Parmesan Cheese, or Parmigiano-Reggiano as the Italians say, is well-known as the King of Cheeses and for an excellent reason.

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When you make your favorite Italian meal, there is no doubt that Parmesan cheese is either in the dish or will certainly be shredded and sprinkled on peak of the dish.

Think of spaghetti and also meatballs, lasagna, garlic bread, or a new Caesar salad.

These well-known ethnic faves simply wouldn’t be finish without the aged, nutty, braided Parmesan goodness us love to sprinkle.

Why Is Parmesan Cheese so Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

1. Parmesan Cheese Is made By Hand


First, let’s talk about what Parmesan cheese is and also why that is different from other cheeses like cheddar, provolone, and also mozzarella.

Parmesan cheese is created using raw milk right from cows the graze on north Italy’s hillside grasses.

This region is very small, with just a couple of cities.

Parma and Reggio Emilia room two that offer authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano the name.

The soil produces unique bacteria so when the dairy product cows eat the grass, that is digested and then passed on v their milk i m sorry is provided to make the one-of-a-kind Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan cheese is made by hand simply as the monks did an ext than a thousand year ago.

This painstaking tradition has not readjusted throughout time.

This one-of-a-kind Italian-made cheese additionally has a lengthy aging duration providing its distinct harder consistency i beg your pardon is well-known for shredding and grating.

Italy reports a $2.5 exchange rate Parmesan cheese industry.

Parmesan cheese is just one of Italy’s biggest exports.

That’s a whole lot of cheese the is beloved throughout the whole world.

2. Location, Location, Location 


You might be familiar with the ax location, location, location.

This is really true that Parmesan cheese production.

One main and important factor authentic Parmesan cheese is therefore expensive is location.

Parmigiano, the Italian name, is do in a special, really quaint place in northern Italy.

The area the Emilia Romania is very tiny and includes the urban of Parma and Reggio Emilia, thus the cheese’s name, Parmigiano Reggiano.

These lands flourish grasses that feature special an excellent bacteria that give the lover Italian cheese its classic taste and also texture.

Rumor has it that there are only 329 dairies in the entire human being that are able to create Parmesan, for this reason making it a supply and also demand issue, adding to the greater price.

It takes about 131 gallons of milk to develop a solitary wheel of very delicious Parmesan cheese.

3. An extensive Crafting Time Frame


Parmesan cheese is made basically the same means today as it was made plenty of years ago.

Traditional Parmesan has three basic ingredients: milk, salt, and rennet.

Rennet is a natural enzyme native the calf intestines.

Fresh totality milk and also day-old skim milk space poured right into copper kettles, the ingredient are merged to produce a yogurt-like texture.

The cheese master, who is an experienced at his craft, then takes the mixture, and also using a special utensil, divides it into curds.

The curds room cooked come kill bad bacteria, which is a really important component of the cheese-making process.

Only the great bacteria will continue on the Parmesan journey.

Next, the mixture, which weighs much more than 200 pounds, is put into a mold, and also formed right into a wheel.

A wheel the cheese is in reality a block the cured cheese the is extended by a protective rind.

Just prefer Parmesan, most varieties of cheese room made in the form of wheels.

This is a process that usually includes several people who use their hands, rather of a machine.

A very special soft linen cloth is offered to lift every the fluid from the cheese.

The linen cloth is removed and replaced every two or three hours until every moisture is gone.

Then a special mark is stenciled onto the rind, for this reason customers know it is truly a product the Italy and also has been produced the same method the monks walk it centuries ago.

4. Aging Process 


Parmesan cheese calls for a lengthy aging procedure before that is ready for the market.

This is one an ext reason that Parmesan cheese is so expensive and delicious.

After the wheels of cheese room ready, they space plunged into a one-of-a-kind brine whereby they stay totally immersed for roughly 20 days.

Then the essential aging process begins.

Wheels are put on unique shelves and remain untouched for up to one year.

Some of the world’s most delicious and also authentic wheels space aged everywhere from 2 to 3 years every the means up come 10 long, very delicious years.

This create a stronger, distinctive taste, really texture, and also a much higher price tag!

Only wheel stamped through a standard “Parmigiano Reggiano” stencil develop the classic “Parmigiano Reggiano” rind.

The aging procedure also gives a dryer, nuttier cheese that fans have involved love and adore.

