It’s not straightforward to do it to the optimal of the NFL coaching chain. Many of the ideal head coaches in the organization start as interns or quality control coaches if spending year working means up the ladder. Others start their coaching careers after retiring together players. And also of course, there room the young geniuses favor Sean McVay who show wisdom beyond their years and earn their greatest honors in their early 30s. Everything path a coach take away to become an NFL head coach, they space paid handsomely. Read on to discover out just exactly how much every NFL head coach makes!

Bill Belichick – $12 Million


Pete Carroll wasn’t an prompt success once he was first hired by the Seattle Seahawks come take end the franchise in 2010. He went 7-9 in his very first season, climate 7-9 again in his second season. The was safe to speak he to be on the hot seat quite quickly.

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Then he drafted Russell Wilson and everything changed. Seattle hasn’t had actually a losing season with Wilson together their QB and also has only missed the playoffs once. Carroll is the second-highest-paid coach in the league, pulling in $11 million a year.

Jon Gruden – $10 Million


hired by the Saints in 2006, Sean Payton has actually been a fixture in brand-new Orleans ever before since. His very first year to be rough. After the city of brand-new Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Payton led the Saints to a 3-13 record.

Things easily turned about for Payton and the city when they signed free-agent quarterback attracted Brees. A few years later, new Orleans would success the super Bowl. Earning $9.8 million a season, it’s safe to assume Payton isn’t walk anywhere any kind of time soon.

John Harbaugh – $9 Million


man Harbaugh was a special teams coach prior to the Baltimore Ravens hired him to it is in the head coach in 2008. That was actually the team’s second choice behind Jason Garrett, but he easily proved to be the best choice.

Harbaugh walk 11-5 in his first season and has only had one shedding season in over a te as the team’s leader. In 2012, Harbaugh coached the Ravens come a Super bowl championship, the 2nd in franchise history.

Matt Rhule – $8.5 Million

After turning around two college football program in Temple and also Baylor, Matt Rhule was lastly given his shoot to be a head coach at the NFL level. The Carolina Panthers signed Rhule to a contract precious $8.5 million a year to work in his magic.

Rhule’s very first year in Carolina was predictably rough. Through the team in rebuild mode, he led them come a 5-11 record, setup his structure for the future that the franchise while analyzing what talent the was offered by the ahead regime.

Is Andy Reid underpaid? store going to discover out wherein his salary stands contrasted to other head coaches!

Sean McVay – $8.5 Million

The Los Angeles Rams hired Sean McVay come be your head coach in 2017. He was 30-years-old and became the youngest head coach ever before hired in league history. The substantial gamble by the Rams finished up v the highest reward.

In his first season in Los Angeles, the Rams went 11-5. In his second season, McVay led the team to a 13-3 record and an illustration in the at sight Bowl. In his short time in Los Angeles, the young coach has actually proved to it is in wise past his years.

Mike Tomlin – $8 Million

One season after ~ winning the Super key in 2005, bill Cowher retired together the head coach the the Pittsburgh Steelers. To replace him in 2007, the team rental Mike Tomlin, who was coming turn off a stint together the protective coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings.

Armed through Ben Roethlisberger together his quarterback, Tomlin went 10-6 in his first season. In his second season, he won the supervisor Bowl. In end a decade as Pittsburgh’s head coach, the man worth $8 million a year has never post a losing record.

Andy Reid – $8 Million

The Kansas City Chiefs walk all-in ~ above Andy Reid in 2013 once the Philadelphia Eagles decreased to renew his contract. The team gave Reid a five-year resolve final to speak on roster decisions.

One of Reid’s an initial moves to be to profession for quarterback Alex Smith. The relocate made the Chiefs a perennial playoff contender. In 2017, Reid drafted Patrick Mahomes. Three years later, the Chiefs winner the at sight Bowl. Reid has never had actually a shedding record as the head coach the Kansas City.

Matt LaFleur is call the shots in eco-friendly Bay, yet is he precious his salary? we crunch the numbers, simply ahead!

Bruce Arians – $8 Million

It take it Bruce Arians a long time to knife the respect that deserved in the NFL and also win a head coaching job. The Arizona Cardinals gave him his very first shot in 2013 and he almost led them to the at sight Bowl.

In 2017, Arians retired, but couldn’t remain that way. By 2019 that was earlier in the NFL together the head coach the the Tampa bay Buccaneers. In his second year in Tampa, he worked with Tom Brady under facility to command the franchise come its very first Super bowl appearance in early on 20 years!

