Megan Weaver indigenous Flipping Out opened up about what the was prefer to be a architecture associate because that Jeff Lewis. She also revealed i beg your pardon employee take it the brunt the Lewis’s teasing and also practical jokes.

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Jeff Lewis, Megan Weaver | Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU picture Bank

“On my an initial day, therefore I concerned work and also sat down at the desk where they told me,” she recounted top top the Behind the Velvet Rope through David Yontef podcast.

“Then I acquired up to use the restroom or to obtain something and Trace looked in ~ me. He goes, ‘Honey, you must push her chair in every time you obtain up from her desk,"” she said. “I was like, Oh, okay. And I go up and also I propelled my chair in and also I never ever left mine chair out again. The was once I establish likes things the means he likes him, girlfriend know? and we all kind of looked out for every other, the civilization who worked in the office, friend know, so, however yeah, he’s, he’s certainly regimented.”

“It’s a real thing,” she added. “He straightens everything on his desk. Every little thing has to be in perfect alignment.”

Jeff Lewis only yelled in ~ Megan Weaver if she forgot to double-check her occupational

Lewis is watched “flipping out” ~ above a slew that employees. But Weaver claimed she commonly wasn’t on the receiving end of his anger.

“I think there were times wherein he would certainly , it wasn’t ever before on camera,” she said. “But if ns was a little bit if ns didn’t perform the work and check my work, perform you know what i mean? If i was a little lazy or did that half-ass he always says the I’m half-assed.”

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“But if I simply didn’t inspect my occupational properly or misspelled miscellaneous or left something out, he’d be like, you’re for this reason lazy, you know?” she added. “But ns never got screamed at, we’ve never had any kind of major conflict. I’m happy to say in our whole time together, i m sorry is uneven we did. And I’m just blocking that out prefer PTSD. But I candid don’t think we’ve ever had a large blowout.”

Andrew Coleman to be teased the most at Jeff Lewis architecture

Weaver claimed Andrew Coleman from season 7 finished up getting the most abuse from Lewis. “I think he gained the brunt of the teasing and also the, girlfriend know, the handy jokes. Placing spiders top top his computer and also just really razzing him,” Weaver said. “And he took it. He take it a lot. That boy took a many abuse.”

Coleman’s resume ended up being peppered v a slew that falsities, which Lewis questioned. Coleman became exasperated and also stormed out of work. He never returned to the office.

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Next to Coleman, Zoila Chavez, and Jenni Pulos were additionally teased quite a bit, Weaver said. “They both did,” she said. “I would need to say Zoila. Since you know, Jenni was constantly pretty much in ~ above the joke and she was sort of, she was such a clown and so funny. And also so, friend know, simply so much fun come watch and also with her, and also then Zoila to be too. But sometimes as soon as Zoila didn’t want to it is in teased or pushed, she would certainly not have it. She would acquire really, yes, really upset.”