when it comes to celebrities and philanthropy, couple of give more than Oprah Winfrey. End the years, Ms. Winfrey has actually donated numerous dollars that her own money to money various interests and charities. A far-ranging portion that her providing has flowed through three key charities: The point of view Network, which has actually been greatly publicized on she show; she own an individual foundation, The Oprah Winfrey Foundation; and The Oprah Winfrey operating Foundation, which specifically supports her leadership Academy in southern Africa.

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The angel Network

end the years, Oprah Winfrey offered her talk present to publicize The angel Network, dedicating at the very least a few shows a year come its work. Oprah"s angel Network to be distinctive in countless ways. First, it was a glossesweb.com focused on getting civilization involved. Further, 100 percent of any donation went directly toward capital a project. Oprah Winfrey paid every one of the overhead and also operating costs for The point of view Network herself.

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The Beginning

Like many charities, Oprah"s point of view Network began small. Ms. Winfrey started it in 1997 v the score of obtaining audience members more involved in giving and also volunteering. She motivated viewers to collection spare readjust to provide scholarships for Boys and also Girls Clubs that America, and 200 volunteers to develop homes through Habitat because that Humanity.

point of view Network"s Work

The angel Network accumulated millions of dollars in donations i beg your pardon then listed grants to establishments that concentrated on Oprah Winfrey"s charitable initiatives, including:

Giving accessibility to education to those who might not otherwise have it arising leaders who will then rotate around and lead their communities Protecting basic human rights Creating neighborhoods of assistance

The eight of the point of view Network was far-reaching. Although tasks were primarily concentrated in the united States, they also listed grants to overseas organizations. Examples of the organization"s projects incorporate The Oprah Winfrey leadership Academy school for Girls and other educational initiatives for children roughly the world.

It was announced in 2010 that the organization would dissolve as soon all funds were dispersed and also would stop to expropriate donations.

The Oprah Winfrey Foundation

Oprah Winfrey operation The Oprah Winfrey structure exclusively. The structure provides grants because that not-for-profit organizations. Oprah Winfrey offers her personal money to money the grants, which aid projects of distinct interest come Ms. Winfrey, consisting of education, learning and leadership development.

The organization doesn"t accept donations or provide applications. Instead, Oprah Winfrey choose charities and makes one-of-a-kind endowments v her personal foundation, providing millions that dollars in grants to nonprofit organizations. The foundation has an ext than $190 million in assets and also funds.

The Oprah Winfrey management Academy Foundation

This structure was produced to carry out funds exclusively for operation the leadership Academy because that Girls in south Africa. Oprah Winfrey started this institution in January the 2007. Contributors deserve to donate to this foundation through their website. The foundation is collection up to offer money to special projects or to make structure repairs and improvements.

various other Oprah Winfrey Charities and Special Projects

It"s with these foundations that Oprah to be able to prolong her charitable arm much and wide throughout the world. The charities that Oprah Winfrey support a range of organizations, mostly concentrated on african Americans and those who room impoverished. Here a pair other charities the she has contributed to and supported through her foundations.

O Ambassadors

O Ambassadors to be a school-based regime that sought to encourage children to give and also act on behalf of your peers in underdeveloped countries.

The united state Dream Academy

The united state Dream Academy is a national after-school regimen seeking to occupational with children who have one parent (usually a father) incarcerated. The score is to rest the cycle of incarceration. In 2006, Oprah donated almost one million dollars, and according come financial reports, she is one of their best supporters.

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do a Difference

through a emphasis on philanthropy, volunteerism, and also making a distinction in the world, Oprah Winfrey has actually demonstrated exactly how much readjust one individual can affect. Channeling a significant portion of her revenue into charitable initiatives, Ms. Winfrey sets an example many deserve to follow.

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