Ron Rivera – $7 Million

through one Super bowl appearance under his belt together the head coach the the Carolina Panthers, rental Ron Rivera to be a no-brainer because that the Washington soccer Team in 2020. Rivera do an immediate impact, acquisition a team deficient in talent and leading them come a 7-9 record.

That record was good enough to success the NFC East, meaning Rivera do the playoffs in his very first season v WFT. Even much more remarkably, he spent the season undergoing therapies for cancer, which he to be declared cost-free of in at an early stage 2021.

Kliff Kingsbury – $5.5 Million

although his career as a college head coach was underwhelming, the style of violation Kliff Kingsbury ran at Texas tech was too interesting for the Arizona Cardinals to no take a opportunity on him.

In his an initial offseason, Kingsbury shipped former number one all at once draft pick Josh Rosen to Miami and drafted Kyler Murray to be his franchise quarterback. In his 2nd season, the Cardinals started warm at 5-2 prior to cooling off and lacking the playoffs. Heading right into his third year, the well-paid coach will certainly surely it is in on the warm season in a must-win season.

Joe referee – $5 Million

Joe judge did not have simple start come his NFL head coaching career. His very first season as the head guy for the new York Giants began with 5 straight losses. The team looked lost and ill-prepared because that the remaining 11 games on the schedule.

That was far from true, though, as the Giants rallied behind the coach to go 6-5 under the stretch, finishing the season through a 6-10 record. The finish run need to be sufficient to obtain Giants pan excited because that the periods ahead v Judge.

Matt LaFleur – $5 Million

It’s difficult to argue with the at an early stage return on invest for young Packers’ head coach Matt LaFleur. The complete opposite of vault head coach Mike McCarthy, LaFleur is anything however conservative, and after one season that adjusting his game to Aaron Rodgers, he confirmed why green Bay hired him in 2020.

Aaron Rodgers tossed 48 touchdown passes in 2020 versus only five interceptions. Getting to the NFC Championship video game for the second straight season, the Packers dropped heartbreakingly short of the supervisor Bowl. Possibly year three will prove to be the charm.

McCarthy bounced ago with the Cowboys. We reveal his yearly value in Dallas soon!

Vic Fangio – $5 Million

long time looked-over defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was ultimately given a possibility to it is in a head coach in his mid-50s by the Denver Broncos. Make a report $5 million a year, Fangio dove into a multi-year rebuild that started with drafting QB attracted Lock.

Fangio went 7-9 in 2019 v the Broncos prior to the team regressed in his 2nd season through a 5-11 record. The biggest trouble with the Broncos has actually been the offense, other the former defensive coordinator doesn’t specialization in and also will depend on his assistant coaches to assist figure out moving forward.

Frank Reich – $4.5 Million

open minded Reich very first became a coach v the Indianapolis Colts in 2008 as an attack assistant. The was only fitting a decade later that he would certainly be hired as the head coach of the team the jump-started his coaching career.

Reich’s three-year tenure through the Colts has actually proven come be precious the $4.5 million a year the team is payment him. He has made the playoffs double without detect a actual franchise quarterback under facility – not simple thing come accomplish.

Mike McCarthy – $4 Million

Mike McCarthy spent 13 seasons as the head coach of the environment-friendly Bay Packers, even winning one super Bowl before he was sent packing ~ the 2018 season. The weathering coach take it a year away from the game prior to returning in 2020 together the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas is payment McCarthy $4 million a season, and also only time will certainly tell who gained the much better side that the deal. McCarthy’s first year to be sidetracked by the season-ending injury to franchise quarterback Dak Prescott.

Zac Taylor – $4.5 Million

The Cincinnati Bengals to be hoping they found the next Sean McVay as soon as they hired Zac Taylor together their head coach in 2019. The young climbing coaching star was on McVay’s staff in Los Angeles, and also Bengals’ higher-ups were trying to connect the dots.

Taylor’s an initial season in Cincinnati was a disaster. The team go 2-14 after starting the season 0-11. With the first pick in the draft, the Bengals selected Joe Burrow to be the franchise savior. The breeze pick likewise served to buy Taylor much more time together he figures out every the facets that head coaching.

Mike Zimmer – $4 Million

Mike Zimmer was given his very first coaching project in 1979, by Missouri as a protective assistant. In 1994, he to be hired by the Cowboys in the exact same position. After ~ serving together a protective assistant because that over 30 years, the Minnesota Vikings offered Zimmer the head coaching task in 2014.

Zimmer’s tenure in Minnesota has actually been filled will certainly ups and downs. His team has actually made the playoffs three times, shedding the NFC Championship video game to the Super bowl champion Eagles in 2017.

