Fixer Upper has pertained to end, but we quiet can't protect against talking around it. We'll attribute that truth to (a) the gloriousness that is HGTV reruns, (b) shiplap taking over the world, whether we prefer it or not, and also (c) the town hall every single episode of the show—that's 79, in case you care—to failure the show's median reno budget, residence price, and more. We're glad it wasn't united state glued come the couch for the long, yet we absolutely evaluate's effort, because who isn't curious about this stuff?! Of every the random tidbits the website discovered, these to be the ten that really had us nerding out:

The family members apparently dislike stairs.

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The most frequently selected fixer-upper residence is a ranch (48 percent).Not every residence is in the Gaines's hometown. The fixer-upper is situated in Waxo, Texas, 60 percent of the time.The house isn't massive. The typical square footage of a fixer-upper is 2,627 square feet.


Bonus fun fact: Marble and the color gray are regular stars on the show.

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Shiplap isn't as prevalent as we thought. Joanna will use shiplap 33 percent of the time.The Gaineses run into issues just like the remainder of us. Chip and Joanna will speak to with a problem 50 percent of the time, which will certainly cost about $4,600 on average.Everyone seems to care an ext about the within of the fixer-upper 보다 the outside. Joanna will propose an outdoor upgrade around 32 percent the the time, and also clients will just go with that option about 35 percent that the time.Even Chip and Joanna find sticking to renovation budgets challenging sometimes. They were on budget 78 percent of the time, over spending plan 15 percent, and under spending plan only 7 percent of the moment throughout the series.

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