The cost to bulletproof a auto depends on numerous variables, such as the type of vehicle and also the level of protection that you desire. The general cost can variety from $40,000 upwards of $100,000.

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In the state of the world, that no wonder that you might think about bulletproofing your vehicle. House invasions, kidnapping, carjackings, and an ext are in the list of points that civilization may face in today’s world. Take it a look in any newspaper and also you have the right to read of the happenings about the country. The joined States has actually an alarming number of crimes every year.

Cars space a target in crimes, and you want to make sure that your automobile isn’t a target. If friend think around an SHTF situation, a bulletproof automobile might conserve your life or the life of your family. So, you can wonder exactly how much does it expense to bulletproof a car? Let’s take it a look!

Bulletproofing a Vehicle

The expense varies substantially when you adjust the level of protection required and if you desire to bulletproof the entire vehicle or simply parts. Doing few of the bulletproofing you yourself will conserve you money together well.



Everyone has watched the movies when someone places a bomb or grenade under a car. You don’t desire that come be her fate. Reinforced floors assist to protect your vehicle from explosives and from fire and other risks you might encounter. A vehicle fragmentation, or bomb blanket, is made with heavy-duty nylon and a waterproof external cover. They’re an excellent to lay over her carpet in your vehicle or change your carpet, or this blankets can be inserted under the existing carpet.

Depending on the size of her vehicle, it could cost in between $2,000 and also $5,000 to lay under bulletproof automobile floor protection.

Final Cost

The only means to gain a definitive cost of bulletproofing your car is come speak through a professional. The dimension of your car matters because everything is based on size. Because that example, a larger automobile has huge windows, for this reason therefore, it will certainly cost more to bulletproof the home windows of a larger vehicle.

In general, the price of bulletproofing your automobile can selection from $16,000 upwards that $50,000 add to the price of the really vehicle. A bulletproof car is much from cheap. You have the right to expect to spend about $75,000 come $100,000 in total.

Even if you go the DIY route, bulletproofing your vehicle is expensive, and also it’s much from easy. There will certainly be components of the project that you may not be able to do yourself, so investing in a expert installation will be crucial at some point. If girlfriend do most of the installation yourself, constantly talk to a mechanic forward to make certain you recognize what is feasible for her vehicle.

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Now is the time to decide what kind of defense you desire from her vehicle and your bullet. No matter the route you go – DIY or expert – intend to invest a great deal the money. That’s one of the reasons why over there aren’t too plenty of bulletproof vehicles driving around your town. However, if you have actually the cash, you’ll have the tranquility of mind understanding that no one can stop you from leaving or going where you want, as well as surviving emergency scenarios.