LeBron James attends Harlem’s Fashion row at Capitale on September 4, 2018 inNew York City. (Photo through Santiago Felipe/WireImage)

LeBron James was unarguably a family members name in the NBA, even before his rookie season. He was touted as among the best prospects beginning the league straight indigenous high school.

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James has lived approximately the hype and has yielded consistently because that 17 years. Additionally, his talent and brand name has earned the a plethora of endorsement deals. Maybe the best one out of castle is his resolve Nike.

How much was LeBron James’ first deal through Nike?

Even before stepping foot ~ above the basketball court, James to be handed a seven-year $90 million deal by Nike. In fact, LeBron had actually a much much better offer with various other brands, but he chose to go through Nike. This one decision turned out to be gold because that LBJ.

KingJames signed the richest rookie shoe deal in league background in 2003, before he ever played in a NBA game. Pic.twitter.com/DlOcSTn4ac

— Nick DePaula (

James basically gave up an extra $28 million, i beg your pardon in turn ended up being a $1 billion lifetime address Nike in 2015. Once James signed top top the dotted line, it to be the biggest shoe deal ever by a rookie at that time.

Is LeBron James a billionaire?


NBA player LeBron James attends GQ & LeBron James NBA every Star Party sponsored By Samsung Galaxy and also Beats at Ogden Museum’s Patrick F. Taylor Library on February 15, 2014 in new Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty images for GQ)

As the now, James is not a billionaire, according to Celebritynetworth, James is precious a staggering $480 million as of 2020. Yet when it’s every said and done, that number might balloon up even further.

LeBron is known to make smart investments off the court. That owns minority stakes in number of companies, i beg your pardon is sure to bring him money end the years. Additionally, the lifetime attend to Nike will cash in over the years, therefore James’ precious will just keep increasing.

Who has actually lifetime faces Nike?

Nike is unarguably the greatest name in the sports brands. They have actually a plethora of optimal athletes signed under their surname for multi-million dollar deals. However, only LeBron James and also football emotion Cristiano Ronaldo have signed a lifetime resolve the brand.


OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA – JULY 20: Five-time NBA MVP Michael Jordan smiles ~ hitting to the seventh green during the RBC Canadian Open’s Mike Weir Charity standard Pro-Am at Glen Abbey Golf club on July 20, 2009 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. (Photo through Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

Speaking of the premier athletes for Nike, one cannot leave Michael Jordan‘s name out. Although Jordan has actually retired native the league, he has actually his very own subsidiary brand under Nike. The Jordan brand brings a vast sum the money for MJ every year.

According come Forbes, MJ has currently made end $1 billion from Nike and the number is supposed to only rise with time.

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