MTV’s Teen mom OG cast has to be gracing our tv screens since they an initial appeared ~ above 16 and Pregnant more 보다 a te ago. Fans have actually watched the ladies and also their kids grow up, and also though there have been part Teen mommy cast transforms through the years, pan love the mothers all the same.

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The show’s ninth season premiered ~ above January 26 — yet how much is the cast getting paid now?

Catelynn Baltierra and Maci Bookout of ‘Teen mommy OG’ | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

‘Teen mother OG’ has actually seen some actors changes in recent years

When Teen Mom first premiered earlier in 2009, the show featured 4 main cast members: Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell Baltierra, Amber Portwood, and also Farrah Abraham. End the years, the cast grew close, however one human being never jived as well with the various other three: Farrah Abraham. Quickly enough, there to be rumors that Abraham was becoming increasingly difficult to work with, and also producers began filming few of her outbursts toward them because that the show.

Abraham had additionally become affiliated in the adult entertain industry, and also eventually, MTV fired her from the show. Cheyenne Floyd to be hired together her replacement, and also soon after, Mackenzie McKee join the cast as well. Now, it shows up that all 5 Teen mommy OG cast members have become friends.

Catelynn Baltierra, Farrah Abraham, and Maci Bookout | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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Maci, Amber, and Catelynn most likely make close come $500,000 every episode

As of 2019, the Teen mommy OG salaries were around $400,000 per illustration for Maci, Amber, and also Catelynn. However, contracts have tendency to it is in renegotiated year ~ year, and also the once the females signed top top for an additional season the the show, those incomes were likely revisited.

There have actually been rumors that some of the Teen mommy 2 cast, such together Chelsea Houska, do as much as $500,000 per episode. With that said, it would certainly make feeling that the show’s original cast members make simply as much — if not more. Ratings between the two shows are similar, and Maci, Amber and also Catelynn have actually been ~ above MTV for a few years longer than the Teen mother 2 cast. Though their exact season 9 salaries room unknown, it’s most likely they’re near to the half-a-million mark.

Cheyenne Floyd of ‘Teen mother OG’ | Emma McIntyre/Getty images for MTV

Cheyenne and Mackenzie most likely received raises for this brand-new season

It’s probable that Cheyenne and also Mackenzie don’t make almost as lot as the original actors members, despite they’re most likely negotiating your salaries too with every passing season. Maci, Amber, and also Catelynn supposedly made $5,000 for the show’s first season, for this reason it’s possible that’s the value Cheyenne and also Mackenzie started out v as well.

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It continues to be to it is in seen exactly how much money the more recent ladies can have negotiated for season 9, together MTV doesn’t commonly divulge the cast’s exact salaries, despite we can be specific they’re making less money than their other three co-stars.