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U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please contact (503) 2501-2999

Outside that Office Hours, contact: (503) 2501-2999

Outside that El Salvador: (301) 985-8840 x – 2999


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Disposition of continues to be Report

When a U.S. Citizen die in El Salvador, us stand all set to help with the notice of the next-of-kin (NOK) the the deceased, assist with burial or transport arrangements, provide contact information of neighborhood funeral homes and also offices, define the procedure because that obtaining a Salvadoran death certificate from neighborhood authorities and also produce an official record that the fatality which have the right to be provided in the joined States. We can assist household members in return the deceased’s remains to the unified States. However, costs may it is in high and also must be payment by the family. Us can also act to safeguard the property and an individual estate that a deceased U.S. Citizen until such property can be turned end to the NOK.

Important Information concerning COVID-19

Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demands for importing human being remains depend upon if the body has actually been embalmed, cremated, or if the person passed away from a quarantinable communicable disease.

At this time, COVID-19 is a quarantinable communicable disease in the joined States and the remains must fulfill the requirements for importation discovered in 42 code of federal Regulations part 71.55 and may be cleared, released, and also authorized for entry into the united States only under the adhering to conditions:

The stays are cremated; ORThe remains are properly embalmed and also placed in a hermetically sealed casket; ORThe stays are add by a permit issued by the CDC Director. The CDC permit (if applicable) need to accompany the person remains at all times during shipment.

Please see CDC’s guidance for added information.

The information is updated tri-annually. The following update is scheduled for June 2022.

The U.S. Embassy in san Salvador has jurisdiction because that the entire nation of El Salvador.

We strong recommend that U.S. Citizens traveling to or residing in El Salvador enroll in the department of State’s clever Traveler Enrollment regimen (STEP). Action enrollment gives you the latest security updates, and also makes it less complicated for the U.S. Embassy to call enrolled U.S. Citizens in one emergency.

We also recommend the U.S. Citizens frequently monitor the State Department’s Consular work website, wherein they can find current Travel Warnings, travel Alerts, and also the an international Caution. Please read the Country certain Information and the take trip Alert Warning for El Salvador. For additional information, you have to refer to “Traveler’s Checklist” on the State Department’s website.

DISCLAIMER: The U.S. Embassy in mountain Salvador, El Salvador presume no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or call of, or the top quality of services provided by, the following persons or firms. Names are listed alphabetically, and the stimulate in i m sorry they show up has no various other significance. Expert credentials and areas of field of expertise are noted directly by the funeral directors, morticians, and also other business providers.

General InformationAll significant funeral homes administer for the collection and transportation of the deceased, embalmment, cremation, wake up or spiritual service and also transportation of remains to cemetery or airplane (shipping expense charges room extra). For an additional fee, the funeral residence will complete every one of the documentation required by neighborhood authorities.

Cemetery plots are of two or four spaces, with the cost dependent upon the location and size. Prices for funeral services variety from 1,500 USD come 6,500 USD and also vary relying on the funeral house chosen. Cremation prices range from 2,400 USD come 5,000 USD; prices differ from 150 USD come 650 USD. Refrigeration of remains is 120.00 USD per day; special packages space available. The expense of air transport for stays varies depending on the final destination and availability of flights. El Salvador offers the U.S. Dollar as its currency.

Capillas Memoriales Servicios Funerarios

Manager: Marvin Lemus (see La Auxiliadora) Site:

Services: general funeral services, refrigeration, and cremation (off site).

Complejo Funerario Montelena

Manager: Tania Michell Morales de Cubías Site:

Services: general funeral services, crematorium, refrigeration, cemetery, church.

Funeraria La Auxiliadora

Manager: Paulina Muñoz internet Site:

Services: general funeral services, refrigeration, cremation (off site)

Funeraria de la Fuerza Armada (FUDEFA)

Manager: Eliu Fuentes Velarde Site:

Services: general funeral services.

Funerales y Crematorio ras Flores

Manager: María José Avilés

funerales.comWeb Site:

Services: basic funeral services, crematorium, refrigeration, cemetery.

