You will discover a wide range of prices for a wide range of services. There can be an $1,000+ price distinction based turn off the exact same amount of work on the mountain. Over there is a lot to take into consideration here. Carry out you want good food, safety, shelter, toilet tents, protection team, equipment, experience, top quality staff ? perform you likewise want these employee to have good food, safety, shelter and also equipment. Then you will need to pay for it. We have our very own team ~ above the ground and also our head guide was poll Kilimanjaro’s Number 1 Guide.

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The route for Success

After putting over 3,600 human being on the summit us have arisen a high quality system and unique itinerary for a successful Kilimanjaro Summit. If you want to give yourself the finest chance the success you will be paying $350 come $450 per day to have 35+ top quality staff, top quality tents, equipment, security equipment, quality food and all the systems in place. So for a 7 day Machame route climb you will certainly pay all over from $2,300 come $4,000 consisting of airport choose up and also drop off and also hotel nights top top either side of the trip. Because that a 8 work Lemosho course climb you will certainly pay all over from $2,700 come $4,500 relying on the hotels, service the firm offers before the climb. If you have actually a western guide it can price even more. Remember 8 work on the mountain provides you the best and also safest possibility of stand on the summit.

How numerous Staff execute you Need

Consider the staff working for friend on the mountain. You likewise have to take into consideration the staff, porters, guides and also support crew all need to be paid correctly and also cheap operators, reduced corners on food and wages for staff so girlfriend can get a cheaper price. This need to not be enabled but continues to happen due to the fact that people want cheaper prices. Don’t be fooled much less days on the mountain and also cheaper prices way your safety and also the safety of the regional staff is at risk.

In your study you will certainly be trying to find the cheapest deal, but this really is no possible. Friend will additionally see a wide range of prices quoted for climbing Kilimanjaro. There are hundreds of licensed operator on Kilimanjaro. Numerous choices, companies and people saying they market the best service increase the mountain.

Picking the ideal Team

There space a lot of disastrous operators ~ above Kilimanjaro. The trouble is plenty of of the companies operating ~ above Kilimanjaro space not very many dependable companies. Every pilgrimage I to be on, i am continually called over come treat noble climbers, your teams have actually no medication, oxygen or any kind of safety equipment with them. The staff likewise have no idea what they are doing.

Your decision will either make to rest your opportunities of success. Only 60% that climbers with the summit. So you need much more time top top the mountain. Us recommend 8 days as the minimum quantity you need to consider. What is just as important is staying out of the sun, having an excellent food, staying fine hydrated and also the speed of your climb is an important to success. 

There is more to Think about Than Price

You have to not make her decision based on price alone. From our experience, shopping the cheap transaction on Kilimanjaro will certainly leave you disappointed. You worthy experience, high quality organization for the appropriate price.

We sell a high-end service and also the ideal price. Clock our video’s, check out our Testimonials on our website and also testimonials top top Facebook. we don’t reduced corners and we offer the ideal available. Us use appropriate mountain tough wear tents, mountain difficult wear dome tents, wonderful food and proper seating.

How might Guides do You Need

Think around going top top a western guided service. You will certainly get access to civilization 5 work a week who have climbed the mountain numerous times and that knowledge and information around training and preparation may be priceless. You will read info saying neighborhood guides recognize the mountain far better than international guides. This have the right to be true for some elements of the climb. Overall, this is very shortsighted.

As most neighborhood guides have actually no idea or have actually the authority to revolve clients approximately or have the skills set to regulate western clients. The human being calling themselves local specialist have actually no medical training or understanding of manage groups of world properly in ~ high and extreme altitude. In the 20+ time I have climbed Kilimanjaro. I need to rescue civilization maybe 50% that the time. Usually because local travel guide fail to control clients right from work one ~ above the mountain. They speak pole, pole yet really done recognize what that means in terms of managing groups together a whole.

Every Kilimanjaro climb should have the following:

1). excellent food: 3 food meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

2). 1 to 1 assistance on Summit night

3). 1 bottle of oxygen every every 5 climbers, Gamow bag and full clinical kit.

4). warmth tents (mountain difficult wear Trango 4) & personal toilet tents.

5). an excellent seating for you come rest and eat meals

6). Pulse Oximeters, together a secondary measure for testing o2 level (morning and night)

7). Flying physicians cover (we have this included in our price)

8). Access to professionals prior come the climb offering advice ~ above preparation and also training

9). 8 work on the mountain via the Lemosho route offers the finest chance in ~ success

10). Security team on the hill to safeguard your equipment

Listen to Experts

You will read that girlfriend don’t have to train and hiking up and down Kilimanjaro is easy. I can assure the is no straightforward task. You can chance your eight with less days ~ above the mountain. From two decades experience and having been on the height of Everest, peak of Kilimanjaro 35+ times and also seen so many mishaps on mountains approximately the world. Girlfriend really need the appropriate team in location with the right staff, security equipment and most importantly the ideal amount of work on the mountain.


Experience matters on Kilimanjaro

There are a most travel providers offering Kilimanjaro climbs however have no genuine experience of dealing with altitude sickness, managing pace, groups in emergency. They sell package holidays, cruises and getaway holidays. Friend really need to stay far from these companies as castle outsource the service to human being they don’t know. We know each employee member top top the ground and we work with the very same guides, porters, tent crew, security, servers, chef, kitchen staff and also toilet crew on every one of our trips. So you require a crew that work together continually on the mountain. Our head guide has to be training in the Alps, trekked to Everest basic Camp and Island peak and is the best overview on Kilimanjaro. Us hope our various other guides will follow in his footsteps in the years to come.


Trust the reviews

With over a decade of endure on Kilimanjaro and putting end 3,600 people on the summit. Our staff have all climbed Kilimanjaro and helped guide civilization through the procedure of obtaining to the summit and also we have actually a 95% success price on ours 8 job Lemosho course climbs, v most groups at 100% success. Every our trips are guaranteed to run, no matter just how many human being are signed up.


Avoid Cheap reduced Corners Operators

It is really essential to protect against cheap operators at all costs. Most of these carriers are operation out the Moshi and also use short prices to entice you. Lock under reduced each various other putting her safety and safety of employee at risk. Cutting corners ~ above all facets of Kilimanjaro is dangerous. The biggest of i beg your pardon is they never have enough food for this reason they shot and rush world up the hill as quickly as possible, utilizing a wide variety of excuses come get human being off the hill quickly. The one point you shouldn’t do at high and also extreme altitude is to walk fast.

These budget plan trips have actually inferior guides, no security measures, shocking poor equipment, unpredictable in every aspects, Your an individual gear can go missing, no respect for the mountain, Littering and they can not it is in trusted prior to or on the mountain.

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Support The Dream Team

By using budget plan operators you are exploiting poor people in Tanzania. They are not paying the correct earnings recommended through the Tanzania park Authority. Cheap trips to Kilimanjaro carry out not pay staff an ethical wage. Cheap trips perform not feed the staff and you need to understand that this is no to way to build quality safe solutions on any kind of mountain. You need to only support carriers that display their support for the mountain staff. With out the staff, safety and security measures, great food and porters you would certainly not have the ability to climb Kilimanjaro. If girlfriend would choose to join our team, support our staff and bring gifts for a local orphanage we support, get in touch today and learn much more about our quality trips.