Of every the literal strength brokers who’ve emerged from Bravo’s hit display “Million disagreement Listing brand-new York,” none have captivated Gotham’s collective consciousness quite choose Ryan Serhant. The 30-year-old Boston-area native and broker at real estate firm swarm Seekers has actually model looks, a strapping physique and also an strange “good old boy” charm that has endeared that to girls (and guys) of every ages.

It’s also gotten the in the movie — he recently stole scenes playing a finance bro in noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young.” yet with “Million dollar Listing” currently in its fourth season, Serhant continues to be as committed to his client — and also deals — as ever.

He’s additionally committed come making the most of new York City itself — native its most stylish restaurants come fitness spots and fashion shops. This is his “Million Dollar brand-new York.”

1. Tao Downtown, 92 ninth Ave. At West 16th Street

Brian Zak“It’s a melt pot for the who’s who downtown ideal now. I never ever leave without see five civilization I know and meeting 10 people I didn’t know before.”

2. Times Square

Bravo“This is wherein I proposed to my fiancée, Emilia Bechrakis, last year. She’s a marine attorney native Greece, and also the two of us met in ~ a party a couple of years back. Time Square has a special an interpretation for united state — two youngsters from such different cities who discovered each other in NYC. Emilia always speaks about Times Square as being a important unique brand-new York space — wherein so numerous types, cultures and people come together, the kind of place where girlfriend are never alone. I got special permission come close time Square under for an hour and also proposed to her there one morning in ~ 6 a.m.!”

3. Hudson flow Promenade, financial institution of the Hudson River, native Battery place to 59th Street

Helayne Seidman“Emilia and also I enjoy Sag Harbor, however we’re no really Hamptons people. Instead, we actually enjoy sticking roughly the city throughout the summer. Manhattan seems to empty the end on weekends, and also being below feels a little bit like a mini-staycation. Plus, together an NYC actual estate guy, I prefer to stay close to the product i am selling. Throughout the summer, you have the right to usually find us hanging out follow me the Hudson flow Promenade — especially in the mornings. Ns loved this ar when I lived in West Chelsea and I love it now down in Hudson Square. Plus, it’s really close to my office in Tribeca.”

4. The Orion, 350 W. 42nd St., between Eighth and Ninth avenues

Jim Alcorn“I’ll always remember my an initial million-dollar sale. It was at the Orion condo building and was come a young woman that actually found me on the internet right ~ I started in genuine estate back in 2008. She was relocating to new York City native China and showed up with her parents on a Monday — and needed to find a location by that Friday! I verified her places everywhere town. The was very intense, however we gained her right into the Orion, and she closeup of the door the deal within 45 days!”

5. His Hudson Square apartment, 22 Renwick St., between Spring and Canal streets

“I see virtually 2,000 apartments a year, yet I always felt that once I discovered the location I want I would automatically know it. Ns love Hudson Square’s place — close to Soho, Tribeca and also the West town . . . And with so much brand-new construction everywhere, it’s just a issue of time before Hudson Square explodes.”

6. Suitsupply, 453 Broome St., in between Greene and Mercer streets

William Farrington“I stay suits all day, every day — sometimes also two a job — however finding suits deserve to be a difficulty since ns 6 foot 3 inches and also 210 pounds. I can try labels prefer Tom Ford or Dior, however they price an remarkable amount of money and also require considerable tailoring simply to get my legs through them. So i shop a lot at Suitsupply, who suits are exceptionally durable, high-quality and also can be custom tailored in a couple of hours. They recognize my size now, so i don’t even need to it is in fitted over there anymore. Ns just choose a color, and also I’m done.”

7. Canali Club, 452 Washington St., at watt Street

Brian Zak “I have this good trainer there, Alejandro, that is prefer the Terminator. Canali is very small, really private, and also I to be there practically every day. When I’m there, that just about me and Alejandro — I never think around anything else. I tend to execute a the majority of weights because it’s an task that enables you to it is in in control, and I favor to be able to control every little thing that ns am doing.”

8. Mine mobile office

Brian Zak “I get around town in a very cool Cadillac Escalade that for me is favor a cell phone office.

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Mine driver Yuriy is with me nearly all day, and also he’s like my ideal friend. I kind of feel he will certainly be through me till the day ns die.”