JOY Reid is an anchor ~ above MSNBC who has her own show on weeknights titled, The ReidOut.

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Reid has actually been hosting the ReidOut in ~ 7pm top top the news network due to the fact that 2020.


Joy Reid slammed because that calling the end Gabby Petito coverage as 'missing white mrs syndrome',Credit: MSNBC

What is the ReidOut?

The ReidOut is a weeknight commentary display on MSNBC. The present airs at 7pm ET.

On September 14, the ReidOut Blog launched. The blog is an extension of the TV show.

What is Reid's Salary in ~ MSNBC?

It is estimated that Reid renders $1.5million every year.

Her network worth is about $7million.


Joy Reid speak onstage throughout the 2019 global Citizen Festival: power The motion in main Park ~ above September 28, 2019 in brand-new York City. (Photo through Theo Wargo/Getty photos for an international Citizen)

Who is Reid's Husband?

Reid is married come Jason Reid. They have actually been married 1997.

Jason Reid is ideal known for his occupational on the exploration Channel.

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BIZARRE write-up

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He likewise reportedly worked for NBC as a freelance editor from 2012 through 2013.

The Reid's have actually three children.

What walk Reid Say around Gabby Petito?

On September 20, 2021, Reid disputed the situation on the ReidOut, and also addressed the disparities in media coverage of absent persons.

Reid was slammed because that calling the focus on the case, "missing white woman syndrome."