There"s no much better example that a fairytale marriage than that of note Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. Their love story started in a glamorous means — when they play love understand on one of the many acclaimed soap operas of every time — and it continues to thrive just together lavishly together it started. Now married for a quarter the a century with three children, Ripa and also Consuelos are commemorated for having a rare type of love that teaches us important lessons on how to sustain a lasting union. 

In 2001, Ripa catapulted to nationwide fame as the cohost the Live through Regis and Kelly, and also has been entertaining America every morning since. And return Consuelos" gig on Riverdale – which movies in Canada, far from their brand-new York residence — borders their time together, castle still save their union fun. In fact, the lovebirds are recognized for their sweet — and NSFW – Instagram mentions.

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It"s simpler to maintain a marital relationship when you have actually the shared bank account that this couple does. V their vacation homes, invites come Hollywood parties, and also closets the designer threads, life is great in the Ripa-Consuelos household. Here"s a look right into just just how chic it really is.

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The setup to the beginning of Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos" fairytale romance was the acclaimed daytime drama, All my Children; the program aired on alphabet for much more than 40 years, averaging 2.5 million viewers per day and also garnering plenty of Emmy Awards. Ripa was asked to audition guys for the role of she future love interest, and when the casting director presented her v a photograph of Consuelos, the starlet to be instantly smitten. "I saw my whole future v him flash before ," Ripa confessed to Radio Andy

Ripa"s intuition confirmed to it is in spot on, due to the fact that when she and Consuelos met for a screen test, it to be love at very first sight. "I fell in love with note the job I met him," she gushed top top Live with Kelly and also Ryan – and the emotion was mutual. In fact, once Soap Opera Digest asked as soon as Consuelos dropped for Ripa, that said, "As much as I"m concerned, soon — before we ever had a step together." The two characters ended up gaining married on the show, and art imitated life since the actors had already wed IRL.

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Although Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos didn"t have a lavish wedding – lock eloped in ras Vegas — since of your star power, their mystery nuptials were easily discovered. "Immediately us were recognized by the human being who typed increase our marriage certificate," Consuelos called Entertainment Tonight.

The job the groom-to-be popped the inquiry was ultra glam since he was on TV through his future wife. At the time, Ripa and also Consuelos were damaged up, yet still had actually to do an figure on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee to surprised a mom whose dream was to meet themSince lock weren"t with each other at the time, Ripa wouldn"t speak to Consuelos throughout filming. "That make me go crazy, therefore I followed she into central Park... And also we acquired married the next day," he divulged on Watch What wake up Live.

Although Ripa and also Consuelos retained it an extremely low-key once tying the node – with the bride famously attract a $199 dress – the newlyweds go embark on an over-the-top honeymoon come Capri, Italy. It was so memorable that, follow to Consuelos" Instagram throwback photo, "We"re tho banned from that hotel... It to be worth it."

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Being celebrity offspring, the Ripa-Consuelos children are afforded once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. So when it concerns their education, their famous parents preventive no expense. In 2019, Lola Consuelos went off to attend college at brand-new York university (via People), and studies at their prestigious Clive Davis institute of tape-recorded Music (via Page Six). Additionally, Lola"s enlarge brother, Michael Consuelos, graduated from NYU"s Tisch school of the Arts, which is well-known for being the "country"s preeminent center for the examine of the performing, cinematic and emerging media arts." other grads the the esteemed program incorporate Kristen Bell and also Lady Gaga. 

Although the family members resides in Manhattan, where the university is located, the Consuelos youngsters still live in their costly dormitories, do their total yearly tuition around $78K each! and also as because that the youngest child, Joaquin Consuelos, he"ll it is in attending the college of Michigan and also joining the school"s rings team (via People). (The news came after TMZ reported on mark Consuelos" fury at one of his matches.) It"s evident that the school"s happy to have actually him since the team posted his acceptance on your Instagram page! Talk around star power!

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In in march of 2020, as soon as the country was ordered come lockdown amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelly Ripa, note Consuelos, and also their three kids happened to it is in at their vacation house in the Caribbean. Follow to People, they decided to shelter in ar in the dry paradise rather of returning house to new York City, one of the virus" epicenters.

Besides having actually the luxury of being able come escape the afflicted city and also quarantine ~ above the beach, Ripa was also being paid throughout that time. She show, Live v Kelly and Ryan, was still being filmed, and also while viewers suspect Ripa was appearing on display screen virtually from her Manhattan home, she was in reality in the soil of palm trees. Yet when the news acquired out in late may that Ripa was not in brand-new York, fans were no pleased; they took to Twitter to express your outrage the they to be being lied to by omission. Others to be disappointed the Ripa was pretending she remained in the same situation as brand-new Yorkers, saying points like, "It"s ok to feel scared and alone and helpless," top top Instagram. Stars aren"t just like us!

