Turns out, it pays to organize a struggle reality display for end 40 seasons. Learn around the career and net precious of Survivor host Jeff Probst.

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We all understand that winners the Survivor take home a million-dollar prize, however perhaps it’s better to it is in the hold than a contestant. It turns out the Jeff Probst has actually raked in just as lot dough as every one of the prize money ever given far on the present over the years. Examine out his decades-long journey on Survivor (as well as various other career highlights) and find out just just how much Jeff Probst’s net worth is.

Jeff Probst has actually Hosted ‘Survivor’ due to the fact that 2000

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Probst has spoken for the Tribe because Survivor’s 2000 debut in Borneo—that’s 40 seasons and also counting.

According come an interview v the television Academy, Probst, 59, had constantly wanted a job in the entertainment industry. Born in Kansas and raised in Washington, his very very first job was together a manufacturing assistant in ~ Boeing. He quickly rose increase the ranks, writing scripts, producing, and hosting corporate training videos.

Probst eventually landed a correspondent gig with accessibility Hollywood, i beg your pardon is how he recorded the attention of Survivor producer note Burnett. The remainder is history.

“Mark was clear from the beginning that he to be hiring a host-producer,” said Probst. “He said, ‘I’m going to tell girlfriend the story that I want to tell, and also then you’re walking to walk out and also tell it.’ That’s what we did.”

He continued, “I couldn’t think I was on a display that to be so cool, the was important a sociological experiment where you’re watching human behavior.”

Sure, Survivor’s very nice one is due to the drama and also tension produced by that contestants. But Probst also plays a significant role in the series’ success. In an environment of infighting and backstabbing, he’s a reliable, trustworthy storyteller the audiences have pertained to depend on.

“Jeff look at all and he’s speak it, whether you check out it or not,” Cirie Fields, a four-time player and fan favorite, said the New York Times. “And the does it so authentically the you affix yourself come him. He’s favor your brother, your cousin, her friend, your fiancé.”

Probst’s long-term commitment to the present has deserve him 4 Emmy awards and a promotion to executive producer. End 40 seasons later, his loyalty to Survivor remains unwavering.

“I think I’ve acquired to host Survivor until it’s over,” that said. “How have the right to I leave Mark and Les Moonves as soon as they gave me this job? ns think I’m at their beck and also call. However on the various other hand, why would I leave? ns still gain it.”

Probst’s career Goes past ‘Survivor’

Probst is finest known for hosting Survivor, but that doesn’t median he hasn’t pursued other projects. Native 1998 come 2001, he organized Rock & roll Jeopardy! ~ above VH1. (He shows up to have a soft spot for the Jeopardy! franchise—not just does he occasionally carry out clues about Survivor because that the game show, but he’s likewise appeared double on Celebrity Jeopardy!)

Probst has also written and also directed 2 feature-length films: Finder’s Fee (2001), starring Erik Palladino, James Earl Jones, and also Ryan Reynolds, and Kiss Me (2014), starring man Corbett and also Sarah Bolger.

In 2012, that earned his own self-titled syndicated daytime talk display on CBS. Unfortunately, the regimen was positioned to complete with a glut of other talk shows including Katie, The Doctors, Wendy Williams, Steve Wilkos,andDr. Oz.

CBS canceled The Jeff Probst Show in much less than a year as result of low ratings. Unlike part Survivor contestants, Probst took the loss favor a great sport.

“I’m super bummed but extremely proud,” he said (via the Hollywood Reporter). “The truth is every shows pertained to an end—ours just finished a te sooner 보다 we had hoped.”

Probst has even entertained younger audience off-screen. He’s the co-author of the New York Times best-selling series Stranded. The books, aimed at center school readers, follow a family as they try to make it through wild adventures in the south Pacific (sound familiar?).

What Is Jeff Probst’s net Worth?

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According come sites favor Celebrity net Worth, Jeff Probst has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

The resource reports the Probst has actually an yearly salary of $8 million. (In 2016, Variety noted his salary together $4 million per season, yet we doubt he’s had a pay bump provided his additional duties together a showrunner.)

When Probst isn’t on set in exotic locales, that enjoys a comfortable life in Los Angeles. In 2011, he payment $5 million for a 5-bedroom, 7-bath residence in Studio City.

According to the New York Times, the garage in his an intricate digs has whiteboards fill with ideas for future seasons of Survivor. It seems that Probst is truly specialized to seeing the show proceed for years to come.

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“He does all these points that you will do think, after ~ 40 seasons, he would certainly subcontract out and also phone in,” stated actor, producer, and also Season 37 runner-up Mike White.

“That’s partly why the present still is relevant: it still has life since Jeff is still therefore enamored through what it could be.”