Kelly Clarkson is a popular coach top top The VoiceCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

What is Kelly Clarkson's net worth?

Clarkson's approximated net precious is $50million.

Her very first financial windfall came when she won a $1million record contract throughout the inaugural season the American Idol.

She beat out Justin Guarini because that the title.

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Since winning American Idol, Clarkson has actually sold 25 million albums and also 45 million singles.

Her net worth likewise comes native her miscellaneous tours, which have actually raked in much more than $60million.

She also got some money from acting gigs in films like from Justin come Kelly, the 80's Show, and Trolls human being Tour.

What is Kelly Clarkson's salary on The Voice?

Clarkson brings home $14million every season ~ above The Voice.

She started as a consultant top top the show, beginning with the 2nd season.

Since the fourteenth season, however, Clarkson has been a permanent coach top top the show.

And she claimed that fellow coach Blake Shelton inspired her to come to be a coach top top The Voice.

"I love The Voice. Blake is a friend of mine, and he’s one of the judges, so ns watched it for that, and then I fell in love v the show," she said.

"I still watch Idol, and also it’s still the No. 1 show, so obviously, I’m no the just one that loves come sit in ~ home and be entertained.”

Clarkson additionally takes home money indigenous things like sales of her various books, her endorsement deals from companies favor Wayfair, and also even hosting her own eponymous talk show.

What space Kelly Clarkson's real estate investments?

In enhancement to all the money she renders from her hard work, Clarkson has some quite nice actual estate holdings.

She owns a $3million mansion in Tennessee, a $2million Montana cabin, and also an $8.5million residence in Encino, CA.

However, following her divorce submit from Brandon Blackstock, Clarkson put two of her three houses up because that sale.

Her Encino, California, house is at this time on the sector for about $9million.

And she Tennessee mansion, i beg your pardon was detailed for $6.95million, is at this time under contract.


Kelly Clarkson to be ordered come pay virtually $200,000 a month to her estranged husband, Brandon BlackstockCredit: Getty

How much was Kelly Clarkson ordered to pay her ex-husband in spousal support?

Clarkson has actually been ordered come pay her estranged husband virtually $200,000 per month in spousal and also child support.

The singer’s nasty court war with her ex and former manager just acquired tenser as result of the hefty sum that's much bigger than fellow celebrity divorcees.

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In legal documents an initial obtained by The Blast, the judge issued the bespeak following arguments over troubles related to the previous couple’s property, children and also monthly income. 

The filing explains Clarkson and also Blackstock finances in information - including the star's remarkable earnings.