When the time involves refinish hardwood flooring, it pays to shop roughly for the finest price. The expense to refinish hardwood floors ranges from $1,074 to $2,485, through the national mean at $1,757.

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Calculating the cost to refinish hardwood floors will aid you remain on budget. Prices have the right to differ native the national average because of the size of the hardwood flooring area, location, labor, material costs, prep work, sanding, staining, coating, and finishing.

Size of Room or Home

The much more square footage for the project, the an ext it will certainly cost. A 15-foot by 15-foot room (225 square feet) will certainly cost in between $675 come $1,125, or $3 to $5 every square foot.


The price that hardwood floor refinishing can fluctuate due to location. If girlfriend live in an urban area v a high price of living, the price of labor folded right into the in its entirety cost will be considerably higher.


Labor prices are usually between $2 and also $5 per square foot. The price that labor relies on how much prep job-related the floor needs, the area’s accessibility, exactly how much sanding is needed, and the geographical location of her home.

Material Costs

Materials required for refinishing hardwood floors include a north sander, sanding belt, miscellaneous tools because that prep or fix work, vacuums, plastic sheeting, stain, and topcoat. Larger areas will require an ext stain and also topcoat than smaller areas.


Preparing hardwood floors for refinishing requires repairs, replacing lumber boards if needed, and also cleaning. The degree of the prep job-related is based on the condition of the hardwood flooring. Floors v extensive damages such together deep scratches and also gouges, staining, fading, or water damages will need more prep work and repair, i m sorry will rise material and also labor costs.


On average, sanding hardwood floors can cost between $.50 to $3 per square foot. Sanding is done with large drum sanders for many of the area and also belt sanders around the perimeter. Sanding typically takes numerous passes to make sure the hardwood flooring is smooth and also blemish-free.


Staining hardwood floors costs in between $1 and $3 per square foot. Prices can vary due to the quality and form of stain and the price of labor in your area. Low-end stains median $30 every gallon, and high-end ones deserve to go because that $100 per gallon. Prepare to wait up to 24 hours in between stain applications.

Coating or Finishing

After the hardwood floors have actually been prepped, sanded, and also stained, the final step is a topcoat. Water- or oil-based polyurethane is applied in also coats. Oil-based coating operation from $20 come $40 per gallon. The takes approximately 24 hours to dry and also over time will develop an amber hue. Water-based coating costs between $25 and $50 every gallon. This coating is clear and also will not readjust over time. It likewise dries quicker than one oil-based one. Topcoats are available in matte to high-gloss finishes, and also after drying, they may be buffed for extr shine and also to accomplish an even finish.

If your hardwood floor is in relatively good shape and also doesn’t have actually deep scratches or gouges, over there is the option simply to recoat the floor. Recoating involves the applications of polyurethane to the flooring there is no the extra price of sanding. Recoating costs in between $1 and $2 every square foot.

Additional Costs and Considerations

When budgeting come cover the cost to refinish hardwood floors, there room usually added price factors and also considerations. These can incorporate the problem of the floor, repairs, carpet removal, moving furniture, cleaning, and traditional vs. Dustless refinishing.


Floor Condition

The far better the condition of the hardwood floor, the an ext budget-friendly the task price will certainly be. Floors in poor condition will certainly take an ext time come prep, repair, and sand, which means additional job costs.

Subfloor Repairs

If her floor has comprehensive water damage, the subflooring may need to it is in repaired or replaced. Subflooring repairs have the right to run approximately $7 every square foot. If the subflooring is loose and squeaky, a contractor deserve to secure it come the joists to remove the squeaks.


Expect to salary extra if the hardwood floor is in ~ carpeting. A contractor will certainly charge additional fees to eliminate carpeting before refinishing the hardwood flooring. Removal and disposal costs in between $.25 and also $1 every square foot, and removing carpeting from stairs can run from $7 to $10 every step.

Moving Furniture and also Cleaning

Before hardwood floors have the right to be refinished, every little thing needs to be relocated out of the space, including furniture. Ask her contractor if there space extra dues to relocate furniture the end of a room or if it’s included in the estimate. Also, take into consideration asking if they handle the cleaning after the job is completed.

Traditional vs. Dustless Refinishing

A an ext expensive option is dustless refinishing. Dustless refinishing can cost between $5 and also $8 every square foot and creates considerably less dust than classic refinishing. Experts will attach a vacuum come the sander to collect most of the dust. Dustless refinishing is valuable to those with allergies or breath difficulties.