Mike Vrabel – $3 Million

Mike Vrabel had actually a rapid rise from assistant coach to head coach. The Houston Texans hired him in 2014 as the team’s linebackers coach. If there, he coached up heavy hitters including JJ Watt and also Jadeveon Clowney.

In 2018, the Tennessee Titans hitched your wagon come Vrabel, naming him the team’s head coach. In 3 years, Vrabel has never missed the playoffs, and also even got to the AFC Championship video game in 2019, shedding to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Urban Meyer – $12 Million

back his official salary together the head coach the the Jacksonville Jaguars has not been revealed, that is believed that metropolitan Meyer is do at least $12 million a year. One of the biggest college head coaches the all-time, Meyer felt like his coaching career was over, so the was constantly going to take a hefty amount to attract him back.

Of course, Meyer didn’t initially retire due to the fact that he felt prefer he had actually nothing left come give. His health and wellness was suffering and he wasn’t may be to focus on that while at Ohio State. A couple of years removed and also he’s healthy enough to offer it another go!

Kevin Stafenaski – $3.5 Million

carried in to assist resuscitate the flailing Cleveland Browns franchise after Freddie Kitchens awkward fans, Kevin Stefanski do $3.5 million in his first season, which turned out to be quite the bargain as he was an prompt success!

With the exact same talent top top the roster as Kitchens had, Stefanski rotate the lowly Browns into one of the best teams in the NFL. Under his guidance, they even won their very first playoff video game in over 25 years!

Brian Flores – $3 Million

Brian Flores has led a quick turnaround in Miami and also the head coach that the Miami Dolphins. His very first season v the team wasn’t good, but it to be clear from exactly how the players responded come him, even throughout a losing season, the he was creating something special.

All the Flores’ tough work paid off in 2020 as he led the dolphin to a winning document and nearly made the playoffs. Through him in charge, Miami is set up for sustained success because that the first time because the Dan Marino era.

Kyle Shanahan – $3.5 Million

one of the best bargains in the NFL, Kyle Shanahan’s value won’t remain at $3.5 million for an extremely long. In his 3rd season in mountain Francisco, the led the team come a 13-3 record and also an figure in the super Bowl.

After the big game, owner Jed York rewarded Shanahan v a six-year contract extension. The brand-new deal will reportedly pay Shanahan upwards the $9 million a year, back specifics of the contract have not been revealed yet.

Robert Saleh – $5 Million

The brand-new York jets spared no price when it involved getting optimal head coaching candidate Robert Saleh to sign with them. The architect of mountain Francisco’s Super key defense, Saleh was seen as a head coach in waiting.

After signing a five-year contract precious $5 million a season with Gang Green, Saleh is no much longer waiting. Loaded v talent, it currently rests top top Saleh’s shoulders to lead the team to a turn around similar to what Kevin Stefanski was able to pull turn off in Cleveland.

David Culley – ?

While monetary terms because that David Culley’s contract with the Houston Texans have actually not however been revealed, one thing is for specific – he has actually a lot of work to do. Culley enters right into the locker room with a team in turmoil and a QB that is refusing to play.

For that reason, it renders sense why Houston handed the 65-year-old former special teams coach a five year deal. He has a lot of work to do, and also he’s being provided plenty the time to revolve a negative situation right into a hopeful one.

Nick Sirianni – ?

Very small is known around the contract the Philadelphia Eagles provided Nick Sirianni to be their head coach ~ the team parted methods with Doug Pederson. Sirianni to be a surprised hire by the team, who are looking to revive the job of quarterback Carson Wentz.

Rumor has actually it the Wentz and Pederson started to clash throughout the 2020 season, i m sorry wasn’t helped by the QBs benching. As soon as the season wrapped, the team decided its QB end its head coach.

Brandon Staley – ?

The brand-new head coach the the Los Angeles Chargers will have high expectation heading right into his first head coaching gig. A young increasing star, in his first season as the defensive coordinator because that the Rams, Staley led the number one defense in the NFL.

The masterful work-related he did obtained the attention of the Chargers after ~ the team fired Anthony Lynn. Currently, Staley’s value is unknown, however we would certainly imagine the is somewhere in the $5 million a year range.

Dan Campbell – ?

In early 2021, Saints dare coach Dan Campbell agreed to a six-year contract to end up being the head coach that the Detroit Lions. The intense presence had a huge rebuild in former of him together the team recently traded away disgruntled QB Matthew Stafford.

With six-years to build the team in his image, Campbell hopes to finally carry success to one of the NFL’s most storied, and most beleaguered franchises of all-time.

Arthur smith – ?

after ~ reviving the job of QB Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee, Arthur Smith has actually now to be tasked v reviving the Falcons in Atlanta. The an excellent news – Atlanta is loaded v talent including franchise QB Matt Ryan.

