel alone! Our center provides resources like diapers, clothing, and referrals for various other affordable sources so girlfriend can emphasis on what matters the most to you.

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