From the minute Donald Trump decided to campaign to become President of the united States, Kellyanne Conway has been by his side. In Aug. 2016, trump appointed Conway as his project manager and also after win his bid for the White House, Conway has actually stepped right into the duty as Counselor come the President. Earlier on in his presidency, the mother-of-four can be uncovered on assorted news outlets defending Trump’s behavior and various policies. She actions and use that the phrase “alternative facts” have gotten her prohibition from miscellaneous news shows consisting of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. However, in current months she has actually been slightly quieter.

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So what specifically is a Counselor to the President and also what is Kellyanne Conway’s net worth?


Sometimes points Conway claims don’t make much sense. | mark Wilson/Getty Images

Kellyanne Conway is worth $39 million

When Conway took on her duty in the White House, she certainly didn’t need the money. She’d developed her $39 million luck well before getting right into Trump’s camp. Though Conway’s anti-Trump husband, George Conway is a lawyer, Mrs. Conway built most of her fortune herself. In 1995, when she was just 28, the brand-new Jersey native founded a political-polling business. As soon as she marketed the company in 2017, she stake to be estimated in between $1 million come $5 million — and she was able to avoid paying hefty counting due to a loophole that uses to executive, management branch employees. The Conways have also learned just how to do their money occupational for them. Despite they’ve both attracted in considerable salaries, a bunch of their wealth also comes indigenous stocks. Among their Citibank accounts alone has actually been valued at in between $500,000 and $1 million.

Conway earns $179,700 each year as Counselor to the President

The George Washington University legislation School alum is paid handsomely for functioning on Trump’s White House. She has actually one that the highest White house salaries, $179,700 — the preferably that have the right to be earned, and Conway spends she days tweeting and dealing through the president’s ever-changing mood. New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi, explained, “She’s the counselor come an uncounselable man, a spokeswoman for an administration whose message alters day come day, hour to hour.”


Kellyanne Conway | Paul Morig/Getty Images

This is exactly how Kellyanne spends her money

In 2001, when she and also George Conway married, the then-newlywed pair purchased a condo in Trump people Tower in brand-new York City whereby they lived for 7 years. This is just how Conway was at first introduced to Trump. In 2005, the Conselour went on to create a book, What women Really Want which included to her wealth and also helped her and also her husband acquisition a house in Alpine, new Jersey — which is referred to as one that America’s most expensive zip codes. The Conways additionally have memberships to Alpine country Club i m sorry can expense up to $75,000, add to $25,000 a year in dues.

Though George Conway still works for Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz in brand-new York which is recognized as one of the nations most grueling law firms, her wife’s position in the White home meant the family needed to relocate. At the start of Trump’s term, the Conway’s purchase an $8 million house in the DC area.

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If Conway decides to move on prior to 2020, she definitely won’t be hurting for cash. Despite she’s marketed her business, we’re sure she is crafty enough to discover a new means to broaden her huge net worth.