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In a letter in December, the billionaire duo announced that they would be stepping back from their roles as CEO and president the Alphabet.

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"We"ve never ever been persons to organize on to management roles as soon as we think there"s a far better way to run the company," the letter reads. "And Alphabet no much longer needs two CEOs and a President." Google CEO Sundar Pichai will certainly be taking over together the CEO that Alphabet.

Page was born in 1973 come two computer science professors at Michigan State university in east Lansing, Michigan. Even at a young age, he took pleasure in taking machines apart and trying to put them back together to understand just how they functioned.


Page saw the university of Michigan for undergrad. If there, he to be a member that the solar vehicle team, propose an review of the school's bus system, and developed other organization plans.


Brin and also Page met in 1995, when Brin toured Page approximately Stanford University. Brin was a second-year graduate student in Stanford's computer science department and also Page to be considering attending. They reportedly both discovered each other "obnoxious" in ~ first, yet they came to be classmates.

Brin, the much more gregarious that the two founders, was additionally born in 1973 to two scientists. However he to be born in the Soviet Union, wherein his family faced anti-Semitism.

Brin involved the US when he was six and quickly showed his academic prowess. At 19, he i graduated from the university of Maryland together a major in math and computer science.

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Sergey Brin, pictured, and also Larry Page gave Conrad a commanding function at Verily. Stephen Lam/Reuters

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Despite your initial spats, Brin and also Page began working with each other on an amazing idea web page had around cataloging every link on the internet. BackRub, as it was dubbed at its inception in 1996, took off.