It’s just Lunch provides a face-to-face matchmaking and also dating service. The matchmakers setup for the entirety dating experience—from selecting the best matches because that you to picking the right time and also location for her date.

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Its simply Lunch in Comparison

brand-new Members: have actually Dates: fall in Love:
Its simply Lunch 6693.15 / 1282015 9 / 10 7.5 / 10
eHarmony 404746.76 / 1282015 6.2 / 10 4.6 / 10
Thai Cupid 12629.48 / 1282015 3.1 / 10 2.5 / 10
Whats your Price 63753.32 / 1282015 5.6 / 10 3.3 / 10
EliteSingles 379056.42 / 1282015 5.5 / 10 4.2 / 10
Zoosk 1282015.85 / 1282015 4.4 / 10 3.8 / 10




Its just Lunch in 10 seconds

Dating site that provides real-life and also physical matchmaking servicesPhone contact interview compelled for registrationOnly easily accessible in 5 countries (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia)No digital profiles come browsePrices are customized every person, yet starts in ~ 1,000 USD because that the service

Why deserve to You trust Us?

We have been testing and also publishing virtual dating reviews because that over 12 yearsWe have closely reviewed over 3,012 dating servicesOur dating site reviews and results space objective and also independent in contrast to countless other compare sitesWe update our evaluate every month based on new site/app offerings and also feedback from ours readers

Who is Its simply Lunch for and not for?

People searching for serious relationships and also deep commitmentsSingles who desire to uncover the best match and also fall in loveThose who trust matchmakersSingles who room comfortable through spending a high sum of money
Those in search of erotic adventures and casual encountersSingles who are not interested in blinddatingPeople who perform not want to invest a big sum on a premium matchmaking service
Very selective top top member approval – you get only top quality matchesCertified matchmakers take treatment of the totality dating processAbsolutely no fake profiles
Waiting for It’s just Lunch to speak to you because that an interview can take part timeYou cannot search for various other membersNo mobile app available

Is Its just Lunch high-quality or cheap?

In to compare to other providers Its simply Lunch is above average. Test currently for free

A brand-new member will have their very own dating coach to discover a match. Pricing will be customized for at the very least 1,000 USD because that the service.

The member contract of It’s just Lunch varies based upon location and contract agreement.

A usual member in the United states will pay in between USD2,000 and also USD4,000, relying on the number of dates the member desires to have, the duration, and the limit of his or she contract.

To recognize the actual member price, it is ideal to perform a phone call interview yourself. This will provide you a much more accurate contract quotation.

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How have the right to I delete my Its just Lunch account and cancel my subscription?

you re welcome find much more information below

Back come Overview

Who is really signed increase here?

Members are greatly busy, single professionalsThere is a percent of LGBTQ+ membersThere are much more women members 보다 menSuccess story are released onlineUSA has the most variety of members worldwide

Those who authorize up ~ above It’s just Lunch space usually busy specialists who don’t have actually the time to go out and also meet someone new. They could have currently exhausted all their other resources such as their workmates, friends, or family, in setup them up on a date. Since of this, they voluntarily ask because that a real-life matchmaker’s help.The bulk of It’s simply Lunch clients are singles from every races in ~ the age range of 28 come 44. However, there is a an excellent percentage that older age ranges as well. As soon as it involves gender distribution, members are largely women, with over 10% much more than men.Clients of It’s simply Lunch room primarily trying to find serious relationships that deserve to potentially bring about marriage. This is why they space willing to pay a hefty amount for a real-life matchmaking service.With your customers’ consent, It’s simply Lunch publishes success story of your clients. You have the right to read your testimonials ideal on their website.