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The production of a listing ~ above eBay will tempt buyers to purchase your vehicle. Be certain the description includes all vital information, the regards to sales, and also a reality price based on research.

eBay enables you to produce 2 types of listings:

Buy now optionAuction option

Managing her listing on eBay is easy. When you’re signed in to my eBay, girlfriend can add information or upgrade the condition of her item come attract much more buyers.

Auction option

The auction option is a good way to obtain the many cash for her old car. This option allows potential buyers come bid for her vehicle, and whoever bids the most within a particular timeframe will acquire the car.

To minimization the danger of acquiring underpaid, eBay offers Reserve Price Auctions that enable you to collection the minimum price bid for your car. This way, buyers can not bid lower amounts than you’re okay getting.

When need to you usage a to make reservation auction?

If you have actually the latest models, exotic cars, or just highly-priced carsIf you’re brand-new to selling a vehicle on eBay MotorsBuy now option

The Buy-It-Now price permits you come specify a addressed sale price for her car.

5. Finalize Sale

Now the you’ve sold your vehicle, the following step is collecting payment and confirming shipping or pickup arrangements with the buyer.

What’s good, eBay doesn’t charge you any added fees when your auto sells. You just pay the listing fees mentioned above in this write-up upfront.

Ensure to inspect with your state’s room of motor Vehicles for instructions on regulating the title transfer.

When it concerns withdrawing your payout, eBay allows you to gain your accumulation via PayPal.

6. Kinds the pick Up/Collection

You probably already established the pickup or shipping state in her eBay motors listing. Most buyers choose to pick up the automobile in person.

However, if your profession does require a shipping service, make sure that the shipping firm you and also the buyer agree to usage is insured and also bonded.

How much Does it cost to offer a vehicle on eBay?

The fees associated with marketing a vehicle on eBay may vary depending on multiple reasons. If you space selling less than 6 vehicles every year, you can expect to salary on average in between $25 and $95 to perform a car.

eBay electric motors Standard Fees

When you listing your auto on eBay, you’re payment the standard listing fees upfront. There room 3 packages $25, $45, and $95.

How lot you’ll salary for setting up your listing counts on the following factors:

Whether you’re a short or a high-volume seller*What kind of automobile you’re listing

* Note: you’re a low-volume seller if you sell much less than 6 cars every year ~ above eBay. You a high-volume seller if friend sell an ext than 6 vehicles in ~ a year v eBay.

The an ext expensive packages let you have your listing up because that a much longer time and give friend bonus features, including the choice to add more photos.

Once you come to be a high-volume seller, things change, and eBay provides you 2 added tools – quick listing tool and advanced tool.

Quick listing tool

If girlfriend leverage the quick listing tool, you’ll should pay a $95 listing fee – just like any low-volume seller would.

Advanced tool

If you a high-level seller, you deserve to use the progressed listing tool for a $50 insertion fee.

Your listing will be increase for just 7 days, but you can prolong this time for an additional cost. One of two people way, an advanced tool is much less expensive when you’re selling much more than 6 car in a year.

eBay motors Payment processing Fees

Accepting deposits through PayPal come with processing fees – 2.9% + $0.30. EBay will immediately deduct this fee once your auto gets sold.

While PayPal isn’t the just option to expropriate payments, the the cheapest one. Credit card transfers commonly come with higher fees, and it depends on the financial institution you’re using.

Shipping Fees

You deserve to use any kind of reliable shipping agency to delivery your vehicle to the buyer. Her shipping cost will very depend top top the business provider you will do it use.

One of the shipping service providers eBay recommends making use of is uShip. Simply enter your zip code to get your rate for shipping her car.

For example, shipping a 2007 Toyota Camry indigenous Austin, TX to brand-new York, NY would expense you on mean $991.

Pro tips to sell Your automobile on eBay Motors

1. Have Your car Inspected

To provide the most accurate information around your car, I extremely recommend the you take it your automobile for an inspection.

2. Attend to Mechanical Issues

Once you’ve inspected her car, you currently know if your auto has any type of mechanical issues. Make sure you attend to any difficulties it has and fix them.

Alternatively, you should suggest your car’s troubles if you can’t fix the issues, so the potential buyers are aware of what they’re buying.

3. Clean the end Your personal Belongings

It’s extremely recommended come remove every one of your personal belongings such as clothes, clean stuff, or equipment from your car before listing it on eBay Motors.

You require the potential buyers to imagine themselves driving your car – a cluttered auto doesn’t seem that appealing.

4. Wash her Car

If you want to offer your vehicle on eBay motors, wash her car. Many sellers don’t establish that keeping the exterior and interior clean will rise the sales prices.

Your car’s appearance indicates you took an excellent care that it 보다 if it to be dirty or oily.

Plus, a clean automobile looks more appealing come potential buyers, catches their eyes more, and also makes them review your listing thoroughly.

5. Take it Appealing Photos

To do sure people see the finest of what you have to offer, take it some an excellent photos!

Try snapping shots from various angles so potential buyers have the right to have a complete overview of your car and also even imagine us owning it.

eBay alternatives – Sell car On various other Platforms

1. Peddle

(No organization or marketing fees; sell your car within 48 hours)

If you’re trying to find the fastest sale possible, it’s precious considering Peddle. Peddle is a car buying agency that will acquisition your car in any condition directly.

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Car problems Peddle accepts:

Used carsDamaged carsJunk carsScrap cars

All you need to do to sell your vehicle to Peddle is send your digital application, denote the make and also model and also the problem of her car. Once you carry out that, the Peddle certified dealer will call you with a quote for your supplied car. And if you accept the deal, they’ll come to pick increase your car within 48 hours, handing you the check with the i agree amount.

Peddle SummaryBuys used, damaged or junk auto nationwideGet immediate quote ~ above (855) 925 4302Free towing within 48 hours after offerReceive payment upon vehicle collection