President Donald trump card made play golf a common component of his one-term presidency. He"s invested a section of his work at among his 17 owned-or-operated golf nature on around 20 percent that the days of his term.

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All that those visits to his golf clubs -- it is in they Trump national in Bedminster, N.J.; Trump national D.C. In Ashburn, Va.; or Trump global Golf club in Jupiter, Fla. -- not only raised the trump golf counting but also increasde the invoice to the American taxpayer.

Every time Trump has actually gone to among his golf clubs as President, nevertheless of him playing golf or not, the taxpayer has actually been required to pay to transport and protect him.

Even when he leaves office ~ above Jan. 20, 2021, Donald Trump"s golf rounds space going to cost American taxpayers for years come come.

How chairman Donald Trump"s future golf rounds will cost taxpayers

During his term, Donald Trump"s golf ring have price an approximated $145 million come taxpayers, and with a month to walk in his term, that cost will almost certainly increase. That"s an estimate based upon a variety of factors, and also we can"t give you precise cost for each round, yet we deserve to estimate the expense per round, i m sorry is thrust by secret Service usage, transportation expenses for motorcades and Air pressure One, too potential shore Guard fees.

Even once Trump is no longer President, he"ll continue to have a secret Service detail that will protect him for the remainder of his life, along with his wife. His son, Barron, will certainly be defended until the is 16 years old, when Trump"s adult kids will no much longer be protected at the end of his term.

This method the mystery Service will continue to safeguard Trump once he theatre golf. It won"t be to fairly the same level he is protected as the present President, yet it will still price the American taxpayer an extensive money.

As President, Trump"s golf rounds price the American taxpayer around $600,000 ~ above average. That cost will go under substantially as soon as he leaves office.

The many expensive rounds Trump plays room in Florida, complied with by in ~ Trump national Washington, D.C., in north Virginia, then at Trump national Bedminster in new Jersey. The Florida and also D.C.-area clubs space the most expensive because those properties space on water, an interpretation the coastline Guard needs to offer assistance to protect the President. While the level of protection will change, Trump"s smaller secret Service information will still likely need to rent golf carts indigenous a third party to support their detail.

We recognize the secret Service has racked increase $765,000 in golf dare rental bills with contracts with personal providers (Trump is no making money top top those carts), v rolling contracts.

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Trump won"t have accessibility to a airplane that qualifies as Air pressure One, who operational costs were a huge section of the price of president Trump playing golf. The exact same is true because that Presidential floor transportation.

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