The truth series, Pawn Stars aired on history and A&E networks display the activities of a 24 hour Gold and silver pawn shop owned by a family in ras Vegas. The civilization famous gold and silver pawn shop was originally operated by 3 Harrison’s, Richard Harrison, his son, rick Harrison and also Rick’s boy Corey Harrison.

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Rick Harrison and his boy Corey Harrison deep assess the artefacts brought in by client to develop whether lock are actual or fake, at times v the aid of specialists and also reveal the precious of historical objects and also their historic background. Unfortunately, Richard Harrison pass away.

Richard Benjamin Harrison.

Richard Benjamin Harrison likewise was known as the old man, and also the appraiser to be a prospering entrepreneur and also original proprietor of the Gold and silver pawn shop featured on the background channel’s ‘Pawn Stars‘ fact show.


Born on march 4, 1941, by irish parents, Harrison did not gain a chance to gain much education as result of his negative family background and also thus had to start working in ~ 14. On his marriage life, so late Richard Harrison had been in a marital relationship union through Joanne Rhue because he to be 21 year old until his demise.

Together they had 4 kids, but unfortunately, one called Sherry died from down syndrome in ~ the period of six. Richard served in the army from 1959 come 1973. In 1981, Richard and also his sweetheart opened a organization partnership add to their son Rick, ‘Gold and silver coin shop,’ v an initial funding of $5000 only.

The organization lease expired, and also Rick made decision to open ‘Gold and Silver pawn shop.’ native July 19, 2009, Richard featured consistently on the pawn stars it rotates his death on June 25, 2018. Courtesy of the famous pawn shop, Richard got multiple awards in his lifetime.

Pawn Stars Chumlee net Worth is $5 Million.

Chumlee, whose complete name is Austin Lee Russell functions at the gold and also silver pawn shop. He climbed to stardom for appearing on the ‘Pawn Stars.’ The 39-year-old actor, businessman and reality TV star to be born on 8th of September 1982.

Chumlee has actually been friends because that a lengthy time with Rick Harrison, who introduced him come the pawn shop to job-related at the counter. Pawn Stars Chumlee salary is $25,000 every episode. His current estimated network worth is $5 million, 2 from TV appearances, his style company, and Candy business.


Looking at his romantic love life, Chumlee in a connection with Tanya Hyjazi, a cook in ras Vegas Casino. At the current moment, that doesn’t have any kind of kids yet.

Rick Harrison: $8 Million.

Rick Harrison is a prospering entrepreneur and reality TV star. The is the co-owner the the Gold and silver pawn shop. Stack Harrison’s birthdate is 22nd in march 1965.


On July 2013, in Laguna Beach, California, rick married Deanna Burditt after having actually been divorced 2 times. The marriage seems to it is in blissful as divorce has not been rumored about so far. The is a proud dad of 5 kids, 2 from his present marriage through Deanna, and three from previous marriages.

Over the years, Pawn Stars Rick has been able to accumulate a net worth of $8 million. He bring in $300,000 as salary from every season of pawn stars.

Corey Harrison: $5 Million.

Corey Harrison was born on 27th April 1983 in ras Vegas. He began working in ~ the shop in ~ the age of 9, sprucing up nobs and later on at an enlarge age, he came to be the manager that the businesses’ purchases. Pawn Stars Corey Harrison’s existing net precious is $5 million, with his exact salary quiet unknown.

Most the the income that Corey brings in comes from the history channel together pay because that featuring on ‘Pawn Stars’. Corey is at this time married come Korina “Kiki” Harrison after ~ a mysterious divorce native Charleen Harrison. The 38-year-old star co-owns civilization famous Gold and also Silver Pawn shop in ras Vegas v his dad, rick Harrison.


Danny Koker: $13 Million.

‘The Count’ Danny Koker is ideal known because that featuring on ‘County cars’ and also as a consistent guest appraiser ~ above ‘American Pickers.’ He first gained a debut in the ‘Pawn stars’ together an automobiles specialist who evaluates automobiles to estimate their real value and additionally restores faulty motorcycles to life.


Concerning his birth, 58-year-old Danny Koker celebrated his bear anniversary on 5th January of each year. That credits his career to his father that bought him a motorbike in ~ the period of 8 years. The acquisition instilled a enthusiasm for taking care of automobiles in Danny, a enthusiasm which the has complied with successfully.