Funeraria La Sagrada Familia

Manager: luis SiguenzaAddress: 33 calle poniente y 3 Avenida norte #301 Colonia Layco, san Salvador, El SalvadorTel: (503) 22262000Cel: (503) 78515179WhatsApp: (503) 73188014E-mail: luis & info

Services: general funeral services & refrigeration

Salvadoran personalizeds

Local citizens prefer interment, fairly than cremation, together cremation solutions are fairly brand-new in El Salvador. Wakes normally last between one and also three days, however can exceed three days relying on the circumstances. Mourning usually lasts three and also nine days, in ~ which time, Catholic masses are hosted on a day-to-day basis. Human being tend to wear black garments in order to present their mourning and respect. Memorial services are not customary in El Salvador.

Host nation Religions

Although the Salvadoran structure guarantees liberty of religion and worship, the nation is mainly Roman Catholic. An ext than 60% the the population is roman inn Catholic; 35% room Christian Evangelicals, Assembly that God, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Anglicans, or 7th job Adventists, and 5% represent other tiny religions.

Spanish-speaking religious organizations representing the adhering to are uncovered in El Salvador: roman inn Catholic, Assembly of God, Mormons, Seventh-day Adventist, main American Mission, Baptist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mennonites, and also Lutheran. Certain small indigenous teams profess roman inn Catholicism and Christian Evangelical religious beliefs while likewise incorporating facets of Indian animism and ancestor worship.

An English-language Catholic fixed is available in at the very least one church, and also Protestant solutions in English space also easily accessible through the non-denominational Union Church.

El Salvador has actually ten national refrigerated morgues accessible at no cost controlled by the local forensic offices of the Instituto de Medicina legit “Alberto Masferrer” (IML) with a total capacity the 64 spaces because that refrigerated storage of remains.

Remains deserve to be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer depending on pending investigations prior to the last disposition of the remains must be determined. Generally, if stays are not collected after a one main period, neighborhood authorities will bury castle in a usual grave in a municipal cemetery.


Salvadoran regulation mandates that an autopsy is obligated in all situations of accidental, sudden, violent or suspicious death, and in cases in which fatality did no take place in a known medical facility or hospital and the deceased was no attended come by a medical professional at the time of death. Title IV, thing VII, art 102-E of the Salvadorian Judiciary Organic legislation states that an autopsy may be bespeak or asked for by the following:

• Judges and also Courts that the Republic• Attorney general (FGR) of the Republic and Auxiliary Agents• Solicitor general (PGR) the the Republic under that competence• Officers and Agents indigenous the nationwide Civil Police (PNC) as soon as requested under the law• Those the are specifically authorized through law

Autopsies are performed in morgues the belong come the nationwide judiciary mechanism through the Forensic medical Institute (IML). The autopsies are performed through medical examiners specializing in pathological anatomy, legal medicine, or forensic pathology and also are registered and also authorized through the Salvadoran clinical Association. It is not unexplained for autopsy reports to be created up together “under study” or “pending further investigation”. Unfortunately, these studies and investigations have the right to take numerous months to complete, and also in plenty of cases, they are inconclusive.

Once stays are exit by the regional morgue, they must be prepared, embalmed, or cremated for local funeral or because that transportation exterior of El Salvador.

Disposition of stays – particular Facts

The next-of-kin (NOK) or legitimate representative has 5 options regarding the disposition that the decedent’s remains. The fees for all of the choices vary depending on the type of disposition, transportation, top quality of caskets or containers, and the type of memorial company desired. The top quality of the embalming meets the requirements of the Salvadoran set of Health; however, only significant mortuaries (such together those listed above) satisfy U.S. Standards.

When requested, the ACS Unit that the U.S. Embassy in mountain Salvador will help with coordinating the repatriation that remains in between the funeral home and also the NOK or legal representative.

The best time duration before funeral of remains is required:• 30 days if the continues to be are embalmed.• 48 hours if the stays are no embalmed.

