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In this Gordon Ramsay MasterClass review, we’ll view if his virtual course ~ above home food preparation actually helps you to learn brand-new skills and new recipes you have the right to use in your residence kitchen.


Gordon Ramsay, the energetic, boastful, and rough-around-the-edges chef, starts his MasterClass on cooking (Part 1) with an elegant promise.

What you are going to watch for the very first time ever is real detail, real understanding, and also finesse lugged together from begin to finish. You’ll see a next to me across this course that ns don’t think has ever been displayed before.

The gregarious world-renowned chef and also television personality might not be your first idea of a MasterClass chef. However, after watching Ramsay’s class I’ve grown come respect his cooking talents and his love of sharing his craft.

In this MasterClass review, you will do it learn:

What walk this MasterClass promise?How lot does Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass cost?What’s contained in the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass?About the framework of the classKey points I learned after taking the MasterClassThings ns liked and didn’t like around the Gordon Ramsay MasterClassIs Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass worth the money?

I set out come answer one question: Will Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass teach you to end up being a far better cook at home?

I uncovered that yes, you will be a far better home cook, yet only if you have actually some suffer in the kitchen an initial (skip ahead to uncover out why).

The best downside that this MasterClass is you’ll have to frequently pause it come grab a snack — every little thing Ramsay cooks look at delicious.

Let’s dive deeper and unpack this MasterClass.

Quick Q&A around Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

Do I require a subscription to access this course?

Yes. MasterClass fees a yearly subscription to accessibility all of your courses. Jump to the pricing ar to find out more.

How long is the MasterClass?

The Gordon Ramsay MasterClass on cooking (Part 1) is 3 hours and also 53 minutes long and spans 20 video clip lessons.

Does MasterClass have a cancellation policy?

Yes. If you cancel within 30 days of purchase, will certainly uphold their money-back guarantee and issue friend a full refund.

Is the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass precious it?

Yes. Also better, a MasterClass membership offers you access to Ramsay’s component 2 class on restaurant recipes.

Get the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass on residence cooking

About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is the brothers chef and also television personality known for his occupational on MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares. He likewise owns the world-renowned Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London and has written miscellaneous cookbooks.

He began cooking in ~ the age of 16 after ~ a knee injury prevented the from chasing ~ his football dreams. In ~ 23 he relocated to Paris come study cooking from the best, namely guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon. There, he spent 3 year honing his craft before eventually moving earlier to London and also becoming the head cook of Aubergine.

Chef Ramsay is a seven-star Michelin cook which means in full his restaurants have earned 7 coveted Michelin stars throughout his career. For reference, this puts the in the height ten chefs lively today.

When friend cook, it’s not from a script—

it’s native the heart.

Gordon Ramsay

What does this MasterClass promise?

As a decent home chef myself, I had high hopes and also expectations coming right into this MasterClass. I knew there were areas in the kitchen whereby I must improve and also I really wanted to learn how to chop and also slice together the experienced chefs perform on food preparation shows.

This sales web page for this MasterClass assures one thing: you’re not simply learning recipes, you’re learning just how to take it your food preparation to the next level.

The “next level” lock speak of is threefold:

finding out kitchen setup and also step-by-steptechniquesUnderstanding ingredientsConstructing unforgettable and also mouthwatering dishes

Ramsay is a seven-star Michelin chef. He’s known for his brash habits in the kitchen. However, evaluate from the course trailer, this MasterClass seems to desire to showcase another side the him. One the is generous to present the skills and understanding he’s gathered over the past 30 year in the cook arts.

However, my an initial question prior to diving into the great was: who specifically is this class for? The development lesson answered my question somewhat.

What you room going to watch for the first time ever is actual detail, real understanding, and also finesse lugged together from begin to finish. Whatever I’ve learned, understood, grabbed, stolen, perfected is laid bare throughout this MasterClass.

From what I might gather beforehand on, MasterClass is do a large promise: We’ll teach you residence cooking skills from a seven-star Michelin chef, but only if you have some suffer beforehand.

As I’ll describe below, if you currently don’t know how to cook, this MasterClass might not be useful for you. However, friend will certainly find that inspiring.