Parm that has aged this lengthy can cost up come $20 every pound.

5. Importing Parmesan Cheese Is extremely Expensive because of Tariffs


Importing assets like Parmesan cheese from Italy into the United says is expensive.

Many American gourmet cheese suppliers have been importing cheese for many years.

They know a good, no, a good product when they have it, for this reason they continue to be committed to your Italian Parmesan cheese suppliers and also will no shop approximately for a reduced price.

The high quality of their Parmesan cheese is command to them and their customers.

Throughout the years, importing cheese has become more and an ext expensive because of tariffs and also other financial needs for bringing food right into the unified States.

A tariff is an high-quality tax enforced by one country on the goods and also services imported from an additional country.

This consists of Parmesan cheese.

Some carriers order and receive an ext than 40,000 pounds the cheese native Italy top top a weekly or even a bi-weekly basis.

It arrives at airports via jets and also shipyards via container pearl via the ocean.

Then the is invited on semi-trucks and also makes its means over land come distributors, restaurants, superstores, and also specialty markets.

This is quite impressive and also expensive for one supplier, but it’s the tariffs that space passed on come the customer via boosted cheese prices.

Suppliers have no other an option if lock don’t want to shed money.

They recognize their customers will pay every little thing the price is for your authentic Italian-produced Parmesan cheese.

6. Tariffs and also Taxes Is passed On to Consumers


As we stated before, the expenses of tariffs and special food licenses the are required are passed top top the consumer, for this reason the price of Parmesan Cheese gets an ext expensive.

The tariffs can raise the price as much as 15 percent!

To protect the civil liberties of the dairy and also cheese farmers, there is a Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium, which considers all the extr tariffs an assault that can threaten the Italian dairy products industry.

Parmesan cheese isn’t the only food income that has actually high tariffs.

More than 800 assets including apples, artichokes, wine, bourbon, peanut butter, salmon, soybeans, sausage casings, and sorghum are likewise hit through extra fees.

Parmesan is in great company and also not alone in the tariff world.

7. No All Parmesan Cheese Is developed Equal


Not all Parmesan cheese, known as the King of Cheese, is developed equal.

This renders the real Parmesan an ext expensive than others which include cellulose powder, sorbate, and other preservatives and also unhealthy ingredient to assist extend the shelf life and enhance the flavor.

Cellulose is a typical anti-clumping ingredient made from wood pulp.


That’s called food fraud and not gift transparent—a no-no as soon as trying come inspire an excellent customer loyalty.

Let the buyer and cheese lover beware.

Pay fist to the label due to the fact that you don’t want to be fooled by a cheesy imposter.

Brands like Kraft, among others, whose label reads 100 percent Grated Parmesan Cheese include these additional ingredients.

Could the brand possibly typical 100 percent grated?

We’re not completely sure, however if girlfriend are trying to find the actual Parmesan experience, look at for products with no included preservatives.

If you need to, acquire your magnifying glasses.

Sometimes the label’s fine print gives you the larger picture.

Kraft is no the only company that packages the so-called Parmesan cheese as authentic.

Imitations from other cheese suppliers are created in the unified States, Argentina, and also South America, too.

The regulation is affiliated in some situations where labels are misleading come the chaste customer.

Thousands of dollars in legitimate fees to protect the true Parmesan suppliers have been paid.

Some cases have to be won, others have actually not. It’s a slippery steep in packaging and labeling laws.

Remember, true Parmesan cheese only includes three ingredient that are from a specific Italian region.

Read the labels and also check for the ideal ingredients.

You’ll be glad friend did.

8. Imposter Cheese


A wheel that Parmesan cheese have the right to cost much more than $1,000!

A quality Parmigiano-Reggiano can expense up come $11 per pound, and also cheese the is aged up to 10 year can price up to $15 per pound.

To some cheese lovers and also foodies, this is entirely worth every single penny, yet to put it into perspective, Parmesan cheese costs twice as much as cheddar cheese, an additional tasty, salty cheese.

Italy has actually struggled for years to avoid imposters from damaging its reputation.

As a issue of fact, the black market for cheese is for this reason large, the has come to be an sector of its own that is valued at 13 billion dollars!

Some countries have laws versus fakes, yet others do not, making the very challenging to fight.

This is another reason Parmesan cheese is for this reason expensive.

As a matter of fact, Parmigiano-Reggiano is a trademarked term, but Parmesan is not.

