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There space a few different prime membership prices. Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock

Amazon prime costs:

$119 per year because that an yearly Amazon prime membership, or $12.99 per month. Payment month-to-month will price you about $37 an ext than the yearly option over a year.

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$59 a year for an Amazon Prime student membership, or $6.49 every month. The monthly price is about $19 an ext than paying annually for students.$5.99 a month because that a discounted membership easily accessible to EBT and Medicaid cardholders. This quantities to about $72 every year and also it have the right to only be provided for increase to four years.$8.99 every month because that a subscription to element Video. This would limit your access to any membership perks outside of the Prime video library.

10 exclusive right of an Amazon prime membership

When girlfriend pay because that Amazon Prime, you"ll be able to accessibility the complying with benefits:

Free two-day delivery on Prime-eligible items (and yes, there are plenty of of those — more than 100 million items, according to Amazon).Free one-day and same-day shipping on select items (in millions), and complimentary "ultra-fast" two-hour grocery delivery.Free release-date distribution on choose items, like video clip games and also music.Discounted, emergency delivery.Free streaming of Prime-eligible (as well as Amazon original) movies, TV shows, and also Audible Channels.Free streaming of much more than two million ad-free songs in Amazon Music Prime, in enhancement to thousands of stations and also offline listening.Free games every month, including in-game content and also a totally free monthly Twitch channel subscription.Prime Reading, which provides you with access to end a thousand eBooks, magazines, comics, and much more — throughout any device.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Overall, if you"re the kind of human who frequently shops online and also can bought the yearly membership, the element membership might be a an excellent way to save money.


13 reasons why an Amazon prime membership is precious the $119 yearly fee

The convenience variable is additionally quite high, because delivery deserve to be as fast as two hours from ordering. And, assuming friend take benefit of the various perks, it renders for a heavy service. If girlfriend aren"t planning to spend more than the membership expense on deliveries in the next year, however, it probably doesn"t make feeling to spring for the annual membership.

A monthly member (or the complimentary 30-day trial) might be a an excellent option, if, for example, girlfriend knew you were going to it is in making a the majority of orders in the next couple of weeks.

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Quick tip: keep in mind the Amazon walk offer complimentary shipping there is no Prime, as lengthy as her order is $25 or more.

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