Michael Clarke Duncan quick Info
Height6 ft 5 in
Weight143 kg
Date that BirthDecember 10, 1957
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Eye ColorDark Brown

Michael Clarke Duncan to be a well differentiated American actor that was many prominently known for his portrayal of man Coffey in The green Mile (1999). Various other than that, he began in much more than 2 dozen films and shows a few of which had hits like Armageddon (1998), The whole Nine Yards (2000), and also The Scorpion King (2002).

Born Name

Michael Clarke Duncan

Nick Name

Hollywood, huge Mike, Papa Bear

Michael Clarke Duncan as watched in a snapshot that to be taken in the past. (personnalite_disparu / Instagram)

Michael Clarke Duncan Facts

He was raised alongside his sisters Judy Duncan by his mom Jean in Chicago.Michael’s father had abandoned him and his family at a an extremely early age.He emerged a love for exhilaration at an early age and always knew that it to be what he wanted to do when he flourished up.Duncan did not quite an elaborate an interest academically. However, he played basketball all v high school and for the Kankakee ar College. He also played a season top top The Alcorn State Brave basketball team.Sometime during his ’20s, he started using his sheer dimension to his advantaged and dug ditches for the Peoples Gas Company and also worked part-time move at clubs in Chicago. When he functioned there, his co-workers nicknamed that “Hollywood.” They also made funny of his enthusiasm to become an actor.In the year 1990, Michael relocated to Los Angeles to end up being a star.The first audition the he was embraced into to be for a beer commercial as a drill sergeant.From 1997 to late 1998, Duncan mostly appeared in films as a bouncer or a guard.He credits his mother for gift his greatest inspiration.Michael’s last resting location is at the forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California.In 2009, the switched come a vegetarian diet. He was obsessed v Omaha Steaks and also when he quit he threw out $5000 precious of meat.In 2012, Michael had 6 cats and also 2 dogs in addition to 3 fish.Michael to be admitted come “Cedars Sinai clinical Center” after suffering from a cardiac arrest top top July 13, 2012.

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However, reports suggested that Duncan to be taken out of the intensive-care unit on respectable 6. Regardless of that, he sadly passed away on September 3 the year.Despite his sheer size, Michael was an emotional and soft-hearted person.

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