Located in West Point, NY, West point is also known as the united States army Academy.

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West suggest is one of the many prestigious universities in the country and also is very competitive to acquire into. It likewise has an detailed application procedure with some distinctive requirements that you won"t see at non-military colleges and universities.

In this article, we"ll cover specifically how to get into West Point, indigenous the check scores you must aim for to the logistical demands of your application.

How difficult Is the to gain Into West Point?

In order to judge exactly how competitive a school is, you should look in ~ its accept rate. West suggest has a 11% acceptance rate. That method it"s very selective.

When you"re using to a highly selective school like West Point, you need to make sure your application is as perfect as feasible so that you stand the end from the crowd. The vast bulk of West suggest applicants will be highly qualified—you need to be even more so.

Your SAT/ACT scores, grades, recommendations, essays, and extracurricular tasks are all super important parts of her West point application. You require to have actually high marks across the board to be a competitive applicant.

What Is West allude Looking for in the Students?

You have the right to learn a lot around what a university or university is searching for in its college student by looking at its mission. Let"s take a look in ~ West Point"s mission:

The unified States armed forces Academy"s mission is come educate, train and also inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader the character cursed to the worths of Duty, Honor, Country and also prepared because that a career of experienced excellence and service come the country as one officer in the United claims Army.

West allude has a unique mission among colleges and universities: it"s not just trying to education students in ~ the highest levels possible, it"s also preparing college student to offer in the unified States armed forces after graduation.

West allude graduates will go on to act as policemans in the United says military; they"re forced to offer for 5 years on active duty. Because West point graduates will become soldiers, West suggest looks for distinctive qualities among its applicants including:

Academic Prowess: West allude trains police officers in the US army who will certainly go on to lead civilization in complicated situations. West point wants the best and also the brightest because that its students.

Physical Fitness: West point requires applicants to happen a physical fitness check (more on that later). Students at West allude will need to take rigorous physical fitness classes, so it"s essential they have actually a base level the fitness.

Leadership Potential: Being connected in the armed forces requires a strong character and spirit the service. West allude looks because that applicants that have demonstrated a selfless desire to help others.


Can You apply to West allude Early?

West suggest doesn"t have an early action or at an early stage decision deadline. Every applicant needs to abide by the January 31 continuous admission deadline.

West allude Admissions Requirements and Deadlines

All West suggest applicants must fulfill the following an individual qualifications prior to applying:

Be at least 17 but not 23 or older on July 1 that the year they get in West PointNot it is in marriedNot it is in pregnantNot it is in legally responsible for assistance of any type of childrenBe in an excellent physical and also mental healthPass a medical exam (DoDMERB)Above median strength, agility, and enduranceA strong performance on the West allude Candidate Fitness evaluate (CFA)

West allude provides a candidate questionnaire if friend have any kind of questions around your eligibility based on these requirements. In addition, every applicants must have actually a Social defense number at the time of their application.

West allude also needs that applicants receive a nomination to attend. Girlfriend can gain either a conference nomination or a service-connected nomination. There are just a few approved sources of conference nominations:

Your representative in CongressYour united state senatorsThe chairman or Vice president of the united StatesDelegates come the house of to represent from Washington, D.C., the north Marianas Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin IslandsThe governor of Puerto RicoThe residents Commissioner of Puerto RicoThe Secretary the the Army

The complying with applicants have actually what are known as service-connected nominations, which means that the applicant has a link to someone in the us military.

Sons and Daughters of "career military personnel" (Army, Navy, air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard)Members of constant Army and also Reserve components (Army, military Reserve, and also Army nationwide Guard)Sons and also Daughters the Deceased or Disabled equipped Forces VeteransChildren that Medal of respect RecipientsArmy junior and senior ROTC Programs and also Honor ROTC systems of various other Services

There are certain requirements to being service-connected, for this reason make sure you check them out on West Point"s website.

West point applicants are additionally required to submit the following:

High school scholastic transcriptsSAT with Essay or ACT through Writing scoresWest allude will superscore your standardized testsWest suggest application essay


What GPA carry out I require to gain Into West Point?

West suggest is really competitive to get welcomed to. West point only accepts 10 students the end of every 100 applicants, which method that you require to have actually a mainly application to it is in considered.

One of the many important components on your application is your GPA. when West suggest doesn"t have actually a minimum GPA requirement, you deserve to look in ~ the average embraced GPA that West suggest students to check out what you need.