All funeral houses require a deposit (usually half of the estimated prices for the liked services) v the continuing to be fees early upon completion of the service. Others call for the full amount due prior to commencing with the preparation of the remains and also the documentation. Us recommend the the NOK or legal representative deliver money overseas through banks, credit transaction card providers or money deliver companies. As a last resort, the room of State may be maybe to help transfer funds v our office in Washington, D.C. Come U.S. Embassy mountain Salvador. Please see the instructions accessible at sending Money come a U.S. Citizen Overseas. The Embassy will certainly pay ~ above receipt of the funds all services asked for by the NOK, and receipts will certainly be sent out to the NOK, legal representative or depositor. Unspent funds will certainly be reimbursed to the sender via examine issued by the room of State.

Note: every price estimates cited in this report are current as of June 2019, yet are topic to change.

• Cemetery plot prices vary relying on the location and whether the is a municipal or personal cemetery.• Municipal Cemetery (1 plot) – 200 come 2,000 USD• private Cemetery (2 or 4 plots) – 7,500 come 25,000 USD• Columbarium Niches (1 space) – 2,500 to 3,500 USD• Refrigeration of stays (per day) – 120 USD

The funeral residence will complete all documentation as forced by the following entities:

• Instituto de Medicina legit (IML)• Fiscalía basic de la República (FGR)• civil Registry• to adjust of Health• ministry of international Affairs (RR.EE.)• U.S. Embassy mountain Salvador• Airlines

Preparation and also Local burial in El Salvador

Funeral houses offer straightforward preparation services. Remains can be organized for as much as 48 hours prior to their interment.

The expense of the preparation and also local funeral ranges native 1,500 to 5,000 USD. This price walk not encompass the expense of the cemetery plot.

Embalming and also Local burial in El Salvador

Embalmed remains can be held up come 30 days before their interment. All regional funeral homes carry out embalming services. The top quality of the embalming meets the requirements of the Salvadoran to adjust of Health; however, only major mortuaries satisfy U.S. Standards. Remains are normally embalmed no later on than 2 days ~ the death.

The price of embalming and local burial ranges native 2,400 to 5,000 USD. This price go not incorporate the cost of the cemetery plot.

Embalming in El Salvador and also Repatriation of stays to the unified States

Embalming is forced for repatriation of remains to the unified States. Local funeral homes administer caskets and hermetically sealed containers that meet the needs for international transportation of person remains. The funeral home, NOK or legitimate representative must carry out the complying with documents and also information come the U.S. Embassy:

• clinical certificate of fatality from the attending doctor or hospital (If any)• death certificate native the polite Registry• U.S. Passport or other proof the identity• Export permit from the Salvadoran ministry of Health• Name, address, and also phone number of funeral home at destination• trip information (airline, flight number, date, port of entry, departure, and also arrival times)• Affidavit of preparation of remains from the funeral residence for shipment• once the required documents and information have been provided, the U.S. Embassy in san Salvador can issue the Consular Report of fatality Abroad (CRDA), the Consular Mortuary Certificate, and the Affidavit that Embalming to accompany the continues to be in order for the delivery to clean U.S. Customs. The remains should be collected in the United claims by a licensed funeral home as authorized by the NOK or legitimate representative.

The price for embalming in El Salvador and also repatriation to the joined States ranges from 6,000.00 to 7,500.00 USD.

Cremation and also Disposition in El Salvador

Salvadoran general Law of Cemeteries, thing VII, write-ups 31 – 32 enables for cremation of human being remains.

Salvadoran law does not need a composed consent or any kind of other proof native the deceased permitting for the cremation the the remains. However, cremation can not take location within the very first 24 hrs after death without the consent of the mayor of the jurisdiction whereby the death occurred. Further, funeral homes and also other federal government offices may require a straightforward letter native the NOK or legitimate representative authorizing the cremation.

In instances of violent death, cremation cannot be authorized until an investigation is perfect to clarify the cause of death. If death was the repercussion of a criminal act or is the topic of a justice investigation, the mayor will not authorize cremation there is no the concurrence of the criminal prosecutor’s office.

