Judy Sheindlin, aka judge Judy, recently wrapped manufacturing on her iconic television display after 25 seasons. However don"t worry, just due to the fact that there isn"t walk to it is in any more "Judge Judy" top top CBS, doesn"t mean our favourite feisty referee is retiring. She"s acquired a brand brand-new project referred to as "Judy Justice," that will air on IMDB TV.

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While fostering her brand-new show, Judy unloaded to The Hollywood Reporter on whatever from release culture, to the Derek Chauvin trial, and, many importantly to CNW fans, the exact negotiation method that was supplied to negotiate her industry-topping $47 million annual salary.

Cancel Culture

Judy isn"t a pan of the so-called cancel society and believes it has made America a "frightening ar to be," through silencing opinions. The doesn"t typical the the 78-year-old holds ago her opinions. In one interview with "The Hollywood Reporter," she explained:

"To have a fear of speaking your opinion, for are afraid of being put on somebody"s list and canceled? It"s a frightening ar for America to be. I"m no a big fan of the computer police. Is it pc to say to world who room 19 or 23 year old, have no job, no prospects, and also six children, "Find something rather to do with that organ?""

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Derek Chauvin

Judy additionally offered up she opinion ~ above the trial of previous Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and also second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Referring come the video footage taken in ~ the scene the was integral in Chauvin"s conviction, Judy said:

"That"s what happens as soon as you have a movie. It wasn"t one issue as to what happened. And the judge, i think he was pretty straight-up. That didn"t duck and also cover. The media wasn"t walk to enable any delay, and rightfully so. The country wanted a resolution. It"s a various age now. If it"s a homicide, a robbery, a burglary… you often have the on video."

$47 Million Salary

Judy additionally revealed the secret to negotiating her substantial $47 million salary. Here"s exactly how it walk down:

First Judy composed her desired annual salary ~ above a item of paper.

Next, she put that item of paper in an enveloped and sealed it.

Then she slid that envelope throughout the table over to the CBS executive, management in fee of talent compensation at the conclusion the a lunch meeting.

And she wouldn"t take no for an answer.

Pretty badass.

This is the specific same negotiating tactic Judy provided in negotiations v Jeff Bezos, that owns IMDB TV, wherein her new show will air. She said Amazon was mindful of her CBS salary and also that they knew exactly how much it would take to authorize her to their platform.

Her value on the brand-new show is not well-known yet, however one can safely i think it"s at the very least $50 million every year.

That"s how Judge Judy has actually a net worth the $440 million.

How go someone that is worth just under a fifty percent billion dollars unwind ~ a day of shooting?

She cleans.

On the job she shot the an extremely last illustration of "Judge Judy," she cleaned the bathroom.

"It was just the finish of the day, the finish of the job. Ns cleaned the bathroom, and the restroom is sparkling.

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Judy"s new show, "Judy Justice," an arbitration-based fact show, will begin production in so late summer.