Simply put, think about how Scotch Tape and Kleenex and also Band-Aid room brand names i m sorry have become the generic names for all assets of their types.

This is what is happening with the hatchet Parmesan cheese.

9. The Parmesan Black market Is Why Parmesan Cheese Is for this reason Expensive


You’ve heard of bootleggers, right?

Now, how around cheese-leggers?

You need to love that ironic term, but not what these thieves and wrongdoers room doing.

Yes, the cheese-legger black sector is truly a genuine thing!

The black industry is cultivation each and also every work for many industries, consisting of Parmesan cheese, and all cheeses.

It is put into the same group as other companies developing imposters.

These black-market thieves work tough to make consumers think they space on the up and up.

Two methods you have the right to tell if her Parmesan is legitimate is come look because that the Parmigiano-Reggiano stencil, a label with the Parmigiano-Reggiano official logo, and the use defended designation of origin label.

Otherwise, her cheese can be one imposter and also include extr ingredients, uneven the actual deal.

That said, since cheese is so popular and such a financially rewarding business, the is a target because that thieves and also the underground black color market.

It is lot bigger than a few shoplifters hiding cheese in your pockets and also walking the end the door there is no paying.

This happens, too, yet only at the sleeve level.

The black market is huge!

It is estimated that the entire cheese industry grew to the song of much more than $114 billion in 2019 and also is steadily growing.

It is likewise estimated and also reported that 4 percent that cheese produced is stolen, for this reason it tops the perform of steal foods.

Holy cow!

That’s incredible.

Other commodities topping the many stolen list v cheese space fresh meat, alcohol, chocolate, and also baby formula.

Cheese is in really great company.

10. Pandemic Fallout 


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing the prices of groceries, consisting of Parmesan cheese, come soar.

Parmesan is a difficult cheese that needs to age, and also it take away time to produce.

Plus, it has to be shipped throughout the s to reach its destination.

This take away time, money, and also access, every one of which have actually been impacted in 2020 and 2021.

This activity has been extremely challenging due to all the restrictions on travel and international company during the shutdown.

Parmesan cheese has actually skyrocketed in price come the song of between 40 and also 60 percent because Spring 2020!

Since cheese lover appreciate the authentic origin and also taste the the real Italian Parmesan cheese, the industry will expropriate the price hike and just can use a small less 보다 they did before the pandemic hit our world, or lock will continue to usage the same amount as before and also ignore the price increase.

The bottom heat is the expense of creating Parmesan cheese need to be happen on to the customer as always, and if they desire to reap it, they will pay an ext for it.

The neighborhood gourmet specialty cheese shops that had a challenging time getting any kind of products during the pandemic space now start to stock your shelves again through imported cheeses and other favourite products.

If they room still in business, they will appreciate the support from their ideal customers who will decision to shop tiny instead of purchase from large box stores and also online suppliers.

Prices will additionally increase considerably at restaurants where Parmesan cheese is provided in recipes and also specialty items.

Hopefully, the facilities won’t settle for imposter or black market Parmesan cheese and also stay true to authentic high quality cheese.

Whether the Parmesan is supplied as a distinct ingredient in a renowned Italian food selection item or shaved, shredded, or melted on top of a dish, the prices will certainly be an ext expensive than before.

Customers dining in ~ a favorite restaurant that are provided to asking for additional Parmesan cheese without payment extra could see it included to the bill.

This is happening to salad dressings, too.

Before the pandemic, extra salad dressing was listed at no cost.

Now there may be a 75-cent heat item added to the bill.

It was a very challenging year because that restaurants and specialty sleeve shops, and also now they have to do every little thing it take away to recover from their losses.

There are many factors that answer the question, “Why is Parmesan cheese for this reason expensive?”

We have detailed the height 10 reasons, consisting of the hike in prices due to COVID-19 supply and also demand.

First, really Parmigiano Reggiano is developed exclusively through raw milk from cattle grazing top top the regional grasslands and hillsides that a tiny area in north Italy.

It is a difficult block of cheese that attributes an unparalleled aged flavor and also texture beloved for its far-reaching nuttiness.

The longer it ages, the far better it tastes, and the much more expensive that becomes.

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Parmesan fans will certainly pay the price to reap this must-have ingredient in unique recipes, Charcuterie boards, and also shredded on peak of Italian favorites.