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Mookie Betts also gets $5,000,000 signing bonus. So, that functions out to 197,530.86 per game over a $162-game season.

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Houston righty Justin Verlander is on the publications for $33,000,000 in a regular season. The turns into $203,703,70 per 162-game season.

Aaron judge is tho in the early on stages that his career. That describes the “meager” $8,500,000 salary for the Yankees’ slugger. He’s only raking in $52,469.13 over a $162-game schedule. Mean that to readjust dramatically in the future.

LeBron James checks in at $456,647,04 per video game over an 82-game schedule because that the Lakers. That’s before all the business and endorsement money the savvy superstar earns turn off the court.

Giannis Antetokounmpo earns nearly $26 million a season because that the Milwaukee Bucks. Spread that out over 82 games and also you wind up in ~ $315,154.84 per contest.

Russell Westbrook’s contract call for virtually $39,000,000 in salary in 2019-20. Whoa. Over 82 games, it works out come 469,591.24. That’s a hefty sum.

Pity Zion Williamson. The new Orleans Pelicans’ star rookie had actually to gain by ~ above just listed below $10,000,000 for his first season. That’s a just pittance of 118,993.17 end 2019-20.

The backcourt friend of Russell Westbrook, James Harden, come in in ~ 465,841.46 every game. He’s additionally in line because that a raise following season that will bump his value to $41,254,920.

The WNBA play a 34-game regular season in 2019. Sue Bird (pictured, left) of the Seattle Storm deserve $215,000 because that the campaign. That works out come 6,323.53 per game.

Philly big man Joel Embiid’s contract for this season calls for $27,504,630. Translate that over an 82-game season and it functions out come 335,422.32. Sweet income for a $25-year-old.

Hockey wages are more restrictive due to a lower cap. An instance is Sidney Crosby, who makes $9,000,000 because that the Pittsburgh Penguins. Over an 80-game continuous season that renders his game pay $112.500.

New Jerseys Devils defenseman P.K. Subban had actually a nice, ring salary of $10,000,000 because that the 2019-20 season. That’s 125K per challenge for the backliner.

Edmonton Oilers superstar Connor McDavid has actually a base of $1,000,000 in 2019-20. Throw in another $13 million as component of his signing bonus and also that $14 million functions out come $175,000 per contest,

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has actually a basic salary of $18,000,000 and also a signing bonus because that 2020 of $13,000,000. Over a 16-game consistent season, that equals 1,937,500 per game.

Sixty-eight percent of Rams tackle Aaron Donald’s 2020 salary comes from game checks. He also gets one $8,000,000 signing bonus. The $25,000,000 amounts to $1,562.500 or sacks that cash because that each video game over a regular season.

Oh, those rookie contracts. Nick Chubb is among the best running backs in the NFL. However, the previous Georgia star remains under his first contract and that calls for $1,151,190 this season in salary. Spread it end 16 games and you obtain 71,949.37 per.

Tennessee running back Derrick Henry signed a rich-long hatchet extension. It doesn’t quite kick in this year therefore he will have actually to separation his $6,000,000 between salary and signing bonus. That’s quiet $375,000 per game over the continual season.

Tampa bay Bucs QB Tom Brady — it sounds so unfamiliar — will gain $15,000,000 in salary and $10,000,000 off a signing bonus. Rest the $25,000,000 end 16 games and also it amounts to $1,562,500 per.

Between video game pay, signing bonus, roster bonus and also workout reward, eco-friendly Bay’s Aaron Rodgers will carry in $21,462,000 in 2020 or 1,341,375 for each of the Packers’ 16 games.

Another player top top a rookie contract is Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson. He’s at $1,341,059 in salary with a signer the $1,242,117. That’s 134,540.37 each video game for his third season in the NFL. The price will certainly skyrocket for certain.

Patrick Mahomes is finishing the end his rookie deal, therefore this year looks like $825,000 in salary and also $4,521,508 in bonus dough. End a 16-game season in 2020, Mahomes will earn 334,156.75 every contest. However, rapid forward to 2021 and also you get $24,806,905 in all at once salary and bonuses that analyze into 1,550,431.56 per game.

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New olions Saints wonder large receiver Michael thomas will have actually $7,000,000 in all at once earnings in 2020. The former Ohio State star can do the math the tells anyone it is $437,500 every game. Following year, however, the soars to 1,175,000 per contest.

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