Don’t be afraid. This deserve to be really good.

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Over the years i’ve bought and also sold loads of points on Craigslist, consisting of my 1999 Jeep cool Cherokee (which was a good experience). So when my girlfriend Hansen Lukman asked on facebook if it was a good idea to offer his auto on Craigslist, i replied, yes!

For a guy, marketing things top top this open-source classified website seems much less risky (and yet, also Hansen to be wary), but for women, it can seem downright scary.

But it do not do it be. I have learned methods to defend myself native fraud and also risk when selling and also buying, and we all understand that marketing a auto privately have the right to net you much more cash than offering it to a automobile dealer. So right here are my advice for offering a car (or anything) on Craigslist.

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1. Prepare Your automobile for a buyer to autumn in Love

Make certain your auto is in that best, most presentable shape. Get it washed, polished and detailed for this reason it’s clean and also smells nice. Think about replacing something that could need it, such as floor mats, and also remove something unnecessary such as vehicle seats or trunk arranging bins. Be sure any type of accessories, such together a cargo cover, grocery net or spare tire kit, are clean and also stored in the cargo area.


A couple of photography tips deserve to go a long means toward selling your used car. Photo: Desiree Miller

2. Take an excellent photos

I can’t say enough about this. Buyers scour photos because that details to recognize if they want to take it the next step and also contact you. To aid them, take her photos as quickly as you’ve detailed your car, take it them in an attractive place that is no your driveway or in prior of your house, and take finish photos (so, don’t reduced off the bumper) therefore the buyer have the right to truly check out what the auto looks like.

Make sure the light is great so colors and also details have the right to be seen. Take it photos of all the exterior angles and of important interior details; also photograph any kind of damage the the buyer should be aware of. You can upload a dozen photos and often, buyers questioning me to email more photos prior to they commit to taking a look.

3. Carry out Your Homework: how much is your automobile really worth?

This is critical. Research the exclusive party price because that your car on sites choose KBB or AutoTrader, and also be honest around your car’s condition, the worth of the features and also the current marketplace. Watch at exactly how many as with it are for sale and also the asking prices. You might even take note of a couple of and ask the owner to email you v the sales price once it’s sold.

Once you recognize the market value, collection your price: questioning price, right sale price, and lowest minimum price.

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4. Write a kickass ad


Jeeps because that sale ~ above Craigslist operation the spectrum from pristine to in require of TLC; prospective buyers can additionally look at ads indigenous dealers, people or both.

Include what would you want to recognize when looking in ~ used vehicle ads: price, mileage, year, condition, features, damage, any far-reaching repair work, that it has a clean title.

Then incorporate this: cash only, no 3rd parties, no money orders, no shipping, no funny business.

When I first started making use of Craigslist I had tons of scammers answer my ads with all sorts of crazy offers. As soon as I added the no-nonsense clause, castle stopped.

5. Produce a folder for your posting information

Keeping all your info in one ar will aid you come repost your advertisement if your car doesn’t market in the very first week (your Craigslist ad expires after ~ a week). Save all her photos, your advertisement copy and the activation attach that Craigslist sends out you in a file. This is an excellent for reposting, modifying your ad if you realize that buyers want to know something girlfriend hadn’t originally included, and emailing an ext photos to potential buyers.

If you need to repost your advertisement and want to usage the specific same ad, just click the original activation link and you can repost in seconds. Another reason come love Craigslist.

6. Post her ad—and what not to include

This part is pretty easy, however keep a pair of things out of her ad: her address: do NOT examine the map box—unless you really want human being coming to your house.

Don’t incorporate your phone number; i never encompass mine, instead, I usage the Craigslist answer email. I only administer my phone number to world who email to ask about the sale item.

Consider opening an e-mail account just for this sale and use a gender-neutral name. Also if girlfriend open an e-mail account through a name choose Jeep4Sale, the name on the account still comes up in the recipient’s mailbox. Due to the fact that my surname is Scott, that a nice security barrier—people don’t suppose a mrs (unless they Google me first, i m sorry most human being don’t seem come do).

7. Answer to inquiries—except the crackpots

You can ignore them. Shot to filter the end the earnest inquiries, few of which can, due to English-as-a-second langue issues, sound crackpot-y also when they space earnest. Answer promptly, answer inquiries honestly and send more photos if requested. This is where you should understand what price you’ll accept, a place for meeting a prospective buyer and also what payment process you’ll need for the transaction. For an ext on that store reading.

8. Meeting your prospective buyer

Of course bring a friend, though it’s more than likely most helpful if that human stays in his vehicle so the the buyer knows you protected however doesn’t feel outnumbered. Permit the the person who lives look the auto over and also answer she questions. If she desires to take a test drive, great! take a photo of her motorists license, be sure your insurance allowance will protect you in situation of one accident (do this ahead of time of course) and also hop in the earlier seat (assuming she didn’t come to this meeting alone either).

9. The pre-sale inspection

You wouldn’t buy a used auto that hadn’t to be inspected by a mechanic, right? Don’t mean your perspective the person who lives to, either. If she interested, ask she to do an appointment v a mechanic (you can give her some dates/times that room convenient because that you) and meet she there. Ideally the mechanic is right next door come her financial institution so that once all go well, you can finish the transaction.

I to buy my automobile with my cabinet phone. Really!

10. The transaction: get your money!

You desire cash right? The best place to acquire it is the buyer’s bank. She have the right to either have actually the bank cut a cashier’s check—which you deserve to watch being ready so you know it’s good—or finalize she loan and also write you a check. You’ll additionally probably need to have actually the title carry notarized, i beg your pardon her financial institution can also do.

With check in hand, remove the patent plates from your car and also call for your Lyft.

11. What rather to save in mind

Make certain the car’s location is clean, totally free of liens, loans or ex-husband’s names.The buyer’s bank may additionally be able come wire transport the cash to your account, frequently for a small fee.Be certain to publication insurance on the auto as soon as that soldYou may need come return your patent plates and also a administer a bill of revenue to her Department of motor Vehicles; inspect your regional lawsBe certain to clean all your items the end of the automobile before the last transaction; girlfriend don’t need her enjoying her EZPass or Outerbanks overland permit.

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What to be my very own Jeep sale suffer like?

Excellent. Ours Jeep had actually a swollen engine, and while that ran, that barely did. Ns researched what it to be worth, about $1,000, and provided my include on Craigslist. I was upfront around its condition and immediately a other from lengthy Island emailed me. That was precisely what he to be looking for.

Turned out that that buys old Jeeps and fixes them. He available me $800 and came to acquire it the following day, bringing his girlfriend and a tow bar. He hooked it come his truck and I sadly waved good bye come the Bat-Mo-Jeep together it rolled out of the driveway. It to be the automobile that carried our babies home from the hospital, that moved us an ext than a couple of times, the took united state up and also down the East coastline visiting family. However they to be happy tears, too; our Jeep to be going to a good new home, many thanks to Craigslist.