Many football stars pivot to broadcast media adhering to their careers in the NFL, however none have actually done it together effortlessly together Michael Strahan. In fact, it"s nearly safe to say the former new York Giants player has made an even bigger surname for self because of his effective post-NFL to chat career.

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After announcing his retirement in 2008, Stahan became a sports analyst, and also from there, the next chapter the his life took off. Strahan went on to land life-changing gigs top top Live! with Kelly and Michael (which earn him 2 Daytime Emmy Awards), Good Morning America, and other TV shows. Throughout the years, he has amassed a very big fortune indigenous his career as a soccer player, television host, businessman, and author. Together it transforms out, Strahan can make more than friend think... Prefer a lot more.

So just how much walk the star have actually in the bank? store scrolling to uncover out just how much money Strahan has and also how the keeps adding to his million-dollar net worth.

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Michael Strahan is worth an approximated $67 million, according to Celebrity net Worth, with most of his riches coming from his impressive career together a football player. The played protective end for the NFL"s brand-new York Giants because that 15 seasons, where he not only aided lead his team to victory in Super bowl XLII versus the new England Patriots yet earned a coveted spot in the agree Football room of Fame. Following his retirement in 2008, Strahan began a career in transfer media after ~ signing on as an analyst because that Fox NFL Sunday. In 2012, he replaced Regis Philbin top top Live! with Kelly Ripa, where he served as co-host for four years before leaving the present for a permanent gig ~ above ABC"s Good Morning America. Celebrity net Worth reports his salary together a TV show host is around $17 million a year. 

On top of every that, Strahan added an ext to his network worth native brand endorsements, consisting of Metamucil, Subway, Snickers, Pizza Hut, and Dr. Pepper. He also hosted the game present The $100,000 Pyramid from 2016 come 2019, and in 2015, he started his own apparel line with JC Penny and became a best-selling author after publication the book Wake increase Happy: The Dream Big, Win large Guide come Transforming her Life.

Strahan has actually a straightforward viewpoint to attribute because that his fortunate trajectory, informing Success magazine in 2016, "If girlfriend do hard work, a lot of of good things go your way."