How lot Does an MP3 Player Cost?

Low: straightforward Models operation $50-$200
Medium: Mid-Range Models operation $200-$500
High: luxury Models run $300-$500+
The MP3 player market is still dominated by Apple and also its selection of iPods (see just how Much does an iPod Cost). However, plenty of other manufacturers offer plenty the viable alternatives. The an essential to deciding on the best MP3 player is come determine exactly how the maker will be used.Typical costs:Music enthusiasm or those in search of a MP3 player to replace an existing home stereo setup call for a device with maximum warehouse capacity. Expect to salary $300 to $500 or much more for a high-capacity, hard-drive-based MP3 player. The Archos 7 costs around $500, and through 320GB of storage have the right to house an entire music library. It also enables users come surf the web and enjoy HD quality photos on the 7-inch screen.Related articles: MP3, iPod, iPhone, iPod SpeakersWhat must be included:MP3 players commonly come through a battery and also ear buds (or headphones). If special software application or vehicle drivers are needed to load music top top the player, it have to be included.Additional costs:Noise-canceling headphones or ear buds expense from $20 to $500.Some flash-memory players have the capacity to add extra memory; a 1 GB memory card the can permit you come add room for around 250 songs expenses $20 to $50.Accessories such as protective case and also armbands, can run $20 to $50 or more.In-car transmitters for play an MP3 player end a car"s speakers expense $10 to $100 or more.Discounts:Shopping for an mp3 player:New models room released frequently, i beg your pardon can frequently lead to sharp price fall on enlarge models.

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What people Are payment - recent Commentsmp3
Amount: $55.00
Posted by: yousif in aldhaid, AK.Posted: January 7th, 2010 09:01AM
Brand: Model: 2009
Capacity: mediumStore: 12

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Ipod Shuffle third Gen 2gb The Cheapest Ipod
Amount: $58.00
Posted by: kris Liu in Reston, VA.Posted: January 1st, 2010 07:01AM
Brand: AppleModel: third Generation Shuffle
Capacity: 2gbStore: Target

Regular price with tax included. The headphones don"t have any type of bass or padding so that slips out your ear alot. You require itunes and that bring away time to obtain used to. But for the price you get a nice memory chip size mp3 player the holds atleast 10 hours of music and podcasts.
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Another black color Friday buy
Amount: $35.00
Posted by: morning shopper in san Jose, CA.Posted: November 26th, 2007 05:11PM
Brand: SansaModel: Clip
Capacity: 2GBStore: finest Buy

I acquired a black 2GB Sansa Clip at ideal Buy for $35 on black color Friday. The seems prefer a an excellent deal -- most other 2GB football player seem to go for much more like $50-$80 at the store. Yet the savings probably weren"t worth waiting in the cold for 2 hours Friday morning.
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