The poor news – regardless of all the talent, the players essentially gave up on vault head coach Dan Quinn. Will brand-new blood help excite the players on the team? Quinn as soon as led the Falcons come the super Bowl, so the won’t be easy.

What about the QBs? What execute the height quarterbacks in the organization earn? check out on to find out!

Roger Staubach – $600 Million

Financially, roger Staubach has actually had much more success off the NFL ar than on it. A room of Famer and also Dallas Cowboys legend, Staubach play in Dallas from 1969 until 1979, one era once salaries weren’t together exaggerated together they are today.

A savvy businessman, Staubach thrived a actual estate empire that has actually earned him his epic network worth. As he once explained, “I couldn’t have actually retired in ~ my age and just play golf. First of all, they didn’t pay quarterbacks what they do today. And I was 37 with three kids. I retained thinking around if part linebacker takes turn off my head and also I can’t beat anymore.”

Peyton Manning – $250 Million

during his career v the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning started four Super Bowls, winning two. In one season the threw 55 touchdowns passes, a single-season NFL record.

Thanks to his success on the field, the era he played during, and his glut of endorsement deals off the field, Manning is worth a reported $250 million. And while pressure mounts on the to sign up with a transfer crew in the booth, the QB seems content to take it things straightforward in retirement.

Tom Brady – $200 Million

arguably the greatest QB to ever before play in the NFL, Tom Brady continues to make waves ~ above the field well right into his 40s. Amazingly, if Brady had actually been a little more selfish throughout his time in brand-new England, his network worth might be an ext than $200 million.

Brady famously signed contracts as a Patriot that undervalued that so the team might keep particular other skill players around. The strategy netted Brady six Super key championships and also multiple financially rewarding endorsement deals.

Steve Young – $200 Million

as soon as Steve Young thrived Joe Montana in mountain Francisco, couple of could have predicted he would certainly throw a document six touchdowns in one super Bowl. Young’s NFL career to be short-lived, though, together he was required to pensioner in 1999 after several concussions.

Off the field, Young has actually not only ended up being a critical on-air personality for ESPN, he has also been a highly successful businessman. In 2007, he co-founded Huntsman Gay global Capital, a undertaking that has helped skyrocket his network worth to $200 million.

Drew Brees – $160 Million

prefer Tom Brady, drew Brees has played in the NFL at an upstream level well right into his 40s. A legend together a Saint, Brees has been in the large Easy because that so long it’s basic to forget the was initially drafted through the Chargers.

Brees, who is precious a reported $160 million and also been invaluable in brand-new Orleans. He even lugged the city together after Hurricane Katrina by to win the team’s an initial Super Bowl.

Eli Manning – $150 Million

Eli Manning has one the the more facility legacies of the football player you will discover on this list. The franchise QB because that the brand-new York Giants, Manning to win Tom Brady double in super Bowls and also earned millions throughout his career.

Despite his accomplishments, there space still questions about how an excellent of a QB Manning really was. Love him or dislike him, his success in the at sight Bowl, and also a few pricey endorsement deals, secured his approximated $150 million network worth.

John Elway – $145 Million

john Elway spent his whole 16-year career v the Denver Broncos. During his operation as the team’s starting QB, that started five Super Bowls, to win back-to-back championships before retiring. Since then, his net worth has actually ballooned come $145 million.

Try as he might, Elway couldn’t stay away native the game, and also after numerous successful ventures were in the books, he joined the Broncos’ front off as team president, a position he has used to success a third Super bowl championship.

Russell Wilson – $135 Million

Russell Wilson is just one of the NFL’s highest-paid QBs, earning approximately $35 million a season come play for the Seattle Seahawks. Worth every penny, Wilson seldom misses the playoffs and also has winner the Super key once.

Off the field, Wilson has come to be his own brand. Include that revenue in through his mega endorsement transaction with significant food and clothing companies and it’s not hard to see exactly how this superstar has a super big net worth!

Aaron Rodgers – $120 Million

The confront of the eco-friendly Bay Packers because that over a decade, Aaron Rodgers is worth a reported $120 million. With one Super key championship and two NFL MVP awards to his name, Rodgers earns every coin of his lofty salary.

Helping an increase his net worth turn off the ar is his sponsorship through State farm yard Insurance. How plenty of times a day execute you watch him throughout a advertising break communicating with Jake?

Brett Favre – $100 Million

now that we’ve talked around his successor, let’s failure Brett Favre’s network worth. Thought about one of the best QBs of all-time, Favre play in the NFL for two decades for the Falcons, Packers, Jets, and Vikings.

