Matthew McConaughey’s dramatic transformation for Dallas Buyers society will not be soon forgotten. The actor lost 50 pounds because that the role, pulling off among the most convincing performances ever before seen.

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However, his correct body transforms came at a cost. The Oscar-winning actor freshly revealed he’s still taking care of the long-term impacts the substantial weight transition had on his body.

Matthew McConaughey burned 50 pounds because that ‘Dallas Buyers Club’


Matthew McConaughey Gary Miller/Getty Images

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When McConaughey signed on for Dallas Buyers club he knew he had actually to do some large changes come his body. He realized he would need to lose a ton of weight to pull off an authentic performance, expertise that viewers wouldn’t think the movie otherwise. McConaughey describes the on purpose behind his body transformation during a current interview through Joe Rogan.

“… ns was not torturing myself, ns was militant,” McConaughey says. “The hardest part was making the damn choice. It to be my responsibility. If i looked like I do now, play Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club, you are out the the movie the an initial frame. ‘Oh bulls—, the doesn’t—he’s no stage four HIV, i’m out.’ those my job? I had actually to shed the weight.”

Matthew McConaughey lost 2.5 pounds a week in ready for role

Once McConaughey determined he necessary to adjust his appearance, he got to work shedding weight. He reveals in the same interview that in order to carry out this, that ate the exact same thing every day and drank a many wine.

“Once ns made my mind up, i did the clever thing,” McConaughey says. “I gave myself 5 months. I obtained on a diet whereby I’d have actually my tapioca pudding or whatever, 3 eggs—egg white skin - man in the morning. 5 ounces that fish, cup of vegetables because that lunch, 5 ounces that fish, cup of vegetables for dinner. As much wine as I wanted to drink, and I lost 2.5 pounds a week, prefer clockwork, no exercise … that didn’t matter if ns was going come the treadmill and also burning 2,000 calories a work or not—2.5 pounds a week. Clockwork.”

Matthew McConaughey’s human body never fully recovered from drastic weight changes

“Man, i’m still recovering indigenous that,” McConaughey says, laughing.”

Rogan then comments the he figured it take it McConaughey a lengthy time to recover since he’s seen many fighters “deplete their bodies” when cutting weight for a match. He and McConaughey agreed the by a specific point, McConaughey’s body had begun eating itself.

“… ns did discover this—I had actually to come back very slowly …. Ns still acquired a pair of things on my back here around the waist, for this reason I’m choose where’d the come—that came up through that role in Gold and what’s the still law hanging around? … 188 due to the fact that then, it is my fighting load before, i look a little different than the 188 before then. Before Dallas Buyers Club. It’s a different 188.

McConaughey climate confirms that the function took a bigger toll on his body 보다 expected.

“Sure. I would say, girlfriend know, even, friend know, neck and things choose that,” McConaughey adds.

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“You know, neck and also you know, bone structure’s the same, but where—but then how much of this is just getting older too, and also having much less fat cells, I’m no sure. However yeah, it no hurt, choose I said, i think I extended my human body …”

Although McConaughey might still be dealing with the long-term impacts of his human body changes, the decision appears to have actually been worth it. Dallas Buyers society earned McConaughey one Academy award for best Actor in 2013.