Ramsay demonstrating knife an abilities

So, walk Ramsay’s cooking class live up to its promises? did he meet my expectations? I’ll cover that at the finish of the evaluation (skip front if you desire to uncover out). But first, let’s talk around what’s more than likely on her mind:

How much does Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass cost?

If you want to take it Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass, you have three all-access pass alternatives to pick from:

$25 every month subscription$60 every 3-month subscription (saves you 20%)$180 every year subscription (saves girlfriend 40%)

The price may seem steep, however, the subscription gives you unlimited accessibility to all 90+ MasterClass courses, including Ramsay’s other food preparation course ~ above restaurant recipes and also other noteworthy chefs such as Dominique Ansel, Alice Waters, thomas Keller, Massimo Bottura, and also Wolfgang Puck.

If you look at it, one MasterClass is someone’s entire body of skilled work presented in well-organized and educational video content. In addition, one MasterClass subscription grants you access to over 80 of these courses.

Moreover, if it turns out the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass isn’t for you, possibilities are you’ll uncover other MasterClasses you will certainly enjoy.

What is included in the Gordon Ramsay cooking MasterClass?

Here’s a outline of what you are getting with the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass.

Runtime:3 hours 53 minutes
Reviews:4.7 out of 5 ⭐️
Lessons:20 video lessons
Materials:1 class cookbook


The runtime is just short of 4 hours, which is about average compared to other MasterClasses I’ve bring away before. I preferred watching the course at 1.5x rate which way I finished the entire video course in about 2 and also a fifty percent hours.

Supplemental material

This MasterClass come with just one type of supplemental material, a 44-page downloadable “cookbook” and also workbook. All 6 recipes Ramsay cooks are provided in the PDF which way you won’t have to scramble because that pen and file while watching the lessons. The PDF also comes fitted with links to other valuable resources (such as this printable seafood guide), also as, sections titled “Take if further” that offer an important insights not extended in the video lessons.

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Community Access

Finally, favor every MasterClass, this one comes v its own neighborhood Forum wherein you can connect with fellow aspiring cooks. The Ramsay web page is energetic with various other passionate learners and home cooks and is a good resource to obtain peer feedback top top your food preparation skills.

SCREENSHOT bring away 7 respectable 2020

About the structure of the class

Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass on cooking is separated up into 20 cooking lessons through an mean run time of roughly 11 minutes per lesson. However, the video clip playback buttons sell you the capability to watch the course at 1.5x and also 2x speed.

Lesson plan:

IntroductionGordon’s Journey: finding out from MastersMethod: Kitchen LayoutMastering Ingredients: vegetable & HerbsMake: Poached Egg & mushrooms on BriocheMethod: Knife SkillsMake: Elevated Scrambled EggsMethod: Breaking down a whole ChickenMake: Chicken Supreme v Root VegetablesMastering Ingredients: Fish & ShellfishGordon’s Journey: becoming a MasterMethod: Breaking down a whole FishMake: Salmon with Shellfish MinestroneMethod: make Pasta DoughMethod: rolling Pasta DoughMake: Lobster RavioliMastering Ingredients: Beef, Lamb & PorkMake: Beef WellingtonAdvice for LifeClosing

The crucial thing to understand around this MasterClass is just how it is organized. The MasterClass team smartly alternates the various focuses transparent the class. Ramsay concentrates on three main subjects: Make, Method, and also Mastering Ingredients.


Poached eggs and also mushrooms on briocheElevated scrambled eggsChicken supreme through root vegetablesSalmon v shellfish minestroneLobster ravioliBeef wellington


Knife skillsBreaking under a totality chickenBreaking down a whole fishMaking pasta doughRolling pasta dough

Typically, I produce an abbreviation lesson plan where i pick and also choose the most an essential lessons indigenous the MasterClass. However, the method Ramsay’s class is arranged makes it vital for students come watch every the class in order. Every lesson builds off one another and also the recipes come to be increasingly much more technical and advanced.

I appreciated how the lessons alternated so that you weren’t stuck to a series of recipes complied with by a series of food preparation methods. Instead, they carry out enough range to save the course moving along.

Key things I Learned

I always thought ns was pretty kind at chopping vegetables. Transforms out I’ve to be doing it every wrong.

