Barack Obama has been raking in cash due to the fact that leaving the Oval Office. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty ImagesFormer chairman Barack Obama left office a lot wealthier male than when he entered.

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Now totally free from the shackles of the Oval Office, he’s do money — huge money — v a selection of ways.He and also his wife are also putting the money to work. 

In comparison to our existing commander in chief, Barack Obama wasn’t a affluent man before his inauguration. The earned a decent salary as an educator. And, the course, that wasn’t act too bad as a member that the Illinois legislature and then as a U.S. Senator. Yet he did view a big pay bump after being elected to the White House. All things considered, it’s not bad for a boy from Hawaii who acquired his begin scooping ice cream cream at Baskin Robbins.But his work in the White house are over. Obama earn the presidential value of $400,000 every year throughout his eight years in office, and now he demands to uncover ways to store the money flowing in. Fortunately, it’s not that challenging for previous presidents to do. People want to hear native them. They desire to view them in public. And also they certainly want come hear all the juicy details about what it’s choose inside the Oval Office.When Obama was elected to the Senate in 2005, he to be 43 year old and earning $85,000 every year. According to an evaluation from Forbes, he and his wife have seen their riches increase significantly over the past 12 years, earning much more than $20 million in between 2005 and also 2016. The money come from a variety of sources, consisting of $610,000 in value from his Senate post, $3.1 million in presidential salary earnings, and an ext than $15 million from his 2 books.So the Obamas room sitting ~ above a pretty small fortune as they start their post-presidency life. However you deserve to burn through money quickly, and for that reason the Obamas must keep the income flowing. How, exactly, are they act that? and where is every one of that money going?Here’s the rundown, beginning with the eye-popping number the former president is questioning for public appearances and also speeches.

Speaking fees

The previous president is well-known for his speaking skills. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty ImagesObama’s walking rate appears to be roughly $400,000 because that an appearance.

When you’re in high demand, world will pay a lot come come check out you speak. Or to have dinner v you. Or even just because that a selfie. This is wherein Obama at this time finds himself, and he’s commanding a high price tag.According to current reports, he seems to it is in charging roughly $400,000 to offer a speech and also make one appearance. Interesting way enough, he’s even making rather a couple of stops on wall surface Street — which he was pretty difficult on during his tenure in the Oval Office.As time walk on, his asking price will more than likely go up. However for now, that stands to do a great amount of money giving speeches. Because that comparison, Bill and also Hillary Clinton have merged to earn much more than $153 million offering speeches since 2001.Ex-presidents don’t simply command huge price tags for appearances, though. They also earn large pensions.

Presidential pension

All those year in the White residence are still payment the bills. | Pete Souza/The White house via Getty Images

As a previous federal employee, Obama gets to reap the perk the a federal pension. Presidents have been offered a pension and also some “transition” money as soon as they left Washington ever since President take care of Truman left office in the 1950s. In office, presidents room paid $400,000, but it varies once they’re out. Because that example, a CNN report states in 2015 president Jimmy Carter was given $200,000 while chairman George W. Shrub received $800,000. There room some stipulations, so Obama might end increase seeing more (or less) in the future.The lion’s share of Obama’s post-presidential revenue looks like it’ll come from his book deal.

Book deal

The Audacity of Hope was very lucrative for the Obamas. | Amazon

If you to be paying fist earlier, you’ll psychic Obama left the White home worth much more than $20 million. And the mass of that came as the an outcome of sales the his 2 books, Dreams from mine Father and The Audacity the Hope. Publications are also going to do the Obamas’ account overflow in the close to future, too. The former president signed a contract with publisher Penguin Random residence worth more than $65 million because that a new book, and going forward there’s likely to it is in much an ext where that come from.So where’s all that money going?

How he’s safety it: His brand-new D.C. Home

His brand-new home isn’t too much away native his old one. | Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Obama household move into an 8,200-square-foot home in the Kalorama neighborhood.

As for exactly how the Obamas are spending every one of that money, their first move (both literally and also figuratively) to be to a brand-new house in D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood. It’s 8,200 square feet and also cost a cool $8.1 million, but that’s a fall in the bucket considering the former president’s earning potential on the speaking circuit. Before buying the place, the Obamas rented it. Evidently, they chosen it so much they chose to do an offer.The Obamas have additionally been hitting the road.

How he’s spending it: Travel

Former chairman Barack Obama speaks alongside former Indonesian Ambassador come the U.S. Dino Patti Djalal while in Indonesia in July 2017. | Adek BerryAFP/Getty ImagesSince leave Pennsylvania Avenue, the Obamas have visited Italy, Hawaii, Indonesia, and more.

Besides investing in D.C. Real estate, the Obama household has to be hitting the bricks. That is, they’ve been traveling the world. You’ve likely seen image of the former president and his family members in Hawaii, but that’s far from the only location they’ve been. A mere 5 months after leaving office, Obama had traveled come nine countries — including islands in the southern Pacific and in Europe. He even visited Indonesia, where he live for a spell as a child.Aside native vacationing, probably the greatest money-suck for the Obamas is their new foundation.

How he’s security it: The Obama Foundation

Former president Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama comment on the Obama Presidential facility in Chicago. | Joshua Lott/AFP/Getty ImagesThe former president has actually been putting a lot of money right into his foundation.

The big item on Obama’s agenda, because that the foreseeable future, is the Obama Foundation. The Chicago-based organization has actually a declared mission to “inspire and empower civilization to readjust their world.” more specifically, “we’ll equip civic innovators, young leaders, and everyday citizens v the an abilities and tools they need to create adjust in your communities,” the company says. The structure is already hosting summits and also hiring fellows, and also it looks to it is in the single biggest job on the horizon because that the Obamas.In the native of Jed Bartlett, “what’s next” for the Obamas?

Future plans

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are working to protect against gerrymandering. | Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty ImagesStep one: “Make redistricting sexy again” v his former attorney general.

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With many speeches come give, books to write, and a foundation to kindle, the Obamas have actually a complete docket. However don’t suppose the previous president to fade indigenous the politics arena yet. Obama is working v his previous Attorney basic Eric Holder to prevent gerrymandering and also has already started to take it public swipes in ~ his instead of in the White House. At 56 years old, Obama is still fairly young for a previous two-term president, and he isn’t likely to ride off right into the sunset anytime soon.