The mean GPA the admitted West allude applicants is 3.74. You"ll desire to at least meet this GPA come apply. your application will certainly look even better if it"s greater than the average. Due to the fact that 71% the admitted West suggest students space ranked fifth in their high school class or higher, shooting for a 3.9 GPA is a good goal.

That way you"ll need greatly A"s (you have the right to have a few B"s peppered in) to achieve this GPA.

Since West point values the academic preparedness that its applicants, friend can additionally demonstrate just how serious you are as a college student by acquisition AP, IB, honors, or other progressed classes.

If your qualities aren"t perfect, you have the right to compensate v high standardized check scores.

What check Scores do I require to get Into West Point?

West suggest applicants traditionally have competitive standardized check scores. Just just like GPA, you"ll ideally desire to meet, if no exceed, the mean standardized check scores of West Point"s admitted applicants.

The average SAT composite score for West point admitted applicants is 1340 (on the 1600 allude scale).

West allude does something well-known as "Highest Section" scoring. That method they consider your highest scores on each section.

So, because that instance, if you take it the sat in may 2021 and also earned a 690 on Reading and also a 740 top top Math, climate took that again in August and earned a 770 ~ above Reading and a 700 top top Math, West point will take the highest score ~ above each section (in this case, 770 and 740).

That means it"s in your ideal interest to take it the sat at the very least twice before applying to West Point—you can"t hurt her score by going down the 2nd time you take it the test.

The typical ACT score for West suggest admitted applicants is 30. West point doesn"t show whether it likewise takes your highest score on each ar for the ACT, or if that will simply take your score from the finest sitting of the exam.

You"re additionally required to take it the writing section on both the SAT and also ACT.

West allude doesn"t require any kind of SAT topic tests.

How to compose Your West point Application Essays

West point requires that you send an essay as part of her statement. The essay topic changes yearly and you only get accessibility to the prompt ~ confirming your eligibility via birthdate and Social protection number, so i can"t offer certain information top top the prompt because that this year.

However, you"ll likely additionally have to compose an essay as part of the nomination procedure so that your representative, senator, or the Vice chairman can gain to know you.

While there"s no particular formula because that what you need to write to get nominated by your congressional representative, successful essays commonly do the following:

#1: plainly Demonstrate attention in West allude and the united state military

Deciding to walk to West suggest is a big choice—one that will impact the rest of her life, even past graduation. her essay should suggest why you desire to do a commitment come West point and the military. You need to have clear, compelling reasons.

#2: Highlight her Qualifications because that Going come West Point

It"s very competitive to obtain into West Point. Your representatives will be inquiry to write multiple letters on instead of of many applicants, for this reason it"s necessary to existing your finest self in her essays. You require to show why friend deserve your recommendation. Your representative won"t have your full West allude application, for this reason you"ll should highlight your academic and extracurricular qualifications to them.

#3: Write clearly and Double-Check because that Errors

It should go without saying, but your letters must be well-written and error-free. Ask who to proofread her work and also get (at least) a second opinion on the content, therefore you deserve to be certain you"re make a compelling situation for why you require a letter of recommendation.


3 advice for just how to get Into West Point

Getting right into West point is difficult, however not impossible. Below are part tips for properly being welcomed at the US military Academy.

#1: start the procedure Early

West allude has unique application requirements, consisting of a nomination from crucial political representative. You require to develop in time to reach the end to this representatives and also establish a relationship prior to submitting your application.

You also have to happen a physical fitness test in addition to various other application requirements, such as acquisition the satellite or ACT and also writing your West point essay.

Because the application process is specifically demanding, West point recommends that students start their applications as early on as possible—often, mid-way with their small year. If girlfriend wait also long, you won"t have the ability to get every one of the applications pieces together in time.

#2: understand the application Requirements

West allude has unique application requirements. If you"re lacking any one of them, your applications won"t even be considered.

Make certain you familiarize yourself with these requirements before submitting. Otherwise, you"ll waste your time.

#3: show Why West point Is right For You

West point is not like many other colleges and also universities. You have to prove the it"s the right possibility for you, which means thinking about more than just the stellar education and learning you"ll receive. You require to display that being a component of the armed forces is something crucial to you, too, and also that you"re cursed to this career path.

Recap: exactly how to acquire Into West Point

West suggest is among the many competitive schools in the United says to acquire into. In order to it is in accepted, you must have strong academics, high test scores, and stellar references from numerous people, including your member of conference or united state senator.

Start on your West allude application early, put effort into it, and also you"ll be on the appropriate track.

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