Lester Holt isn"t your average journalist. From starring on hit NBC program such together "Nightly News" and "Dateline," to moderating key events like presidential debates, Holt has been referred to as the "most-trusted television news personality in America" by a Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll (via NBC News).

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Holt"s story goes back to Marin County, California, wherein he was born on one Air force base on in march 8, 1959. However, that was greatly raised in Sacramento up till he left because that college. Holt enrolled at California State University, yet he dropped out by 1979 to work at a radio terminal in mountain Francisco, follow to Britannica.

After beginning his career, Holt join CBS together a reporter in brand-new York City in 1981. Indigenous there, he rose in the ranks and jumped from terminal to station around the country until he take it the function as a instead of anchor for "Nightly News," as well as the "Today" show. After 4 years, the was named the "Nightly News" weekend anchor in 2007, which he hosted until he was supported to permanent anchor the the weekday show in June 2015, every his bio on NBC News. 

In enhancement to his compelling reporting on NBC"s shows, Holt has even covered the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, plus he"s led a groundbreaking collection titled "Justice because that All" around criminal righteousness reform. Holt"s hard work has certainly earned him an tremendous amount the money end the years, and also if you store scrolling, we"ll tell you the star"s estimated net worth. 

Thanks to his fascinating, honest, and educational reporting, Lester Holt has prospered together a journalist and news anchor. Not just does his outstanding résumé speak because that itself, but according come Celebrity net Worth, Holt"s happiness is valued at an estimated $35 million. The website reported he additionally earns an yearly salary of $10 million at NBC.

Holt is widely recognized for his work-related as a TV correspondent, and his decades-long operation in the service has absolutely paid off. He"s been recognized for his work, having actually won one Emmy Award and also he"s additionally been nominated for much more than a dozen others, per IMDb. Holt — who became the very first major afri American anchor — is much more than simply a journalist, though.

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At the time he to be making a surname for self in the industry, he took a stab at acting, dabbling in Hollywood in the early 1990s. He made his debut in 1993"s "The Fugitive," complied with by "Primal Fear" in 1996, and also "Chicago Hope" in 1997. Though he"s focused the majority of his job on gift a news anchor, he has continued acting throughout the years, making one of his latest appearances in "House that Cards" in 2015.

Holt has had actually a the majority of success over the years, and fortunately, he has some advice come share. "Everyone demands to target high," he said during a panel occasion in February 2018 (via NBC News). "You have actually to emphasis on the prize."