Since she rose to call in the beforehand ‘70s, Marie Osmond has become one that Hollywood’s many iconic singers and also TV stars. The Talk star’s network worth is over $20 million, according to Celebrity net Worth, and that’s due to the fact that of the tons of achievements she’s achieved within the last few decades.

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The “Paper Roses” songstress gained her first taste the fame and superstardom alongside her showbiz siblings. Growing up, Marie to be exposed to the life the a show considering her older brothers, Alan Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Jay Osmond, Jimmy Osmond and Donny Osmond, toured together a musical group dubbed “The Osmonds.”


The Masked Singer alum and Marie maintained their streak going throughout the next couple of decades. In 2008, they signed on for a six-week las Vegas residency in ~ the Flamingo Resort and also Hotel. Return the mirrors were just in the calendar for much less than two months, the residency came to be a struggle success. In fact, castle played an ext than 16,000 mirrors in ras Vegas end a food of 11 years till they performed their final concert in November 2019.

Just one month prior to taking her final bow together Donny, Marie join The Talk together the show’s newest cohost. She replaced the program’s creator Sara Gilbert, that left the collection in august 2019, and stayed on because that one year prior to announcing she exit. In an Instagram post, the Grammy nominee explained she simply wanted come spend much more time through her family.



“My husband and also I simply dropped our critical two children off at college, we looked at each other, laughed and also remembered we hadn’t been this alone together due to the fact that 1982!!” Marie claimed on September 2, 2020. “So, in ~ this phase of my life, ns looking front to spending an ext time through him and also visiting every the kids/grandkids.”

Although the “Meet Me in Montana” singer is leave the program, her resume is tho impressive. She’s showed up on Broadway in plays including The Sound of Music, The King and I, Donny & Marie – A Broadway Christmas and also much more. She even appeared in TV commercials, teamed up because that sponsorships and written a couple of books.


While once chatting v Closer Weekly about her legendary operation in Hollywood, Marie stated while she feels therefore grateful, there is quiet so lot left for she to accomplish.

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“I feeling so blessed that I’ve done so many different things,” Marie exclusively shared in October 2019. “I believe you always have something that you desire to do. I most likely will job-related until ns dead just due to the fact that it’s always been a safe place for me. When life lugged lots the lemons, job-related was mine lemonade and it offered me … I had to support my family and also it was simply a for sure place. Ns loved it. It is something that I might do and also get ~ above stage and also kind of leaving all the problems behind because that an hour.”

Marie is such a talented lady!

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