Liberty Tax testimonial manages thousands of taxation filings every year. Read our evaluation of Liberty and also see their products, compare prices, and also more.


Liberty taxes is a taxes preparation company that provides online and in-person taxes filing solutions. Liberty Tax has actually over 3,000 sleeve branches located in all 50 states throughout the U.S.

This post explains every little thing you have to know around Liberty Tax, including the tax filing choices they offer, the pros and cons of working v them, and also answers to frequently asked concerns you can be wondering about.

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Liberty taxes Services

Liberty Tax business was developed in 1998 by john Hewitt. That’s the same John Hewitt who began Jackson Hewitt, a tax company that sold for a cool $438 million!

Fast-forward come today and Liberty tax is a massive company that’s headquartered in Virginia Beach. In 2018, Liberty taxes processed over 1.7 million taxes returns.

The agency prides chin on offering personalized services to customers—which it’s able to perform quite efficiently thanks come a mix of robust online services and also retail branches in every state in the country.

Here’s an introduction of the miscellaneous services that Liberty taxes provides.

Liberty taxes Online

Liberty Tax provides a variety of online taxes filing plans that account for assorted tax situations. Because that a full overview that what each of their plans includes, inspect out their website.

To make her life a small easier, here’s a synopsis of each plan:

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Liberty taxation Online an easy Edition

The Liberty tax Online an easy Edition is designed because that individuals and also families with an easy tax situations. The plan costs $34.95 for federal returns and also $35.95 because that state returns.

This plan includes the following features:

friend can file Form 1040 develops for the Affordable treatment Act (ACA) are consisted of Earned revenue Credit is covered simple importing of your W-2 creates Easy importing from formerly filed returns with rivals (e.g., TurboTax and also FreeTaxUSA) You can deduct childcare and dependent expenses totally free amendments if required Customer support through chat and also email

Liberty taxation Online basic Edition

The Liberty tax Online basic Edition prices $44.95 for commonwealth returns and also $39.95 because that state returns. In addition to the features provided in the basic edition, the an easy edition allows you to:

Itemize deductions Declare wellness savings accounts (HSAs) record interest and ordinary income on Schedule B Deduct organization expenses

Liberty taxes Online luxurious Edition

The Liberty taxation Online deluxe Edition is designed for folks through more facility tax situations. Because that a fees of $64.95 for commonwealth returns and also $39.95 because that state returns, the Deluxe setup includes all of the same attributes as the basic plan. It also enables you to paper the following extr items:

form 4562 for real estate and asset depreciation Schedule C for single proprietor income form 8829 for residence office deductions

Liberty tax Online Premium Edition

The Liberty taxation Online Premium Edition costs $89.95 for federal taxes and also $39.95 for state taxes. This plan includes all of the same functions as the luxurious edition but additionally accounts because that the special circumstances that might affect little business owners and property managers.

With the in mind, here are the additional features the Liberty taxation Premium plan lets you take advantage of:

filing Schedule D come declare resources gains and losses Filing kind 1040 in case you have sold your home

Liberty taxes In-Office Services

When that time to record your taxes, some people would rather work with a tax expert face-to-face. If you’re among these people, you can want to avoid by among Liberty Tax’s branches.

To find a location near you, check out the handy Liberty taxes Office Locator.

Liberty taxes Tools

Liberty Tax uses a variety of useful tax tools and tax calculators that aid you calculation your return and also maximize her deductions.

Here are some of the tools that you will do it be maybe to accessibility via her Liberty taxes online account:

taxation Return & Refund Calculator W-4 Withholding Calculator usage Reimbursement Calculator taxes Organizer taxes Return Downloader W-2 Downloader Mileage log

Liberty taxes FAQs

Next, ns going to answer number of of the most usual questions i’m hearing about Liberty Tax.

How lot does Liberty taxes Charge?

It relies on your situation and also the products and services friend need. However, it’s worth pointing out here that—unlike countless of your competitors—Liberty tax doesn’t offer a cost-free plan.

Here’s a quick overview that Liberty Tax’s fees:

Plan Name Federal Fee State Fee
Simple digital Edition $34.95 $35.95
Basic virtual Edition $44.95 $39.95
Deluxe virtual Edition $64.95 $39.95
Premium online Edition $89.95 $39.95

Is Liberty Tax any type of Good?

Yes. Liberty taxation is a solid taxes preparation company. You deserve to easily paper your taxes digital or in-person with Liberty Tax. In fact, Liberty taxes is the third-largest taxation preparation franchise in the U.S.

How long Does Liberty taxes Take to get Your Refund?

Liberty Tax offers a range of refund options. I recommend taking the traditional route and also waiting for your full refund to come by means of straight deposit or document check indigenous the IRS. According to the Liberty taxes website, this commonly takes about 21 days.

It appears that Liberty Tax heavily promotes refund advances and loans targeted to possibly lower-income individuals who could not desire to or have the ability to wait 21 work to receive their complete refund. This is probably since they make a killing on these types of situations.

I highly advise against taking the end a loan or any type of breakthrough when it involves your taxation returns. Always shot to avoid cases where a for-profit company can charge you an unnecessary dues or acquire in in between you and also your hard-earned money.

Does Liberty Tax perform an prompt Refund?

No, they don’t. However, Liberty taxation does sell a business where they provide a loan in exchange for your tax refund. However let’s it is in clear. This is designed for one reason and also one factor only: to knife money by lending cash to you at a premium.

I’ve obtained nothing more to say about this product offering. It yes, really rubs me the wrong method when providers prey on people who can be in less-than-ideal financial situations.

Pros & cons of Liberty Tax

Liberty taxation Pros Easy-to-use communication Liberty Tax offers an easy-to-use and also intuitive online taxes filing platform. Brick-and-mortar places Liberty Tax has actually over 3,000 retail branches situated throughout the U.S. Pundits likewise say that Liberty Tax is among the finest franchises to own. Clearly, the agency is act something right. Intuitive tax Tools Liberty Tax offers a variety of neat tax calculators and also other devices designed to assist you make the most out of your taxation return.
Liberty tax Cons Questionable Practices? i’m a small leery around the loans offered by Liberty taxation that room issued front of her refund. In mine opinion, these assets seemed design to benefit off the lower-income individuals and also families. Ns have additionally seen part less-than-ideal customer endure reviews about the web. Caveat emptor. No totally free online version Unlike most of that competitors, Liberty taxation does not sell a totally free filing option. Customer assistance Liberty Tax uses fewer client support alternatives than that larger competitors such together H&R Block and TurboTax.

Is Liberty Tax ideal for you?

Liberty Tax supplies online and in-person taxation filing options that account for practically any type of tax situation—almost absolutely including your own. If you’re looking to work-related with one easy-to-use, affordable online taxes preparation service that likewise offers in-person assistance at a local office, Liberty tax is worth your consideration.

On the other hand, if you looking to work with the most technologically advanced platform top top the market, you could want come look into platforms like TurboTax, which has actually a team of thousands of employees backing it.

Let’s challenge it: there’s literally an boundless amount of things to execute that are more enjoyable than paying taxes. Watching your favorite TV show, walk on hikes, act yoga, or do the efforts a brand-new restaurant are all much more preferable options.

Despite just how tempting it might be to protect against tax responsibilities, you need to bite the bullet and get your taxes excellent each year. Otherwise, you can pique the interest of the IRS—which you almost certainly don’t want to do.

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Liberty Tax can just be the firm to aid you carry out that. Yet you know your taxes situation better than everyone else. So carry out your early diligence and also research your options. You’ll make the finest decision.