I learned a many in Ramsay’s MasterClass, an ext than ns expected. First, ns learned how to properly grip a kitchen knife and also how to location your totally free hand to control the vegetables you’re chopping. (Ramsay provides butternut squash as an example, among the most awkward vegetables to dice).

Second, Ramsay provided a thoroughly cookware review of everything he considers crucial to his kitchen.

Third, ns learned just how to use various herbs and what to look for in new ingredients. I even learned exactly how to make pasta dough indigenous scratch.

However, Ramsay teach me the prominence of “knowing what works and also knowing exactly how to put food on a plate.” also if friend aren’t one aspiring chef, Ramsay wants to instill in his student a love the food. A love that needs our knowledge of it.

To dive deeper, the next two part cover what I particularly liked and disliked about Ramsay’s MasterClass.

Things i liked around the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Chicken is among the world’s most renowned ingredients. I eat it at least a few times a week as it’s a good source the protein and also is low in fat. However, any type of time ns go to the grocery save I always buy a chicken that’s been damaged down because that me. I’m terrified of whole chickens.

That all readjusted after class 8.

Lesson 8, end the expectancy of 9 minutes, confidently breaks down a whole chicken into 8 beautiful parts (breasts, drums, thighs, and also wings). The last time ns tried breaking under a entirety chicken, ns butchered the — and not in the good kind the way.

Breaking under a whole chicken is simply one of countless examples whereby Ramsay takes a “scary” cooking an approach and renders it look simple. I recognize he’s had many an ext years of endure than me, but he gift these techniques in a means that anyone have the right to learn from.

A few other significant mentions:

appropriate kitchen layout (even if you have a tiny kitchen)Understanding the importance of ingredient seasonalityMaking the perfect pan sauce (and perfecting the trick where the pan catches on fire!)Making pasta from scrape

Things ns didn’t like about the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass

Do you use sea urchin tongues or grated white truffle in her scrambled eggs? No, me neither.

This is where I was most concerned about going right into the MasterClass. Exactly how does a world-renown chef, choose Ramsay, pare under recipes for this reason they are accessible to most people? I’ve never eaten sea urchin tongue nor have I ever before put them in my scrambled eggs, but according come Ramsay castle “elevate the creaminess” the the eggs.

All 6 recipes covered in this MasterClass consisted of an ingredient or a tool (like a pasta roller) that ns either never carry in my kitchen (unless it’s Italian red wine) or would need to make a trek to entirety Foods to find. Back I uncovered the recipe demonstrations helpful, I’ll most likely stick to much easier recipes.

Screenshot indigenous LEsson 13

Does the course keep that promises?

I desire to say yes due to the fact that I feel that this MasterClass has actually taken my cooking “to the following level.” However, this comes v a significant caveat: I already have a lot of food preparation experience and understand many of the basics and also fundamentals not extended in this class.

I’ve been cooking for well over 10 years and also could quickly follow along.

If friend are brand-new to cooking, I’d say this course is more than likely too advanced. You’ll learn a lot and also will have a benchmark to aspire towards, however, you can find the recipes unattainable in ~ this stage of your cooking level.

Nevertheless, Ramsay is an inspiring chef so even if friend don’t find out the an easy necessary skills, you will certainly be influenced to obtain into the kitchen and also learn more.

Is Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass worth the money?

Yes if you…

Have food preparation experience and also would favor to elevate her skillsAre interested in learning a couple of “high end” recipesWant to examine from one of the best chefs in the worldAre a pan of Gordon Ramsay and want to watch a various side of his personality

No if you…

space a complete beginner in the kitchenDon’t enjoy cookingWant come learn an ext basic cooking an abilities


In conclusion, I very recommend the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass ~ above home food preparation only if you have some experience and also understanding going into the class. If you space a finish beginner, I’d recommend finding resources in other places to begin your cooking journey.

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Nevertheless, I took pleasure in the MasterClass and also found Ramsay to be a surprisingly pleasant instructor. He also ends the course with a bit of life advice:

Finding your passion in life is the most crucial thing you can do. Stop worrying around a bonus and financial security. Uncover a passion because everything else falls into ar once you’ve got that monitor set.

If you’re interested in an increasing your puree an abilities or desire to impress your friends at your next dinner party, inspect out the MasterClass trailer to discover more: