“Air force One” is actually an air traffic control speak to sign, not a plane. In fact, any type of Air pressure aircraft delivering the president is designated Air force One. Technicalities aside, the contact sign instantly brings come mind the famous blue and white Boeing VC-25A the the most powerful person in the people uses come rack up frequent flyer miles. There space actually 2 Air force Ones, both the which are souped-up, tricked-out army versions that the familiar Boeing 747 — and they’re not specifically cheap planes come own.

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Soon a new Air force One Will lug a brand-new Set the Bills

A lot has been written about the cost of the work-in-progress Air pressure One replacement program, i m sorry is reserved to swap out the aging VC-25As in 2024 for newer, an ext sophisticated 747-8s called VC-25B. In 2016, the replacement to be projected to price $3.2 billion. As is so often the case, one already large number kept acquiring bigger and also by 2019, Air force Magazine was reporting the the new planes were intended to cost $5.2 billion. Their 100,000-plus page manuals alone expense $84 million. Lot less, however, has been written about what it costs to fly, operate and maintain Air pressure One. These aren’t figures that room readily obtainable — and also no one also really started asking because that them till 2014.

Air pressure One costs 6 numbers To paris — Every Hour

2014 was an illuminating time for anyone interested in presidential travel. That year, conservative activist team Judicial watch filed a freedom of info Act (FOIA) inquiry for records around the prices of flying and maintaining Air pressure One because that President Barack Obama. The organization won that request, and the Air force Headquarters wait Mobility Command responded that the expense per flying hour (CPFH) to be $206,337 — 10 times the CPFH that a regular Boeing 747. That’s virtually a quarter-million dollars because that every hour in the sky. The Air pressure was even kind sufficient to itemize, stating the the disagreement figure included the cost of: 

FuelFlight consumablesDepot level repairablesAircraft overhaulEngine overhaul

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A couple of years later in 2017, the sky-high expense of presidential travel was back in the news once the Washington post reported that President Donald Trump had actually spent $10 million of taxpayer money in his very first month in office on travel alone. As with Judicial watch did 3 years earlier when it offered an FOIA inquiry to brand Obama a spendthrift, Trump’s doubters failed to mention that with nearly no exceptions, it’s merely not feasible for a president to travel by wait on any kind of other plane. What walk come the end of the reporting, however, was a revelation that both the same versions of Air pressure One typically accompany the chairman on crucial trips in case one demands repairs, nearly doubling the expense of flying.

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Secret organization Records call the Tale

In 2018, president Trump spent $17,224,938.46 relocating from one ar to the next in a solitary four-month period. Justice Watch, when again, had sued for records via FOIA request — this time in search of an enig Service travel records — and won. Those records verified that Trump’s travel was expensive and also extravagant, even by White house standards. 

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It was littered with project events and also other nonofficial organization like jaunts to Mar-a-Lago. Obama talk Air force one to project events, too, however not in anything approaching the exact same numbers and also when Obama traveled, he didn’t make the mystery Service and also his staff remain at hotels and resorts that owned. Although Trump was spending more overall, the price of operating Air pressure One had actually actually unable to do down. 4 years after ~ the initial Judicial clock report in 2014, the cost to operate and maintain Air force One had actually fallen to $142,380 per flying hour, which continues to be the most recent data available.