Former Today show anchor Matt Lauer to be fired by NBC News for what its chairman dubbed "inappropriate sexual behavior," but over the food of his long career in ~ NBC apparently paid him more than $100 million.

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Lauer became co-anchor of Today in January 1997 after three years together the program"s newsreader. Critical year, the signed a brand-new deal through the display that reportedly guaranteed the a salary of $28 million a year. (A work after his termination, Lauer authorize a statement speak he is "truly sorry" and also feels "sorrow and also regret for the ache I have caused others by words and also actions.")

The media personality has spent several of that on significant real-estate holdings. In 2016, he payment a report $33.5-million for a 12-bedroom residence in the Hamptons previously owned by Richard Gere. Strongheart Manor, together the 1902 building is known, includes 6.3 acre on the peninsula of north Haven. One more home Lauer own in adjacent Sag Harbor, with gardens by see architect Miranda Brooks, has been noted since last year. It"s currently on the industry for $14.9 million.

Lauer reportedly paid $33.5 million for this 18-bedroom Hamptons home previously own by Richard Gere.
He additionally recently offered a new York apartment in the exact same Upper east Side building that judge Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dubbed home. Lauer and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Annette Roque, apparently paid $5.882 million because that the residence in 2004.

In august of 2018, it was reported that he will page Roque up to $20 million in a divorce settlement.


Since Lauer"s termination, it"s emerged that new Zealand regulators are reviewing whether his habits violates the country"s "good character" requirement for international investors. Lauer and also Roque apparently paid $9.2 million because that a farm on the country"s south Island previously this year. estimates that Lauer is worth roughly $80 million.

Lauer is the simply one high-profile media figure to be brought down through allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. CBS News fired Charlie Rose, a co-host that its morning news display after a Washington Post report ~ above Rose"s alleged sex-related misconduct was released in November. PBS additionally parted methods with Rose.

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