Types that Hardwood Floors

The kind of hardwood floor doesn’t affect the overall cost the floor refinishing; the process, tools, materials, and how lengthy the refinishing takes won’t change due come the lumber type. Part hardwoods might need special care when sanding, yet the overall procedure is the same. The expense to refinish hardwood floors varieties from $3 come $8 per square foot.


The cost to refinish oak flooring is in between $3 and $5 every square foot. Oak is also a really common flooring hardwood, and also contractors will have actually experience with refinishing this material. Oak is durable and also can stand up to a the majority of foot traffic, so there’s tiny to no need for extra care when refinishing this kind of flooring.

Cherry Wood

Cherry hardwood floors cost in between $3 and also $5 per square foot come refinish. Lock are one of the most common species of hardwood floors, and the procedure is comparable to refinishing oak floors: sanding, cleaning, staining, and also sealing. Cherry has a normally smoother texture than other types of wood, so it refinishes particularly well. Cherry hardwood flooring has a distinctive color and also deepens in color and also patina over time, therefore you might want to select a stain alternative that highlights rather than detracts native the wood’s herbal qualities.


Refinishing parquet flooring also runs native $3 come $5 per square foot. It’s encourage to hire a experienced to refinish this format of flooring due to the fact that the lumber grain runs in different directions, and it can damage easily. If her parquet floors have an extreme sheen or orange tint that you uncover dated or unappealing, refinishing is an excellent way to update the floors and also make castle look more modern.

Engineered Hardwood

Expect come pay approximately $3 come $5 to refinish engineered hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood is composed of a thin layer of real wood on top of plywood. Because of this, it takes a professional to effectively sand engineered hardwood because only a thin layer deserve to be sanded off. Any type of sanding mistakes result from a DIY task will ruin the flooring. Engineered hardwood may only be able to be refinished one to three times prior to the veneer becomes also thin.


The cost to refinish jaw flooring varieties from $4 to $7 every square foot. Because pine is a softer lumber that dents and scratches more easily, the contractor demands to be mindful with the sanding process and vary the grit relying on the problem of the floor, which method a slightly higher price. Pine additionally absorbs stain in different ways than other varieties of wood, so be careful when picking a stain color and also steer far from dark stains.


Maple floor refinishing prices can average in between $6 and also $8 every square foot. Since maple is a durable, higher-end material, the takes more effort to sand and an ext time because that the stain to sink into the wood. Staining maple a darker shade makes it much more susceptible to clearly shows stains as contrasted to a lighter color.


Expect to pay between $6 and $8 every square foot come refinish mahogany floors. Mahogany flooring needs more time because that sanding to avoid damages to the darker lumber color. It’s recommended to rental a expert to refinish mahogany flooring so it won’t it is in damaged. Mahogany flooring it s okay darker gradually as it’s exposed come sunlight, for this reason it may be more difficult to readjust the color of larger mahogany flooring.

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors: execute I should Refinish my Hardwood Floors?

Refinishing hardwood floors will eliminate scratches and also gouges and reveal the natural warmth and also beauty the the timber flooring. If there is water or UV damages to the flooring, a full refinish will gain back the luster and shine. Below are some reasons to think about refinishing your hardwood floors.

Dents or Scratches space Visible

If the flooring is scratched up in lot of areas and also has seen better days, it’s time for a refinish. Sanding the floor to a smooth finish is the best method to get your hardwood floor looking favor new. Deeper scratches may require some extra repair, and a expert will have the ability to ensure the the repairs blend seamlessly right into the remainder of the floor.

Boards Are turning Gray or Black

Even continuous cleaning can cause water damages if the protective layer has actually worn turn off the hardwood flooring. Water-damaged hardwood flooring will revolve gray or black color if sufficient water has actually soaked into it. The darker the lumber is, the more damage it has. Refinishing the floor before the damage gets too extensive will certain the structure integrity the the flooring. Save in mind the if the damage is widespread, part boards may need to it is in replaced.

The Colors are Fading

Sunlight streaming throughout a radiant hardwood floor might look appealing, however damaging UV rays deserve to take a toll. Hardwood flooring deserve to fade and also become discolored by sunlight. If you an alert that your flooring is looking dull and also faded, a refinish will aid restore the wood’s organic color. Refinishing also permits you to alter the color if you’re not happy through the wood’s herbal hue. Because that example, if girlfriend don’t prefer the red hue the cherry flooring, a different color of stain deserve to make the flooring appear much more neutral.

Refinishing vs. Instead of Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors is more cost-effective 보다 replacing them. ~ above average, the costs around $2,000 to $7,000 to replace hardwood flooring (two to three times more than come refinish). It’s a an ext sustainable and environmentally friendly an option to refinish and also take treatment of the hardwood floors you already have instead of replacing them. If the flooring cannot be refinished, then there’s no an option but to replace it. Below are some reasons replacement would be needed.

