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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee, wanting come solidify its commitment to coach Jeremy Pruitt and also the direction that is taking the program, has included two years to his contract and also rewarded him with a $400,000 annual raise, the college announced Thursday.

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Discussions about sweetening Pruitt"s deal began in January yet were placed on host amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Pruitt"s new deal runs v the 2025 season and will pay him $4.2 million annually, although the has elected not to expropriate the $400,000 progressive this year to aid Tennessee weather the obstacles all strong departments space facing throughout the pandemic.

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"My family and I space grateful for the unwavering appointment the university of Tennessee has made to us," Pruitt claimed in a statement. "We have operated hard to develop our routine the right means in a brief amount that time, and there is still much work to be done."

Pruitt, 46, is entering his 3rd season together the Volunteers" coach. He command Tennessee to 6 straight wins a year back to near the season. The volunteer finished 8-5, including a victory over Indiana in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, after beginning the season 1-4. Tennessee"s 5-3 record in the SEC critical season was just the second time in the previous 12 years the the Volunteers have actually finished with a winning record in conference play. Castle were also 5-3 in 2015, Butch Jones" 3rd season together coach.

"I"m excited the this extension gives Jeremy the runway to continue to build on the momentum and energy we have about our football regime coming the end of last season," athletic director Phillip Fulmer said in a statement. "He has made fantastic progress entering simply his third year and clearly realizes there is much work quiet to be done. This extension secures the to proceed his initiatives to return our regimen to a championship level and also shows ours commitment to him, his staff, this team and the future that the Tennessee Volunteers."

No. 16 Tennessee opens the 2020 season Saturday night at south Carolina.

Pruitt and also his staff have made major inroads top top the recruiting trail and have Tennessee on track for a highly rated signing class. The Volunteers space No. 3 nationally in glossesweb.com"s recent recruiting rankings because that the 2021 class after finishing No. 18 in 2020 and No. 11 in 2019.

Pruitt"s original contract once he to be hired in December 2017 was a six-year, $22.8 million deal. His new agreement contains a bonus package over the $4.2 million he is reserved to make.

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Pruitt is Tennessee"s 5th coach because Fulmer to be fired in ~ the finish of the 2008 season.