Estimating judge Judy Sheindlin’s salary per episode is tricky—she considers the “a small unseemly” come talk about her compensation—but it’s for sure to say the 78-year-old is still one of the highest-paid personalities on television. Her longtime court display Judge Judy finished in July 2021, but Sheindlin is returning to TV as the star the Judy Justice, an IMDb TV series that hits Amazon’s ad-supported streaming company on Nov. 1, 2021.

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“The Honorable Judy Sheindlin, retired judge of the Manhattan household Court, brings she signature blend of sharp wit and wisdom, hilarious candor, and also unwavering honesty that has actually made she America’s favorite judge for over 25 years, together she presides over real cases, arbitrates binding decisions, and delivers what just she can: ‘Judy Justice,’” Amazon Studios says. Ahead of that brand-new show, here’s what us know around Sheindlin’s finances.

Sheindlin deserve $47 million during the ‘Judge Judy’ era, and she’s likely earning at least as much for ‘Judy Justice’

In Nov. 2018, Forbes named Sheindlin the world’s highest-paid TV host, noting the she to be receiving $47 million every year because that hosting Judge Judy and also producing the syndicated court display Hot Bench. She earned three times that amount the prior year, because she got an approximated $100 million from selling the civil liberties to the Judge Judy library to CBS.

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And in may 2021, Sheindlin indicated that she was earning at the very least that lot for Judy Justice. “Without providing you specifics, because that's a small unseemly, my compensation has actually not to be a secret,” she said The Hollywood Reporter. “It's been the end there because that a long time—not through me, but it gained out there and also had its very own life. So, the folks at Amazon understood what the parameters were. There to be no issue.”

Talking to Page Six in Nov. 2020, Sheindlin claimed she would be moving 120 illustration of Judy Justice—for starters, at least. “My sense is the audience can take a little more of me,” she said. In fact, Deadline reported the IMDb TV’s Judy Justice bespeak is thought to be the biggest initial order for a streaming service.

“Program, characters, the set, every little thing will be different,” Sheindlin included in her Page Six interview. “Me, the same. Me constantly in the center chair. Administrate by committee is no my strong suit. And unless the audience wants to view me in a two-piece bathing suit, I’ll wear a robe. Various color. Maybe eggplant color. I didn’t desire to retire. Ns don’t have hobbies. I enjoy working. One more thing: It’s streaming. On a rainy weekend, with sufficient vodka, I deserve to download me anytime.”

For the benefits of argument, if Sheindlin is earning tho $47 million per year, and if she’s carrying all 120 episodes end the span of 365 days, that would placed her salary-per-episode at an ext than $391k every episode. Other TV stars earn an ext per episode—Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon do $2 million for each episode of The Morning Show, according to TheRichest—but it appears Sheindlin has them to win by volume!

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