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With a staggering network worth the $120 million, Kelly Ripa has certainly come a long means from her humble professional beginnings. "I was initially dropping off various other people"s headshots, due to the fact that my side hustle," she said Entertainment Weekly. named one the the greatest earning talk display hosts in the world, Ripa takes house an annual salary the approximately $20 million for her function cohosting Live v Kelly and also Ryan v Ryan Seacrest. As because that her other half, mark Consuelos stars as Hiram Lodge in Riverdale, and has a network worth of $40 million.

The duo likewise enjoyed the high life with income from your leading functions on All my Children. For her work on the drama, Ripa, that was top top the series from 1990 come 2002, brought home major cash; together per CheatSheet, actors on soaps for 10 years can earn approximately $5,000 per episode. Consuelos, who was top top the present for seven years, took home up to $3,000 an episode.

Ripa and Consuelos will certainly be capitalizing on the present yet again. In 2020, Deadline reported that they"ll be executive producing an All my Children spinoff v their production company.

As lock say, "money makes money," and Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos space no exemption to that rule. Besides raking in the dough from their on-screen gigs, the power couple also pads their financial institution account with lucrative side hustles. Because that one, they own a production agency together called Milojo and have sold scripts to ABC, HBO, and also Hulu.

Additionally, Ripa — the main breadwinner of the family — lends her friendly face and also perky disposition to sell assets as a brand ambassador, fostering companies such as Pantene and Electrolux. You may have seen she TV commercials because that the shampoo whereby she accentuates she luscious tresses, or the appliance label where she does a load of laundry. An Electrolux rep said that Ripa creates "instant recognition, and she is someone our target consumers have the right to relate to."

In 2020, the actress-turned-entrepreneur inked one more deal — this time in the wellness arena — ending up being the name behind the vitamin subscription program, Persona. The company"s CEO to express his contentment with having her on board, saying, "We are extremely impressed through Kelly"s determination to prioritize her own health and also wellness while prospering as a mother, wife, and also entertainer."

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reap an upscale address, and live ~ above the Upper east Side that Manhattan in a posh pad which lock bought because that an astonishing $27 million dollars. Their five-story townhouse in this affluent component of the city boasts five bedrooms and also six bathrooms. Amenities include two fireplaces, a breathtaking foyer, and also even one elevator that leads to a personal outdoor area. The family likewise has access come a rooftop patio and also garden, i m sorry is rarely for city dwellers. In their room atop the hustle and bustle that the busy city below, Ripa and Consuelos enjoy dinner al fresco and also even go cherry picking! 

As much as celebrity neighbors go, A-Listers like attracted Barrymore, Mariah Carey, and Ricky Martin all have actually had homes in this part of new York. An additional draw of your not-so-humble abode is the truth that Ripa it s okay to commute with the sprawling, iconic main Park on her way to work. "I love running through central Park. It"s mine number one favorite thing to do. The trees room beautiful. The lawns space beautiful," she said Parade. "It"s an excellent people watching. I simply love everything about it."

When mark Consuelos and also Kelly Ripa need a rest from the city, they"re able come jet set to multiple vacation homes. Their family, according to Ripa, "lives because that the weekends," and also it"s not difficult to watch why. As well as their location in the Caribbean, lock own residences in Colorado and also the Hamptons.

Ripa and Consuelos" winter getaway in Telluride, Colorado has mountainous views from each window. "For me, waking up and also having coffee and looking out the window in the gorgeous setting is everything," Ripa told Redbook. The family generally welcome pals there on weekends, even providing them with personalized welcome baskets in their bedrooms!

In the summertime, Ripa and also Consuelos head to their beach home in Southampton, new York. "We drive out to our house... And also we don"t schedule anything," Ripa continued. "We clock movies, we go to the beach." that swanky property set them earlier a chuck $2.35 million. That is amenities incorporate a ridiculously huge pool, wherein Ripa is well-known to snap fun photos because that Instagram that her clan float in the water. The pair loves the Hamptons therefore much, it"s influenced them to executive develop a TV drama collection there!

The at sight fit couples prove that age is simply a number. And although both have celebrated their 50th birthdays, they carry out their component to save youthfully toned bodies. To assist her remain fit, Kelly Ripa rental celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, founder that the cardio fitness and wellness brand, AKT. This famous coach even trained Shakira for the Super key Halftime present (via The new York Times)! As because that her various other half, note Consuelos works with his very own celebrity trainer, Alex Fine, to have his abs looking an excellent for every his shirtless scenes on Riverdale.

Their emphasis on looks doesn"t end with their intense workout regimes. To save her blonde locks remaining fresh, Ripa phone call upon her hairstylist, Ryan Trygstad, that owns a swanky salon in Manhattan. His Instagram page is filled v photos of his clients, who incorporate Margot Robbie and Naomi Watts. And also with she mane constantly looking fab, Ripa additionally needs the perfect cosmetics to match it. Because that that, she publications an appointment v celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, who additionally brightens up other renowned female faces, such together Mariah Carey, Kris Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian (via Hello!).