He is thought about to be the wealthiest in the cast, v a existing net worth of $13 million.

Danny Koker is currently celebrating his 17th anniversary in marital relationship with Korie Koker. He has not revealed much info on his family; thus whether that has children or no is one unknown fact.

Olivia Black: $600,000.

35-year-old Old Olivia black obtained an opportunity to attribute on the 5th season the pawn stars after ~ she to be hired to job-related at night in the renowned gold and silver pawn shop. She was later on fired native the series after indecent photos of she leaked to the public through a porn website.

She was but lucky enough to keep her job yet off camera. Sad because that you if you’re a man and also had a crush for you, Olivia is a lesbian, engaging in a romantic partnership with her partner chef Maria.


Olivia native ‘Pawn Stars’ net worth is $600 thousand, deserve from she modeling career, erotic website, and function at the gold and also Silver Pawn shop.

Craig Gottlieb: $8 Million.

Craig Gottlieb is a renowned antique dealer, armed forces expert and reality TV star. That is famed for showing up on several collection such as ‘Pawn stars’, and National geography’s ‘Nazi war’ series. His career has earned Craig Gottlieb a substantial net worth, currently estimated to it is in $8 million. The precise salary that Craig brings in has remained one of his top secrets.


As a former major in the us military, he came to be an expert on weapons. As result of this specialization on weapons and also military stuff, Craig Gottlieb gained a chance to appear on Pawn stars as a weapons skilled for the show.

Craig was born in 1971 thus he’s currently in his 50th year the life. Despite he has kept his an individual life in ~ a short profile including his family to stop public criticism, it’s famed that Craig has been married due to the fact that 1960 come Madeline Jackson and together, they have actually two kids, Elijah Joseph, and David Shimon.

Rick Dale.

Rick Dale is well known for the collection ‘American restorations’ i beg your pardon is a spin-off of the Pawn Stars. Born ~ above 13th December in the 1970s, stack is right now in his 51st, the exact year of his bear is unknown. Rick has actually procured enormous fame and also wealth as result of his success in the repair and also restoration of antiques.

Rick Dale’s existing estimated net worth is 2.5 million dollars. A visible attention in him for repairing was discovered at the age of 9 once he repaired a bike which to be a gift indigenous his dad. Later on, rick Dale established his own restorations shop ‘Rick Restorations’ in ras Vegas.

Unfortunately, the company collapsed early to personal emotional tension after divorce native his an initial marriage and also eventually, he joined stack Harrison, owner the the Gold and Silver Pawn shop. Rick uncovered love again in 2007 whereby he married Kelly. The duo is blessed through 2 kids, Tyler and also Ally.

Rick is, therefore, a proud dad that 3 kids, the two from his current marriage and also Brettly, his boy from the broken marriage.


Rebecca Romney.

Rare publications expert and also reality TV personality room the titles that Rebecca Romney has actually earned because that herself so far. She has captured the eyes of the public due to her function as a rare books expert top top the Pawn Stars.

When functioning at the ‘Bowman rarely books‘, Rebecca was called up by the background channel to join the ‘Pawn Stars’ cast as a rare books expert due to her expressed field of expertise in rare publications when functioning there.

In addition to her function on Pawn stars, Rebecca Romney runs her agency “Honey and also wax books” whereby she deals with the revenue of rarely books. She’s quite private around her network worth and salary, but with such type of success together a rare books expert, she is most likely holding millions in her name.


36-year-old Rebecca Romney is married to J.P Romney, a historic researcher, and also novelist.

Rebecca Romney’s network worth is $3.5 Million.

Murray Sawchuck: $4 Million.

Murray man Sawchuck was born ~ above November 25, 1973, in Burnaby brothers Columbia. The is a regular face on the Pawn Stars where he is the resident historian for magic antiques and also the hold of live tourism events. Over the years in his profession, Murray Sawchuck has actually been able to accumulate a net worth that $4 million through his value still unrevealed.

Murray has remained in the exhilaration field due to the fact that 1999, special in numerous shows such together the ‘Jadagrace show‘ whereby he took the duty of ‘Murray the magician‘ and also has acquired so lot popularity due to his comic skills.

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On his partnership status, Murray Sawchuck is married and happily celebrate his 6th anniversary in a peaceful marital relationship with Chloe Louise Crawford.