The gold Globe-nominated actor and TV organize joined Winfrey for her WW your Life in emphasis virtual occasion that likewise featured Jennifer Garner, Ciara and Kym Whitley.

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For James Corden, opening up about his diet has meant complicated notions that what it means to be a man.

“I execute think as a man it’s historically viewed as it isn’t an extremely sexy to say that you’re on a diet. Or it’s not very manly somehow to desire to make alters in your own health because men drink beer and also we go out and also it doesn’t issue what friend look like, every those things,” the 42-year-old Corden stated Saturday morning come Oprah Winfrey during her WW your Life in emphasis virtual event. “And I actually think it’s the single most positive and sexy thing you deserve to do come say, i would like to be a little healthier. I would like to it is in a healthier presence in mine family, because that my children. Ns would favor to feel better.”

Corden, who is partnered v WW, the agency formerly recognized as load Watchers, was one of Winfrey’s high-profile guests on the digital event that changed her Life in emphasis arena tourism amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally appearing were Ciara, Jennifer Garner and Kym Whitley because that a live digital audience.

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Corden, the golden Globe-nominated star of The Prom, stated he’s discovered the past 5 “or so” weeks of his load loss journey to it is in transformative. He attributed his wife, Julia, through being a champion for him together he pushes forward after having currently lost 16 pounds.

“My wife has been incredible v this. With my entirety journey through food, she’s to be really, really remarkable with me, and I’ve really uncovered this past five weeks that I’m on a start of a journey the I’m established to finish, and also I feel that i can,” the explained. “As shortly as you open yourself approximately people and say, ‘This is just how I’m feeling and also I think I might be struggling with this,’ you will certainly be met through a wave of human being going, ‘How have the right to I help?’”

Winfrey offered some aid of her very own by dishing out her take on what it way to it is in worthy that love and also how WW factors into that. “Realizing the you room worthy of putting yourself ago on your list is a extensive expression of being the love you need. We all recognize the indigenous love is a lot favor wellness. It means different things to different people, and also there’s for this reason much emphasis on the love that other world can lug to you, come us, that we frequently forget the the main key to even bringing love into your life is being the love you desire to bring,” she said. “WW teaches to treat yourself v compassion, having actually reverence for yourself is what I average when ns say, ‘Be the love girlfriend need.’ It’s a an effective thing to have reverence because that yourself.”