The Trump government has launched 59 tomahawk missiles top top a Syrian military airfield, which represents among the most straight responses we've seen to the Bashar al-Assad regime.

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While it is a direct diplomatic move, in army terms it's a relatively small-scale stimulate to do – however that doesn’t median it wasn't insanely expensive.

According come the us Department of Defence's yearly budget, a single Tomahawk missile prices $1.59 million.

Combine the by the 59 missiles the us ordered to be fired off two warships in the Mediterranean Sea, and also you're looking in ~ a bill of roughly $94 million.

That sound pretty costly, however in military terms the "Tactical Tomahawk Cruise Missile" is a relatively battle-proven weapon with beginnings that stretch earlier to the 1970s.


(A male inspects a Tomahawk missile. Image: Tim chef / AAP)

Designed to be deployed indigenous the sea – either shot the end of the torpedo pipe of submarines or fired from the decks that battleships – the Tomahawk is a long-range weapon that can hit targets there is no endangering the firer's life.

Because the Tomahawk is classed together a "cruise missile", it paris at about the same speed every the means until it access time its target – a neck-breaking 890 km/h.

Depending on the type of fuel used in the missile, it has an operating range of as much as 2,500 km, which way after shooting it would certainly take the Tomahawk just under three hrs to with a target in ~ the end of that is range.

One solitary missile weighs a staggering 1300 kg, is 6 metres long and also usually carries a 450kg warhead designed to deliver precise but devastating damage.

While the Tomahawk isn't as damaging as some of the missiles lugged on-board manned aircraft, it is generally used once Western countries want a long-range weapon that have the right to be fired from for sure territory.

The missiles were an initial deployed in 1991 throughout the Gulf War, and have been in service – albeit through costly technology upgrades – ever before since.

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The last time the US supplied Tomahawks was just in October critical year, as soon as the USS Nitze fired five missiles at three targets in Yemen in solution to missiles being fired at American targets.