There’s Water Damage, or structure Integrity has Been Compromised

Extreme water damage due to flooding or burst pipes will deteriorate the structural integrity that the hardwood floor and the subflooring underneath. Or if your home has been the victim of a termite infestation, the flooring may be unstable or also damaged to be refinished. If the flooring is unsafe, repairs and replacement will certainly be needed.

The Boards room Too Thin

Older hardwood floors may have actually been previously sanded and also refinished, or newer engineered hardwood floors may not have sufficient veneer left. There are only so many times a floor deserve to be refinished before the boards are too thin. If this is the case, instead of is the only option.

You’re Upgrading your Floors

Refinishing is mainly a cosmetic upgrade. If you’re looking come upgrade much less expensive timber floors to something with much more durability and far better resale value, replacement is the way to go. Replacing the floors also provides the chance to include a brand-new subflooring or resolve constantly squeaking floorboards.

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors: DIY vs. Rental a Professional

It may be tempting to DIY this job to save on the expense to refinish hardwood floors, yet it’s more facility than it looks. Refinishing hardwood floors is a time-consuming, messy, and also costly job. On average, suppose to salary from $500 to $1,000 come refinish hardwood floors on your own. The price to rental a north floor sander is in between $50 and also $80 per day or $100 to $200 for a weekend rental. You’ll need more than just a north sander to complete the project. The price of other materials such together sandpaper, belt sander, edger, nails, stain, topcoat, brushes, rollers, safety gear, shop vacuum, clean materials, and more will quickly include up. Keep in mind that sanding and finishing mistakes deserve to be expensive. Prepare come pay 2 to 3 times the price to change the floors than you would have actually paid a skilled to carry out the refinishing project for you.

How to conserve Money on the price to Refinish Hardwood Floors

The expense to refinish hardwood floors have the right to be pricey, and the additional costs associated with the project have the right to quickly add up. One method to conserve money top top the cost of hardwood floor refinishing is to discover the least expensive contractor, but there room other ways to save money without compromising quality.

Do the prepare work. Clear all furniture and an individual objects out of the room to save on labor costs. If the hardwood flooring is under carpeting, rip it the end on your own. These options don’t take skill, yet it involves time and also effort on her part.Get lot of estimates. selecting the cheapest contractor might save some money, however you get what you salary for most times. Check out reviews and ask questions to gain the price that’s best for you and also your home.Take treatment of the cleaning. Many contractors will charge extra because that cleaning up after the refinishing job. If friend don’t mental cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping up after the project is completed, this is a an excellent way to conserve some cash.

Questions to Ask about Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Asking a skilled the right questions about floor refinishing can aid minimize miscommunication, conserve money, and get the desired results. Below are some concerns to ask around the expense to refinish hardwood floors.

Can you administer a list of references?How long have actually you remained in business?Does the estimate include the price of relocating furniture and also cleaning?How lengthy will the refinishing take?Do you offer a warranty?Are girlfriend insured and also bonded?What are the payment arrangement options?How will certainly you safeguard my home from all the dust?How soon can I to walk on the floor ~ it’s refinished?What sort of stain and coating is best for my flooring?How execute you handle damage that happens during the job?


Deciding on the right means to refinish hardwood floors while keeping the cost down can be a daunting process. Below are some generally asked questions about the cost to refinish hardwood floors to assist guide girlfriend in your decisions.

Q. Just how long walk refinishing hardwood floors take?

It takes around 5 hours per 100 square feet the flooring. The flooring condition and also the intricacy that the layout also influence how lot time it will certainly take.

Q. Just how much walk it price to refinish 1,000 square feet that hardwood flooring?

The price to refinish 1,000 square feet that hardwood flooring averages between $3,000 come $8,000.

Q. Should I refinish or replace my hardwood floor?

On average, it expenses 50 percent much less to refinish than replace a hardwood floor.

Q. How frequently should ns refinish my hardwood floor?

Hardwood floors start mirroring their age roughly 10 years after installation. It’s encourage to refinish floors every 7 come 10 years, relying on the extent of the damage. Hardwood flooring have the right to be refinished between 4 and also 10 times, depending on the thickness the the wood.

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Q. Does refinishing floors develop a most dust?

Yes. As soon as the job begins, be prepared for a most dust. Many builders offer dustless refinishing with a an equipment that vacuums up the dust together the floor is refinished. It will take treatment of many of the dust, but no refinishing procedure is totally dust-free.