If death arisen as a repercussion of a communicable disease, the Salvadoran general Directorate of Health can order the cremation without a mayor’s consent and before the 24 hours referred come in article 32 the the law.

Currently, there are only two crematoriums in the country, both located in the mountain Salvador area: Funerales y Crematorio ras Flores and also Complejo Funerario Montelena. In addition, number of other significant funeral residences offer off website cremation services in coordination with these crematoriums.

The funeral home, NOK, or legal representative must achieve the following documents and information indigenous the Salvadoran authorities:

• Local fatality certificate• Autopsy report when compelled under Salvadoran law

For the disposition of the cremated remains, the NOK or legit representative may select from the adhering to options:

• funeral of cremated stays (interment)• funeral of cremated remains (columbarium niche)• an individual possession of the cremated remains

The cost for cremation and also disposition of remains in El Salvador arrays from 2,400 to 5,000 USD.

Cremation in El Salvador and Repatriation of stays to the United states

Local funeral houses will carry out containers (urns) that meet shipping requirements. Cremated remains may be personally take away by the NOK or legal representative ~ above a advertisement flight.

To read more about needs for importing continues to be in caskets or ashes in urns, please visit the department of Homeland security (DHS) / Custom and also Border protection (CBP) webpage for significant airlines’ policies concerning this matter.

The funeral home, NOK, or legit representative must obtain the following documents and information indigenous the Salvadoran authorities:

• medical certificate of death from the attending medical professional or hospital (If any)• fatality certificate from the polite Registry• U.S. Passport or various other proof the identity• Export permit from the Salvadoran to adjust of Health• Name, address, and phone variety of funeral residence at destination• trip information (airline, trip number, date, port of entry, departure, and arrival times)• Affidavit of preparation of continues to be from the funeral home for shipment• once the compelled documents and information have been provided, the U.S. Embassy in san Salvador can problem the Consular Report of fatality Abroad (CRDA), the Consular Mortuary Certificate, and also the Affidavit that Cremation to companion the remains.

The expense for cremation of continues to be in El Salvador and also the repatriation come the joined States varieties from 4,000 come 5,000 USD.

Shipping Options

Funeral homes will typically make arrangements because that in-country and international transportation. The NOK, or legit representative need to make the crucial arrangements v the funeral residence for payment that expenses, documentation, preparation, and transportation.

The airlines that provide international shipping native El Salvador come the United states are: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, unified Airlines, and also Avianca. All airline have daily flights to the joined States and offer a similar selection of flights and connections.

Local Authorities that license Funeral Homes

The neighborhood authorities responsible for licensing funeral directors and also morticians are:

• Salvadoran set of Health• Salvadoran ministry of Environment• regional Municipalities

Only significant funeral houses are members the the nationwide Funeral director Association (NFDA) and also the Asociación Gremial Latinoamericana de Cementerios y Servicios Funerarios (ALPAR) v qualified and professionally trained morticians. All other local funeral business providers have actually likely learned the trade v hands top top experience rather than experienced training.

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Exhumation and Shipment the Remains

Chapter VII, post 37 of the Salvadoran Cemetery Law and Article 126 of the Salvadoran code of health and wellness states: “The exhumations of remains before seven year after the interment may be accomplished only with certain authorization native the to adjust of health or upon the presentation that a court order.”

Fees because that exhumations, when the compelled Health Ministry permit and/or court order have actually been obtained, differ from municipality to municipality. In El Salvador, the average cost for exhumation services within seven years after interment is around 1,000.00 USD.The funeral home must achieve the following papers from the Salvadoran Authorities:

• Exhumation permit issued by the ministry of Health• death certificate indigenous the civil Registry• interment certificate approve by the cemetery• Exportation allow issued through the ministry of Health• If the remains are to be repatriated to the unified States, the funeral house must also obtain a Consular Mortuary Certificate indigenous the U.S. Embassy in mountain Salvador. The average cost for delivery ranges native 3,000 to 5,500 USD.