Since 1997, the hosts of The View have been keeping viewers entertained and educated by passionately discussing plenty of topics top top the hit speak show. The stars no doing the task for a cheap dollar either, together they’ve accumulated tons the bucks and mind-boggling network worths end the years.

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The current cast of the well-known ABC present stands as Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and also Sara Haines. Countless other famous TV personalities have graced the roundtable, including display founder Barbara Walters, Abby Huntsman, Meredith Vieira and also many others.


The recent star to leave The View is Meghan McCain, who joined the Emmy-winning series in October 2017. The political commentator announced she to be leaving the talk display after four seasons, revealing her departure in July 2021.

“I’m just going to rip the Band-Aid off. I am right here to tell all of you, my wonderful cohosts and also the viewers at home, the this is going to be my critical season below at The View,” Meghan stated on air. “This was not an easy decision. It take it a the majority of thought and counsel and also prayer and also talking to mine family and also my near friends, and, you recognize … COVID has changed the civilization for all of us, and also it changed the means at least for me.”

The Dirty Sexy Politics writer has due to the fact that said goodbye to her longtime costars, marking her last illustration on The View in august 2021. Despite ABC has actually yet to disclose a brand-new host to take the place of the conservative columnist, the network to know it will certainly to “be tough to replace” Meghan’s spot.

“She was always ready through a counterpoint, and she loved a an excellent fight,” an insider solely told Closer complying with her exit announcement. Though “there’s a fine line to gift in the warm seat,” Meghan taken on her position “pretty well,” the insider added. “She was perfect because that live TV. It’s going to be amazing to watch who they shot out for Meghan’s spot … she will be difficult to replace.”

While Meghan’s departure from The View is sad because that viewers, the TV star stated she to be looking forward to focusing on her family members and new projects. In the past, Whoopi has also teased the idea that leaving, speak she’d like to branch out from the collection and pursue other work one day.


“What you’re questioning is, ‘Is The View enough?’ it’s not. 10 years is a lengthy time, and now I’m starting to do various other stuff. I’m doing books. I’m adventuring into THC products. I’m developing the clothes,” the comedian told The new York Times in 2019, note the regime is simply another performance because that her.

“In a way, i am playing a role,” Whoopi said the outlet. “These space not conversations the I’m having actually with mine friends. If castle were, we’d be doing it differently. My friends and also I can talk about things in depth in a different method than you deserve to on television.”

Fortunately, Whoopi is obtaining paid the large bucks for she part!

Scroll through the gallery listed below to check out the hosts’ network worths.


Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi has actually a network worth the an approximated $60 million, every Celebrity network Worth, i beg your pardon is no surprised considering she an EGOT-winning actress, TV host, author and more. The outlet reported she makes virtually $8 million thanks to her salary on The View, i beg your pardon she’s been hosting since season 11 in 2007.


Joy Behar

We all know her ideal for her work since Day 1 on The View, however Joy — who has a fortune of $30 million and a $7-million salary, per Celebrity network Worth — has also put in the hrs as a comedian, writer and actress.


Sunny Hostin

With a net worth that $3 million (via Celebrity net Worth), sunny is all about putting in the work. Not just is she a lawyer, journalist and also columnist, but she is right now a legitimate analyst for alphabet news — every while cohosting The View because season 20 in 2016.

Sara Haines

Sara’s luck is worth an estimated $6 million, Celebrity network Worth stated. She racked increase the big bucks as a correspondent and anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America in addition to her job-related on The View. Sara an initial joined the series in 2016 for seasons 20, continued to be for 21, and she newly returned because that season 24 in 2020.

Meghan McCain

Despite leaving The View, Meghan i will not ~ have any type of shortage that money considering she has a network worth of about $10 million. Celebrity net Worth reported she salary at The View was about $3 million.

Aside native the alphabet program, Meghan has a lot of TV experience, having appeared on Raising McCain and also Outnumbered. She’s likewise worked as a political commentator for abc News, Fox News, and MSNBC. However, that’s not all, as Meghan is a blogger, columnist and also has even written a couple of books, consisting of Dirty Sexy Politics in 2010 and A Love Letter to Freedom in 2012.

Abby Huntsman

Having appeared on The View indigenous 2018 to 2020, Abby collected a net worth of virtually $20 million (via Celebrity network Worth). Before joining the roundtable, she started her job on Piers Morgan Tonight and also Huffpost Live. Indigenous 2013 come 2015, she cohosted the TV collection The Cycle, and also she’s even been featured top top Fox & Friends. Besides her TV work, Abby authored the publication Who will I Be?

Barbara Walters

With decades of award-winning work under she belt, that no surprised Barbara has a luck of practically $170 million, per Celebrity network Worth. Not just did she produce The watch in 1997, yet she’s likewise worked as a journalist and host on numerous other shows, consisting of Today, 20/20, ABC night News and also more.

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Meredith Vieira

Meredith hosted The View indigenous the very an initial episode in 1997 and appeared on the series until 2006. Her various other impressive job-related throughout the years has earned the star a net worth of $45 million. Per Celebrity net Worth, Meredith also has a value of $11 million.