When that retired, Favre was the NFL’s all-time leader in pass yards and touchdowns. His lengthy career, and also endorsement deals with Wrangler Jeans and also Copper Fit, have helped the room of Famer earn an approximated net precious of $100 million.

Joe Montana – $100 Million

The winner of 4 Super Bowls throughout his legend tenure through the mountain Francisco 49ers, Joe Montana is worth a reported $100 million. Favor Staubach, much of Montana’s wealth came after he retired.

Montana has actually his very own successful wine brand and provided his huge estate in 2009 because that $49 million, a fitting number all points considered. Montana, unequal Steve Young, has actually mostly remained out of the public eye because leaving the people of professional sports behind.

Ben Roethlisberger – $100 Million

end the last two decades, Ben Roethlisberger has actually been nothing short of sensational because that the Pittsburgh Steelers. As soon as he’s to be healthy, the team has been a perennial Super key contender. And also when he’s been hurt, it’s been the the opposite story.

His lengthy career has actually led to a healthy bank account, in addition to a bloated net worth that $100 million. With a couple of years left in his tank, we intend that lofty number to store growing, too.

Fran Tarkenton – $100 Million

Fran Tarkenton developed his $100 million network worth top top a media career and business acumen that served him well after his 18 year NFL career. Because that a short period, Tarkenton operated as a color analyst for Monday Night Football.

He also was the founder the Tarkenton Software, a company specializing in generating computer system programs. No one to work out for one business, the Minnesota legend also owns $40 million precious of stocks in apologize Computers.

Joe Flacco – $75 Million

You could be surprised to see Joe Flacco on this list, however he’s earned his place. After winning the Super bowl in 2013 and going on a historic postseason run, Baltimore rewarded him with the wealthiest contract in NFL history.

Flacco didn’t exactly live as much as the contract, yet that didn’t avoid his net worth native climbing. After ~ burning with his goodwill in Baltimore, Flacco came to be a Bronco. In 2020, the signed a transaction to play because that the brand-new York Jets.

Cam Newton – $75 Million

electronic came Newton came to be a superstar v the Carolina Panthers, win one NFL MVP and also appearing in the Super bowl once. If that wasn’t because that a shoulder injury, the uber-talented Newton may have been high ~ above this list.

Still among the most interesting players in the league, Newton isn’t as explosive together he offered to be, yet he’s proven to it is in a an important player because that the brand-new England Patriots. Through his salary and also endorsements added together, Newton is precious an estimated $75 million.

Tony Romo – $70 Million

Tony Romo had a successful, if injury-plagued, career in the NFL as the starting QB because that the Dallas Cowboys. Instantly after retiring, Romo to be hired through CBS to be the network’s optimal NFL analyst.

Romo is now recognized as among the best analysts in the industry and also has used his media career to obtain multi-million dollar endorsement deals. Today, it’s approximated that the is worth about $70 million.

Matt Ryan – $70 MIllion

take away by the Atlanta Falcons through the third overall choose in the 2008 NFL Draft, Matt Ryan has actually been the team’s franchise QB ever before since. He has actually reached one super Bowl and been named the NFL MVP once.

For every his accomplishments, Ryan has been well-paid by the Falcons. In 2018, he ended up being the an initial player in NFL history to have a $30 million a year salary after signing a huge extension.

Kirk Cousins – $70 Million

Kirk Cousins to be the first player in NFL background to sign a fully guaranteed contract when he left the Washington football Team for the Minnesota Vikings. A couple of years into his deal, the Vikings prolonged his contract, showing their commitment to Cousins together their franchise player.

With a reported network worth the $70 million, Cousins is one of the wealthiest football player in the NFL. Still young, we mean his precious to increase as long as he continues to play at a near-elite level.

Patrick Mahomes – $30 Million

after signing a mind-boggling 10-year contract expansion worth more than $400 million through the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes’ $30 million net worth is walk to blow up. The young star already has winner a super Bowl and also league MVP.

An endorsement attend to State Farm has helped rise Mahomes’ net worth, together well another high file investment. Quickly after signing his enormous extension, the QB purchase an ownership piece of the Kansas City Royals.

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Terry Bradshaw- $25 Million

terry Bradshaw won 4 Super Bowls throughout his career v the Pittsburgh Steelers. Equivalent Joe Montana with large game wins hasn’t supposed the exact same for his net worth, though. A stable career on television as a Fox analyst has helped Bradshaw’s network worth rise to $25 million.

Just gift an analyst isn’t sufficient for Bradshaw, who likewise has a reality show following his life v his daughters, which airs top top E!