Three-time Emmy compensation winner Patricia Heaton is starring in the new CBS sitcom, 'Carol's 2nd Act' , that premiered top top Thursday, September 26, 2019. The American actress is popularly known for her function as Debra Barone top top 'Everybody loves Raymond'. She has bagged several screen Actors Guild(SAG) nominations because that her outstanding performance. She additionally starred in the classic comedy series 'The Middle' together Frances 'Frankie' Heck.

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Family background

The actress was born to sportswriter, chuck Heaton and mother Patricia Heaton. Chuck Heaton to be a sportswriter because that 'The Cleveland level Dealer'. He passed away on February 2008 at the period of 90.

Her mom passed on once she to be 12 years old. She is the fourth of 5 children. Heaton has three sisters; Sharon, Alice and also Frances and one brother, Michael. She was born into a Catholic family. She sister, Sharon, is a Dominican nun in Nashville and also her brother, Michael, is a columnist because that 'The level Dealer.'

Patricia Heaton career

Patricia to visit Ohio State University, whereby she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Drama (1980). The American actress make her first Broadway figure in the action 'Don't gain God Started'. Later, she started an acting company called stage Three through her fellow students. Her power in their very first production 'The Johnstown Vindicator' recorded the eye of casting directors. She then got a recurring role in 'thirtysomething' and a starring duty in the collection 'Someone choose Me' (1994) and the movie 'Miracle in the Woods' (1997).


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She has actually starred in other movies like 'Room because that Two'(1992-93) and also Women that the House(1995). Her function in 'Everybody Loves Raymond'(1996-2005) earned her much popularity. She has made constant appearances on number of TV mirrors after that. Some of the films she has actually featured in are;

The Star (2017)Moms' Night the end (2014)Amazing elegant (2006)Space Jam (1996)The new Age (1994)Memoirs of one Invisible male (1992)Beethoven (1992)

In September 2009, she starred in the comedy series 'The Middle' the aired it rotates 2018. She started her present Patricia Heaton parties in 2015, and also it won a Daytime Emmy compensation in 2016 for exceptional Culinary Program.

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Some the her various other TV shows include:

Easy to assemble (2011-2012)Back come You (2007-2008)

Carol's second Act

The sitcom collection is about a divorced woman, Carol Keeney, who retires native teaching and also decides to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. The duty is play by Patricia Heaton and also she will crack girlfriend up. She has been energetic on Twitter about the brand-new show and has even been giving cost-free tickets to the taping that the show. Here are few of her tweets;


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Some fans have taken to Twitter come express your love because that the actress and also her acting skills seen ~ above the an initial episode that the show;

Net worth

The talented actress has been acting because she was in university. She has featured in number of movies and shows the have added to her wealth. Patricia Heaton network worth is valued in ~ $40 million.

Personal life

The American actress has actually been happy married to David Hunt because 1990. She had actually been formerly married come Constatine Yankoglu. Patricia Heaton husband is one English actor and also producer and also together, they have borne four sons.

In 2001, she and her husband co-founded FourBoys Films, a production company. Their productions encompass 'Moms' Night Out', 'The Engagement Ring', and 'Amazing Grace'.

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Patricia Heaton children

The actress has 4 sons with her existing husband, David Hunt. All Patricia Heaton kids were born in the '90s through their oldest son, Samuel David, born in 1993. John Basil to be born in 1995, Joseph Charles in 1997 and the youngest, Daniel Patrick, in 1999.


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The actress revealed the cosmetic surgeries do her feel confident and her ideal self. She called,

"I had 4 C-sections. I obtained 50 lbs v every kid, and also I'm 5'2″. Wasn't pretty. It simply does other to her body."

She has actually reconstructed her tummy, i beg your pardon she says has actually made her feeling better.

Patricia Heaton measurements

How tall is Patricia Heaton? Patricia Heaton elevation is 157cm(5ft 2inches). Examine out her measurements;

Weight: 132 lbs (60kg)Waist: 28" (71 cm)Chest: 37" (94 cm)Hips: 35" (89 cm)Shoe size: 8 (US)Dress size: 8 (US)

Other works

Patricia is a large supporter of organization that focus on women, orphans and also healthcare. She works with organisations choose Heifer International and also World Vision come end world poverty and also hunger. She is also quite vocal in the opposite abortions and also the death penalty.


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patriciaheatonSource: Instagram

Patricia is additionally the starting member of world Visions Celebrity Ambassador Network. The company has conducted relief and also development tasks for children, families, and also communities in nearly 100 countries.

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Charities and also foundations supported

Some that the charities Patricia has actually supported include;

Alliance because that Children's RightsCure Autism NowFresh wait FundRed Cross

Patricia Heaton has actually expressed her feeling of humour in many of she movies and also films. She is also an extremely active on she social media pages. She fans room excited about her brand-new series and an ext to come from the talented actress.