Kit Harington network worth and also salary: Kit Harington is an English gibbs who has actually a network worth the $14 million. Kit is best-known for his role as Jon eye in the collection "Game of Thrones." he starred on the display from 2011 come 2019.

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Early Life: Kit Harington, also known together Christopher Catesby Harington, was born in Acton, London, top top December 26, 1986 to Deborah Jane and also Sir David Robert Harington. His mom shortened his surname to "Kit" practically immediately ~ he to be born and also he didn"t find out his full name till he to be 11 year old. With his paternal grandmother, Harington"s eight-great-grandfather to be Charles II the England. Kit attended Southfield main School native 1992-1998. His family moved to Worcestershire when Kit was 11. He learned at the Chantry High college in Martley till 2003 and then go on to graduate from the central School of Speech and Drama in 2008. He became interested in acting after city hall a power of "Waiting because that Godot" and also he ultimately performed in several college productions.

Career: Originally focused on follow a job in journalism, he was subsequently cast in the original production the "War Horse", and received widespread acknowledgment for his work. This led to much more professional theater work in the play, "Posh".

After "War Horse," Harington got international recognition as soon as he was actors as Jon snow in the hit series, "Game of Thrones." The present debuted in 2011 come massive an essential acclaim and also was quickly picked increase by the network for a second season. Harington filmed his role largely in Iceland and also Northern Ireland. "Game the Thrones" lasted for eight seasons and concluded in April 2019. Harington obtained high praise for his performance. He was nominated because that a Saturn compensation for best Supporting gibbs on tv for his role. In 2016, he was nominated because that a primetime Emmy for impressive Supporting actor in a Drama Series. In 2017, Kit ended up being one of the highest-paid actors on TV, earning £2 million per episode of "Game of Thrones."

Harington"s movie debut came in 2012 when he played Vincent in "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D," a horror film based on the video game "Silent Hill 3." He was honored with Actor the the Year in ~ the Young Hollywood Awards the very same year. His first major lead function in a function film came when he played Milo in "Pompeii," which was filmed in Canada. It experienced modest box office returns however received an adverse reviews indigenous critics. Harington voiced Eret in "How come Train your Dragon 2" in 2014. The film was a critical and crate office success and won a gold Globe for best Animated feature Film as well as an Oscar nomination.

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In 2014, Harington appeared alongside Jeff Bridges in "Seventh Son," which to be poorly received. Increase next, Harington starred in the HBO comedy "7 job in Hell," a brief film about a seven-day tennis match. In June 2015, Harington replaced Robert Pattinson in the west thriller film "Brimstone." In 2016, Harington starred together Salen Kotch, the main villain in the video game "Call of Duty: infinite Warfare." He later starred in a West end production of "Doctor Faustus" i beg your pardon was not well received. In February 2017, Harington wrote, starred in, and executive developed "Gunpowder" for the BBC, a three-part historical drama based upon the genuine story that the shooting powder Plot (to i m sorry he has actually historical family ties to both political parties of.)


Kit Harington

Net Worth:$14 Million
Salary:$1.1 Million per Episode
Date the Birth:Dec 26, 1986 (34 years old)
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Nationality:United Kingdom

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