These 2 talented entertainers have actually been showered v accolades. In may of 2019, Kelly Ripa was honored v her sixth Daytime Emmy award for outstanding Talk display Host because that her job-related on Live through Kelly and also Ryan – pretty much the highest honor in she profession (via YouTube). And also since she join the present in 2001, v then-cohost Regis Philbin, Ripa aided it garner 15 Daytime Emmy nominations for superior Entertainment talk Show, and also a 2012 victory in the category. 

For Ripa"s accomplishments, besides having actually her own replica at mam Tussands wax museum, the top lady earned a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. In 2019, her other half was honored by People newspaper in your Sexiest man Alive concern as one the their Men the the Year. And also besides being recognized for his looks, mark Consuelos has also received honors for his exhilaration chops and has taken residence American Latino Media art Awards (via IMDb).

The pair also won one award together for their intense on-screen chemistry, snagging the title of "Hottest Romance" at the 1998 Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have actually graced countless red carpets in ~ the many glamorous events in the world. From appearing at the Met Gala to the Oscars (where Ripa famously wore complete body makeup and a custom Christian Siriano gown), to Ralph Lauren"s fashion present during Fashion week (where Consuelos donned a dapper tuxedo by the famed designer), the pair definitely knows exactly how to make an entrance.

Ever the fashionista, Ripa has been a style icon since her days as a fledging soap star. In fact, In Style also paid homage to she bold watch in the "90s, i m sorry included adding sparkles and sequins to she ensembles. Now, Ripa has her choose of designer threads and also gets to wear a different, ultra chic outfit every day top top Live v Kelly and also Ryan. Her glamorous sartorial options are the envy that viewers and also have your own place online on the show"s website under Kelly"s Fashion Finder. The TV diva has also given pan a glimpse into her over-the-top closet top top Facebook, and also it"s simply jaw-dropping to see the quantity of clothing and shoes tucked away inside!

Besides escaping to their weekend homes, the Ripa-Consuelos tribe takes lavish vacations come exotic locales all approximately the world. In 2014, they toured Europe with one more famous brood, the Seinfeld family. Your trip included stops in ~ the Eiffel Tower in Paris and also beaches in Greece. "I"ve gotta tell you, it was magical. The was one of those trips whereby it every came together so beautifully," Kelly Ripa gushed (via ABC News). Climate in 2017, the clan peaceful on the beaches of Mexico, hover in a waterfall pool, indulging in regional beer, and posing for photos v palm tree (via the Daily Mail).

Ripa and also Mark Consuelos additionally manage to make time for pair getaways. In 2018, they returned to Greece there is no the kids, sharing coast shots top top Instagram. In ~ the time, an digital troll take it the chance to suggest out their lavish lifestyle. "She"s the only anchor through the totality summer off," the human being commented (via People). To the Ripa clapped back, "I"m no an anchor, ns don"t have actually the entirety summer off, and also I work exceptionally hard. Something else?"

Even when they"re not at their TV gigs, Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos tho rub elbow with renowned names. And also although there are a bunch that celebrities that can"t stand Ripa, she"s made some close friends in the entertainment industry. And as soon as they"re the end on the town, their double dates always make headlines. They have been spotted through Page Six dining in their community with fellow new York residents, Neil Patrick Harris, and also his husband, David Burtka. People magazine likewise reported on the lovebirds dining out in the huge Apple through Ripa"s cohost, Ryan Seacrest and his then-girlfriend, Shanya Taylor. 

Another famed person Ripa and also Consuelos contact a friend is Andy Cohen. In fact, the organize of What wake up Live actually credited Ripa with conserving his life (via YouTube). An additional host and pal of theirs is Anderson Cooper, who"s even guest held with Ripa on Live. In 2016, Cooper was in contention to replace Michael Strahan, and once he determined to store his role at CNN, Ripa said (via CNN), "He"s mine life... He"s the one that gained away and also keeps gaining away and also gets away all the time." 

Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos have three children: Michael Consuelos, Lola Consuelos, and Joaquin Consuelos. Having parents who work-related in TV, the children are spoiled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and get to carry out things like guest star on their mom"s morning show and also act in their dad"s CW series.

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However, unlike your celeb friends, when they were cultivation up the kids never had a full-time nanny. "I don"t suppose anyone to carry out my parenting for me," Ripa told People. Also probably contradictory to their renowned pals, one of the kids had their imminent birth revealed on nationwide television!

In 2000, Live invited a psychic on air, and also she go a reading on Ripa, who was pour it until it is full in on the present at the time. Ripa quiet hadn"t do her pregnancy through her 2nd child, Lola, public. "Nobody knew," she claimed on Live. But, quite soon, the entire nation was in ~ above the secret after the psychic, Char Margolis, said, "You"re not pregnant yet, space you?" To the question, Ripa, visibly emotional, said, "I haven"t said my boss yet." currently that"s what we contact a celebrity baby making one entrance!